Lanterns: Dear Feminists: Yes, you do suck at life.


Dear Feminists: Yes, you do suck at life.

Remember when feminism used to be about equal rights and opportunities? Remember when feminists used to advocate for things like being able to vote, not getting fired for being pregnant, and so forth? That was a long time ago. Today’s feminist movement looks more like Hollywood’s attempt to make movies about Biblical characters like Moses and Noah-- out of touch, dishonest, self-loving hypocrites. 

Obviously, there has been oppression and sexism directed towards women, both in the past and today. To deny it is the equivalent of denying the existence of racism. Both have existed and still do exist, in some form or another today; however, when feminists outright lie and exaggerate – just like those obsessed with making every single issue about race – to suit their own agenda, it damages their credibility and the ability to combat actual injustices happening around the world.

Take the “Day Without a Woman” shenanigans that happened recently. In attempting to (I guess?) highlight how important women are to the workforce, they thought it would be a brilliant idea to take the day off work. 

Teen Vogue, the arbiter of truth, information, and credibility, reached out to these young and ever-so-experienced teenagers to tell us how awful and unfair our country is to them. Amanda Morrison, an 18-year old student at Temple University, was featured in the magazine’s article. In response to the women’s march, Amanda said:

“This Wednesday, I will first and foremost be wearing red to signify my solidarity with women across the world, because we must stand together against any act that harms our bodies and rights. I will also refuse to work that day or spend any money. Instead, I'll be attending a local all-day social justice conference to learn about how I can work to better promote equality in my community.”

“[L]earn about how I can work to better promote equality in my community?”

How about – oh, I don’t know – working

It’s hard to be surprised by this mentality when you consider that Temple University, one of the most liberal universities in the country, was featured in a 2013 story about one of its radical, leftist professors who disrupted a College Republicans meeting with profane, intolerant remarks. Unfortunately, many of these radically liberal schools promote a sense of laziness, intolerance, and entitlement.  Students are told they are special without actually doing anything to deserve the praise. 

She actually thinks skipping work to protest about not being able to work enough will translate into saving lives and freeing up the oppressed in countries that don’t allow them to work at all? Brilliant!

Let's take a look at the classic gender wage gap argument. Is there a gender wage gap? Sure. Is it discriminatory? Not at all. 

The main reason this gap even exists is due to the individual choices women decide to make. Some women make less than men. Some women make more. Some men make more than other men. Some do not. Some choose to be doctors, construction workers, teachers, and philosophers. Some choose very dangerous jobs. Some people are so lazy that they do not work or make money at all. 

These are choices – the same word progressives love to use when talking about abortion.  Dennis Prager’s Prager U delves more deeply into this discussion in their recent gender wage gap argument.


What’s also conveniently left out of the discussion are the fact that abused men exist. How many men are emotionally, psychologically, and even physically abused by women, yet feel powerless to do something about it? Feminists will not even address that because obviously, men are the overwhelming perpetrators of abuse.

Another irritating lie the lazy, self-promoting, secular progressive feminists like to put forth is the idea that companies intentionally charge more for female products in order to discriminate against women. If the feminists decided to do one iota of basic economic research instead of skipping work to protest while wearing vagina-styled hats then perhaps they would understand a simple truth: if you are known for buying more expensive products, then the companies will continue to charge you more

There are even more factors to consider, none of which seems to point to an outright effort by companies to put women down. This is free-market America. If you don’t want to buy a particular product, then shop somewhere else. But many do not, which is something companies profit from. That’s not their fault. That’s yours.

Thankfully, there are many women who do realize the world is not solely out to get them and have made positive contributions to society. Women like Kelly Clarkson, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, Björk, Carrie Underwood, and others have spoken out against feminism while still believing in equal rights for all people. Other women like YouTube star, Roaming Millennial, speak out proudly against modern-day feminism while still highlighting oppression towards women overseas. 

Mother Theresa, Oprah, Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, Bay Buchanan, Dana Loesch, and many others could also be added to the list. Also consider people like Rose-Marie Paradis, a proud liberal, atheist, and anti-feminist. It makes one wonder if perhaps feminism is barking up the wrong tree.

This brings me to the most important, yet most personally irritating point to make. Feminists, like the ill-informed Marxists that much of them are, love to trash America and the many freedoms they have today while ignoring the real oppression of women in many Middle Eastern and European countries. In many socialist, Marxist, highly Islamic countries, women aren’t even allowed to drive, work, or even speak for fear of persecution or execution. Where is the outrage? 

If feminists refuse to acknowledge any of these facts and decide to be victims, then that's all they'll ever be, and they will never enjoy the success they could have experienced in this amazing country. Opportunities exist everywhere, but they will never see them because they are too blinded by their hate. 

Has America made mistakes? Of course, it has, but unlike the rest of the world, we’ve made unbelievable progress towards fixing those mistakes. We’re still working to make progress today. Instead of always trashing the very system that encourages them to speak and make money in the first place, perhaps they should give credit where it is due and get back to work.

As someone who works hard to survive with two jobs and school, I can tell you this movement provokes an ire in me more than few other things in this world can. Both my mother and father worked hard to provide for the family growing up and still sacrifice much today. I was raised to work for my keep. I was raised to do the very best I can.  I don’t deserve anything I haven't earned.   

If it weren’t for my Savior Jesus Christ, I would deserve death and eternal damnation. Just as He gives us eternal hope, America gives people the opportunity – not the guarantee – of success.

The sad truth is that both men and women are treated horribly from time to time. Hate isn’t restricted to one sex or another. Life isn't always fair. The problem lies in the way we deal with it. Whenever anyone, regardless of their sex, is truly oppressed, it is up to each of us to stand against it. If both sides would hold themselves accountable when they objectify the or abuse the other, then maybe we could find common ground. What many feminists fail to realize is that many times society isn’t to blame for their problems. They need to start with the person staring back at them in the mirror.







Written by Oliver Stephenson

I love talking politics, culture, and entertainment. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and talk radio.

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