Lanterns: VIDEO: Civil War Jefferson Davis Monument comes down in New Orleans


VIDEO: Civil War Jefferson Davis Monument comes down in New Orleans

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has followed through with his promise to remove yet another Civil War monument. Rumors began spreading yesterday that the Jefferson Davis monument, near Jefferson Davis Parkway and Canal Street would be removed during the early morning hours of May 11th after barricades began being erected around the monument.








Tensions have flared over the removal of another similar monument since Landrieu’s promise was made. The Battle of Liberty Place Monument was removed on April 24th which received a lot of criticism after it was confirmed that Landrieu had broken a separate promise to use private funds to dismantle the statues. Pictures showed New Orleans public firemen aiding in the removal.


Landrieu also received criticism from New Orleans businessman, Frank Stewart, who had bought a 2-page ad in the New Orleans Advocate in response to public comments made by Landrieu calling Stewart a “high roller” and a “deep-pocketed leader” after Stewart’s lack of support for the removal of Confederate monuments.

“In my 81- plus years on this Earth, I have never been known as a gambler, high roller, or a person who is prejudiced and practices discrimination,” Stewart wrote. “Because it is my opinion that the three magnificent statues on your removal list should remain in place, you decided to insult me publicly in a most personal and harmful manner.”

The iconic Lee Circle is still cited for removal, and other well-known statues and institutions like Tulane University are being targeted, as well. 

Written by Chris Pilie

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