Lanterns: Can We Weep for the Babies?


Can We Weep for the Babies?

Michele is a sidewalk counselor with Pro-Life Action Ministries (PLAM) who has ministered for over ten years experiencing even the horror of having the ashes of aborted babies falling down from the stacks in George Tiller's crematorium falling all over her. On this day, her heart was broken because she couldn't save a six-month child from a gruesome, painful death at EPOC (one of four clinics owned by James Pendergraft). For all her prayers and calling out with offers to help, that mother ignored her and nonchalantly entered the clinic to have a "parasite" removed.


Has your heart ever been broken for an aborted child or did you just walk on by? "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke

Luke 10:36-37 Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves? And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

I'm writing to ask you to take the high road like the Good Samaritan. Maybe you think that the parable doesn't apply. Abortion isn't a crime, after all! It's simply a choice!

Then why do evil men like Pendergraft profit from it? If it was health care he was interested in, why would he carry bloody instruments from clinic to clinic? (He was simply making house calls even though he had no license in South Carolina because he is a caring person and women have money.)

Michele next encourages young abolitionist, Connor Haines, that he is acting nobly and compassionately in bringing the recognition of abortion to local schools with Project Frontlines. He and the other students were recently verbally and physically abused, particularly by the assistant principal. Why was the man so angry about a peaceful protest? "I don't give a S- what Jesus says." He gayly sings, "I love a parade!" while Connor announces that 60 million unborn children have been killed." He later resigned his position, but in actuality, many of us would rather sing, "I love a parade!" and go on with our happy go lucky day than stand on a sidewalk like Michele. 

Michele mentioned that Connor's signs need to be replaced after Antifa protesters stole them and his phone.

Michele and Connor speak out about ageism where mere age and physical size are justification for discriminatory behavior and murder. Michele expresses deep gratitude to all who stand and plead for the unborn with her and invites each one of us to take a stand against this atrocity.

Can we weep for the children?

Are you willing for God to break your heart for those who have no voice and to rise up to protect the defenseless? Will you be a good neighbor like the Good Samaritan? Pray for those who are out on the frontlines if you can't join us in person. Here is some information about how to get involved from Pro-Life Action Ministry.

Planned Parenthood abortionists realize that babies may be born alive, and they will literally break their necks to end their lives. Despite this, they have government funding! Our tax dollars are being used for this evil organization that profits from the mutilation and deaths of innocent children! We elected President Trump because he promised to end this atrocity, but apparently, he's too busy posting on Twitter. I would hope that he would see this video and speak out, even calling for arrests for anyone who kills any child after birth has occurred.

Unfortunately, there are many babies who are aborted who would be viable after birth after 24 weeks. According to our verbally abusive principal, they should actually be allowed to live. How ironic!

We are asking ALL supporters of Life to immediately contact your U.S. Senators, share this video and urge them to defund Planned Parenthood in the new health care law that will likely be voted on this week. Click the button below to email senators or call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.


CLOSED: The amazing story of the closing of the Winter Haven, FL abortion facility! from Sidewalk Advocates for Life on Vimeo.

Did you see the title, "The Church's Necessary Response to Abortion - Human Coalition?" The time for action is now.  Here's how you can get involved through Human Coalition, or you can contact Michele or Connor if you want to be involved on the sidewalk. See the article from Choices Ministries about other ways to use your gifts to encourage mothers to let their babies live and thrive.

Alternatively, I invite you to join me in participating in 40 Days for Life, a ministry which has celebrated seeing 89 abortion clinics (where vigils have been held) closed and over 13K lives saved. The next campaign is September 27 – November 5.  I will be participating in Altamonte Springs at one of the clinics that Michele's team covers year round. Please find your local campaign here.

If a woman wants to kill her baby, we can't stop her! That's true... but God can.  Sometimes, however, women are compelled by others, even by those involved in human trafficking, etc. We need to be vigilant to see if a woman is signaling us to ask for a rescue from an abusive situation. In this case, she may not have a choice at all! 

Gloriously, here are some testimonies of babies that were miraculously saved at the clinic.

I must also point out that not all women who arrive for abortions want to kill their babies. This was the case when we were compelled to go Planned Parenthood on Tampa Avenue a few days ago. I wasn't feeling well and had left to wait and pray in a restaurant until our group of annual fundraiser dinner planners could meet me. Later, I learned that Michele had called out to a mother and offered help:

We were at planned parenthood today when a woman was walking up to the pp building but then hesitated and headed towards us after Michele called out to her. With tears in her eyes, "M" said she had to do this because she was all alone with an 18 month old son and had no one to depend on. Michele asked if we could take her to the First Life pregnancy center and she said 'yes' between her sobs. We had such an amazing experience at First Life, and the staff was so loving and helpful. During a meeting with one of the counselors, "M" said she was going to keep her baby, and then she rededicated her life to Christ!!! Michele, "M," and I went on a tour of Life Center's 'Earn While You Learn' store, and then into the ultrasound room to see the baby!!! There was much excitement and joy, even one of the counselors told us she got goosebumps thinking about how God worked through this situation! Please keep "M" in your prayers as she has a long journey ahead of her and some tough battles to fight. I praise God almighty for yet another life saved!!!!!

Praying with my friends is such a privilege and God promises that whether physically present or not, I have a part in the rescue of this and many others because there is no distance in the Spirit. However, it is good for me to be physically present at times so that I can hold up the arms of these warring intercessors. (Ex. 17:12)

Will you join us? Please contact Michele or me to learn how you can be involved in bringing revival to America beginning with abolishing abortion one baby at a time, if necessary until our laws return our nation to face reality and science: Life begins at conception. 

Written by Christine Hammett

Chris Hammett is a contributing writer for the Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives Media Group.

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