Lanterns: The Dialectic of Desire -- Premise Part Two: The Antithesis of Normalcy


The Dialectic of Desire -- Premise Part Two: The Antithesis of Normalcy

The Dialectic of Desire is a series of articles intent upon exposing the hypocrisy and malice of Leftist thought and political policy

“Dialectic thought is an attempt to break through the coercion of logic by its own means.” Theodore Adorno, Frankfurt School Marxist

Let us now return to where we left off in the initial dialectic process explained in part one.

Voids of Malice
The dialectic is a truth-finding methodology that presupposes the existence of an antithesis, a denial of truth (the thesis), that is processed in opposition to reality through which a "new" truth (the synthesis) emerges - enter desire and ego …  A new reality created through a crisis which “one can never let go to waste.” The removal of standards, values, laws, anything which is considered a statement of certainty or order create these necessary voids.

Progress cannot occur without a place. The Universe cannot expand, progress, or manifest without a void of potential to expand into. The Marxist or Leftist intent is to create voids in our universe with the removal or denial of truth for Progress to expand into. To create, one must first create space. To progress, one must first have the opportunity.

Tolerance for diversity of definition
The so-called "job" or purpose of the dialectic’s antithesis is to place truth into crisis. Crisis is free to resolve as improvement (progress) only after the shackles of containment and standardization (logic) are removed. With everything influx, we are free to redefine or refine exactly what is and is not to be considered an improvement. Crisis also undertakes a new attribute in Leftist circles as it is deemed desirable with this understanding basing their mindset.

Crisis brings about the finality... the "evolved truth..." There are many ways in which crisis can be defined. Chaos, revolution, angst, discord, uncertainty, even simple denial initiates the dialectical engine of change. If a desirable synthesis does not become, then the process is simply started again with a new, modified antithesis. These are lumped together under the evolved definition of “Hope."  

Hope has now progressed into action. Meaninglessness, which is almost the antithesis of hope fits quite well in trying to classifying this absurdity.

Paradox -- Nothing is absolute

Of course, with everything being in a constant state of flux, nothing can fall under the standard of absolute which is the standard used by religion to describe God, and more importantly, the law or morality of God. Logic applied to the understanding of absolute truth’s reality results with what can both be defined and diminished- “brushed off” as a secular Leftist would as “simply a paradox,” or as just another critical hypocrisy to be ignored.  If it was true that nothing was absolute, then making the statement that nothing is absolute, would, in fact, be an absolute. Is this a paradox or simply denial of the absolute?   There can only be one answer to this question. That answer, either way, would be absolute, and thus answers itself. “Self-evident” would be an apt understanding of this “paradox.”


Crit Hypo.jpg

There is no absolute morality. It's not just morality they choose to relevate. They diminish everything they come in contact with by default. Dialectical diminishing is its own process. Everything is lessened when its opposite is forced into its reality. Nothing is certain... “is” no longer means “is” in the Leftist mind of Bill Clinton and all becomes gray... except snow. Snow will become black -- "Becoming" being the only "standard" they recognize and a keyword pointing to the black heart of this insanity.

V C.jpg

Voided Certainty and False Complexity: Social Engineering in Praxis

[Bertrand] Russell continued:

``The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship....The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.''

The War on Reality
The Marxist dialectic is a war against reality. Ideological greed is the driver- the "cause." False complexity and voided certainty are the dialectic's fingerprint.  The "action" and critical hypocrisy describes the entirety of their "narrative" or dialectically modified reality-  the “effect,” that is their mirror-imaged "truth" which they stand behind, collectively in demanding its recognition. Weaponized futility is the answer to the call of this nonsense. It is the progressed action that once was called hope.

False Complexity.jpg

This leads us to the realization that all this Leftist intent is to coerce a material reality into conforming with an ideal in an effort to replace an ideal America with this material nonsense. It is basically human ego at war with the containment or envelope of reality it wishes to deny.

It sounds complicated, but it's really not. The Left wants Trump gone (keyword "wants" = desire) and boom, the Russians did it. The news reports the Russians did it, Obama claims the Russians did it, every idiot leftist KNOWS the Ruskies did it.  There's no evidence or common sense reason for it to have occurred.  No problem. Common sense requires logic, and logic is rejected because of the way in which it throttles down human desire.


Paradoxically, the Leftist truth wrought through the dialectic process is subject to the same processing as the truth it forced out of place.  The antithesis to communism is something on the order of classical, capitalistic liberalism, with the belief held that one demands the becoming of the other.  What is the sense in any of this?

Hypocritically, Leftist means are never applied to Leftist ends. The dialectic dance, their engine of universal change stops with the institution of Leftist policy. Once the void has been filled with the desired leftist finality, any and all means are used to shut down any and all means used to promote the reversal which is demanded through their own worldview.  This is a critical hypocrisy.

The allowance for an institution of this level of hypocrisy and disregard of fact can only be reached purposely and with malice. What causes this unprecedented destruction of truth, fact, and human innocence? Keep in mind, fifty million human beings have already been dialectically diminished into non-existence through the certainty voided with the misuse of the word, choice, and a snip or two of surgical scissors. These are American numbers and they can easily be standardized as Stalin-esque or even worse- as having a Mengele-like methodology. What is the source for this darkness… this evil?

Oh yeah… Ego, Desire, and Pride

Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall - Proverbs 16:18


A proverb is another word for truth- a simple, easily understood truth to be flat-out and even more simply denied through Leftist intent. (Additionally, I cannot help but to co-visualize the image of John Kerry when I ponder this particular and profound understanding.)

Guns are evil, and the Ruskies did rig the election. There is no questioning any of this “reality.” That is Ideological Greed working its magic on the willfully ignorant.

Oh and don’t forget the Nazis were far-right conservatives, the globe will burst into flame any second now, and so on and so forth... An inability to gauge reality is desired thus- the dumbing down of America.

WF A.jpg
Weaponized Futility

How did this unnatural ability to deny and ignore reality come about?

Mental conditioning of the young which we now call “snowflakes.” They are processed into a non-thinking mass of oppression and disgruntlement with participation trophies for playing baseball without keeping score in order to mold the ego into a constant state of futility. They are propped up on pedestals and praised for nothing. The game of tag is outlawed, their basic biology, their gender is questioned, and George Washington, they are told, is an evil, white slave-owner who eventually caused the murder of millions of innocent Native Americans.

Utter Hogwash --

They (the Leftist/Marxist intellectual elite) are feeding desired realities into the dialectic that have no basis whatsoever in truth and forcing their narrative into being through our youth. Logic is used to define truth and set standards -- this is a given. Look at their logic-free mathematical environment in common core.  Any answer is a right answer if you can explain how you went about reaching it. These mental masturbations are signs that clinical insanity must be a desired consequence in order for the big fish to rise to the top of the pond.  More ideological greed mixed with this nation’s youth will pay the cost for this foul elitism. The price they pay is their happiness, in exchange for a political happiness that always lies just over the next hill or around the next bend in a landscape, and is always dotted with the fresh graves of the disgruntled masses who find themselves noosed to physical reality and human nature.

There is an ongoing and increasing problem we see within the Left. We call it the "double standard." Double standards come about through cognitive dissonance which is a human mind's ability to deny reality in order to promote a contradictory reality with an unrecognized, higher level of desire in charge of that promotion. This can go completely unnoticed with a diminishing of the logic needed to differentiate one standard-  one aspect from the next in a blended and forever morphing reality that cannot be, in any way pinned down.

A padded ego, one without the logic necessary to set boundaries to define the nature of the nature that surrounds it, with the social freedom to act under this guise has no choice but to lead to destabilization of the lost individual living under the reign of what he has unknowingly lost all control of. Our children are not being dumbed down; they are being driven insane to the point of suicide, riotous behavior, and mass shootings of their fellow classmates- done all in the name of political happiness and is utterly criminal.

Enter the Marxist Narrative
The Dialectic of Desire is basically a collective of human ego, unchecked by physics, mathematics, social mores, or humility waging a war with reality. It sounds stupidly complicated, but it's really not. It is the free reign of unfettered desire.

Again, let me reiterate:

The Left wants Trump gone (keyword "wants" = desire) and boom, the Russians did it. The news report the Russians did it, Obama claims the Russians did it, every idiot leftist KNOWS the Ruskies did it.  There's no evidence or common sense reason for it to have occurred.  No problem. Common sense requires logic, and logic is rejected because of the way in which it throttles down human desire. They have no reason to accept what they can and will change, and that would be known as the truth of the matter. This is mental derangement.

Common sense requires logic, and logic is rejected because of the way in which it throttles down human desire. This is how guns become evil (A baseless assertion without any grounding in reality) and how guns become banned. (A distinct possibility, and thus, a progression realized) It’s called "incrementalism," and it is their creed. Check your privilege.

You have to recognize the Materialist worldview that Marxists hold to understand how things like truth, justice, tight and wrong.  Morality does not consist of an atomic structure, and therefore, simply does not exist.  Not without further processing do these "realities," "become." That process is known by the egg-headed brainiacs on the Left as reification... I call it conjuring. It is, in essence, the creative will of the Marxist man-gods blessing reality (and humanity) with these "gifts" which they have legitimized through this processing and via their enlightened understanding.

Sorry, Americans fully understand justice, truth, and can fathom their surroundings without your dialectical processing.  They have no need for your "false complexity" or forced reality. Our ideal is in place and fully functioning, in spite of your efforts to subvert and undermine. Reality has repeatedly rejected yours, and rightfully so.

The Five Signatures of Leftist Malice and Intent

Justice does not exist, but Social Justice is the highest-ranking item on their agenda.

Free will and free thinking are manifestations of greed and envy, and these fill the void created through the sin of individuality and self-determination... Critical Hypocrisy

They have willingly, and knowingly, put hundreds of millions of innocents in early graves, demanding recognition of this false reality... Ideological Greed

This history is simply denied… Voided Certainty

Or de-legitimized through various means like manufactured blame, cherry-picking, and sugar-coating… False Complexity

And they rage-  demanding more reason to rage... Weaponized Futility

You will not find logic or the order that logic brings in the Left... They've rejected it. In our three-dimensional reality, the Left has dismissed logic as a tool for standardizing truth.

The methodology of revealing Truth's switching from a logical procession to the dialectical means to "some" end is the fundamental transformation America has been promised.


Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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