Lanterns: Is Communism Coming To America?


Is Communism Coming To America?

We live in a time of the second fall of Rome, filled with double speak and distraction, and a government filled with corrupt officials and their self-interests. It’s a time where too many elected representatives willingly, and knowingly betray and mislead their electorate.  

Every few years the Republican and Democratic Parties remake themselves with a new image, like a prom queen trying to win a popularity contest. They have charters that define their beliefs and mission statements that are supposed to represent their bases, but it seems like they are seldom followed.

We have unalienable rights that are sold back to us as privileges, and if our schools were more than houses of propaganda, and encouraged critical thinking as in days past, our youth would know this and be very angry by the theft of their futures.

The right of free speech allows us a voice, even those with whom we disagree.  It doesn't keep us from being offended.   

The right to bear arms was intended to protect the 1st Amendment and allow this Constitutional Republic to stand the test of time against all enemies, including those from within. 

When a tyrannical government has forgotten its place as politicians parcel out our rights as privileges, and when their votes are bought and sold for power, and the people forget that they work for us, and when the people are dependent on the government, then socialism has won. 

They win by twisting words and meanings; however, they can not do this without our help. If we allow this to continue, we get what we deserve-- what we have earned--  our loss of freedom. 

Over time they have removed key elements of learning and individual thinking, as well as courses that teach the Founders' beliefs, and the workings of government.  This creates people who do not know how to challenge opposing views. They do not know how to critically think.

We hear about a debt spiraling out of control,  yet, the handouts for a variety of welfare programs have boomed over the years creating an entire generation of people who are completely dependent on an unsustainable system. Combine this with job losses, which creates even more dependency, and people lose hope.  

The Pledge of Allegiance is deemed offensive, and prayed is banned in our schools.  Is it any wonder why this nation can lose its identity over time? 

A sense of entitlement has been created for simply breathing. 

The loss of faith provided by the church, the slow degradation of the fabric of community, respect, and the sense of belonging that comes with it, is all being replaced with a dependence on government. 

The price of this increased government power is the loss of our freedoms.  Packaged as privileges, we are now being told our rights are not ours. That is how socialism works.  

Unearned entitlements come at the price of individuality, and people no longer know what their rights were, to begin with.  History has been rewritten, and dependence on government grows.   

The division of one class of people after another is constant.  Everyone is angry and afraid, and one day,  we will wake up with the iron boot firmly on the back of every neck in America. That is communism.  That is it’s true name.


Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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