Lanterns: United We Stand, Divided We Fail


United We Stand, Divided We Fail

Lately, scanning Facebook has become almost intolerable. 


Everyone seems hell bent on shoving their diatribe in your face, in all caps, ad nauseum. I'm used to arguing with my liberal and progressive friends, and I fully expected their response, but I can barely stand the smug pomposity and preaching coming from the Right, and I am the Right. 



I've become incredibly disillusioned and disappointed with fellow Conservatives.

Currently, there seem to be three groups: those who cannot seem to move on from the primary "NeverTrumps;" the "Trump is the next coming of Jesus Christ himself" tribe, and the rest of us who are trying very hard to be intellectually honest in the face of a toxic political landscape. If only life really was black and white, as seen through the prism of the ForeverTrumps and the NeverTrumps -- these two groups, who have such hatred and disgust for each other, have morphed into the nasal drone of Charlie Brown's teacher: wha wha, wha wha wha, wha wha. Neither can see beyond their emotion, so their rantings are a waste of my time. I've recently blocked people's content for the first time in eight years on Facebook. I mean, who needs it?

It's bad enough we face a constant barrage of leftist garbage and have to be ever vigilant against progressive intrusion and a government gone rogue. Do we really need to spend any more time on infighting over what is essentially spilled milk? This obnoxious, "I'm better than you because I hate or love President Trump and all he says, tweets, or implies" is so...last year. It's time to make peace with what is, and get back to the job at hand.

I have made a conscious choice to judge the President on his job performance, and to enjoy the absence of the Obama Administration from the Capitol. 


Mr. Trump was not my choice, but he is my President, and picking at each and every word and deed does not do a thing to advance the narrative or strengthen our nation. I'll admit, I've been pleasantly surprised with our new President so far. I hoped and prayed I would be proved wrong about Mr. Trump and this last month has gone a ways toward that end.

He is by no means perfect.  However, he's reversed some directives that have long troubled Conservatives. He reinstated the Mexico City Policy, and ordered the DOJ to dismiss the Transgender Bathroom motion, stating the decision should be addressed at the state level -- very Article 10ish! He imposed a hiring freeze on federal workers, excepting military, and ordered that for every new regulation, two regulations must be cut across all federal agencies. Withholding federal funds except where mandated by law for sanctuary cities, and ordering the construction of a Southern border wall are a fantastic start to overhauling immigration policy. His Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, an excellent choice to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Scalia, reassured many Constitutionalists; he is a textualist, like Scalia, and Conservatives could not have hoped for a stronger choice. Likewise, many of his key Cabinet picks were strong Conservatives.

All in all, a promising beginning. We don't have to love everything he does or hate everything he does. I'd wager there's not a person in your life that reaches that standard, yet that's what is being pushed at us daily.

The sky is falling, or unicorns have appeared are both false narratives, both fake news.


It may be I'm just accustomed to flipping past or ignoring the unicorn farmers, but the fire-and-brimstone, coming-apocalypse types have crossed the line for me. There's a big difference between truth telling and doomsday rants. Please, I'm begging you, stop telling me I'm not Conservative because I don't precisely fit your mold. Who died and made you King of Conservatism? There's a lot to be said for keeping one's sanity and peace of mind; I fervently recommend it.

The very best we can do for our Republic is to weigh the strength of policy as objectively as one can and remember that we don't have a king.  We fought long and hard through the last eight years, and frankly, we all need to refill our tanks. Enjoy the Conservative victories, and try to keep in mind, optimism is contagious!

We live in the best country the world has ever known, and it may be flawed, but it is still the best form of governance in the history of mankind, and those alone are blessings we must be touting and praising every day. 

Remember, we are Conservative Americans, and we can get scrappy and dirty, and fight with the best of them, but when the fighting is done, we come together and work to support our Constitution. The negativity I'm seeing and hearing does nothing but drown out and depress the idea of America, and that's foolish, and a terrible waste.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." - Abraham Lincoln


Written by Julie Custer

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