Lanterns: Let Justice be Done, no Matter Who it is!


Let Justice be Done, no Matter Who it is!

Written by Guest Columnist— The Bare Facts 


Today, as I was watching “Outnumbered” with my wife, the panel was discussing Hillary Clinton’s email server investigation and the apparent collusion between her campaign, the Justice Department, and the FBI.  Harris Faulkner, whom I greatly respect, asked just what should be done with Hillary Clinton?  She said, “She’s just a grandmother,” and is “out of politics.”  She asked, “How many millions are we going to spend on this?”

Rachel Campos Duffy replied that yes, we do go on.  The American people want justice!  They need to be able to trust our government and its agencies such as the FBI.

I agree!  We DO want justice.  

I thought that we got rid of the “royal” class 200 years ago whom always seemed to be above the law, but it appears like those days have come back.  It’s never been so evident with the Clintons.  It doesn’t matter how many laws they break or scandals they have— from renting the Lincoln bedroom to multiple rape accusations; lying under oath, fraudulent business practices like Whitewater, selling pardons, selling “access” via the Clinton Foundation, and the illegal server and handling of “classified information” which compromised our national security are just a few— however, nothing ever seems to stick.  

Politicians sexually harass staff members and it’s covered up and their victims all paid out from our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. 

When do we, the common citizens get to see “equal justice for all?” Is there any doubt that you or I would not be rotting in a cell if we committed 1/10th of their crimes?


And yet, politicians break the law over and over and over all while getting rich in the process.

When they are caught, they may be embarrassed and some are disgraced.  Some are allowed to resign or retire on their palatial estates and draw their elaborate government pensions. Wow! This is justice?

I want politicians and their cronies and staffs prosecuted and put in jail, regardless of party! Maybe this would send a message to the next person, reminding them that they are there to serve their constituents and not themselves. Maybe this will remind those who break the law that there is justice and they will pay the price for their deceit.

Yes, Harris.  My answer is that it’s definitely worth it, no matter what the cost.  If ignored, the price will only be higher, and the American People just can’t afford it! 

Written by Heather Bryant

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