Lanterns: Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff Pt 2 – A Biological Primer    


Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff Pt 2 – A Biological Primer    

by John Frost--
A Political Conservative – Anarchist in the realm of grammar

The Dialectic of Desire: Faith in Atheism
Sciency Stuff Pt 2 – A Biological Primer     

A Conservative Dialectic

Faith in Atheism is a series exploring the existence of a growing atheistic presence in the New World. What change will it bring to people who live free under Biblically sourced precepts such as sovereign, free-willed, and Individuals equal in the eyes of the Creator? The existence of the higher plane which sources our rights as free men and holds the authority behind our Declaration of Independence which places man atop government in the hierarchy of power and empowers our Constitutional limitations is being monkeyed with. 

I have no doubt that the removal of our founding principles is the intent on the Left, but I can only wonder what drives this seeming desire in the science and atheist communities. To be right, would be my guess and that’s a pretty good reason. If they align Left… fine.
If they do not, then maybe we need to think this through.

This series forks onto two paths. “ Sciency Stuff” covers atheistic science’s, and the dialectic currently in play in a cultural context with Political Science looking at its effects there. There is also a Prologue to the series to set the stage.

Bear in mind this is a Conservative Dialectic and is free to follow the course it finds. That means this is opinion. Its message is political, but I have made every attempt at accuracy from a scientific point of view. What I see as truth will not be seen at all by some. That’s their problem because I like what I’m seeing. I’ve put a considerable amount of time into forming my opinions, both from the evidence and through the reactions to that evidence’s reality. People will scream that their scientists are better than those I find being close to the truth and that mine are phony despite their accreditations. That’s their opinion, and they are entitled to it. They are not entitled to mine. 

Science, like money, goes where it goes regardless of our efforts to guide it into its “politically correct” position.     

Biological Primer  

The Information Superhighway: DNA (Deoxynucleic Acid)
Evolution is said to be the primary cause for life on Planet Earth. For decades Darwin’s, Origin theory has been taught as flat-out and settled scientific fact. New reaches into the field of Biology are giving many, good reason to revisit what has become almost “scientific dogma”. What new information has brought about this reversal?
Answer: new information.

“At the close of the nineteenth century, most biologists thought life consisted solely of matter and energy. But after Watson and Crick, biologists came to recognize the importance of a third fundamental entity in living things: information.” 
  – Stephen C. Meyer, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design

I know this... 
the specified complexity found inherent to the information used to generate cellular biology far from describes my notes used to write this article. With that said…


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Where did we come from and why are we here?

Mankind’s universal question. One whose answer may never be had. Satisfaction here, for the time being, will need to be found on another road to truth apart from the scientific method. Truth and satisfaction both resulting from the same electrochemical, brain functioning that, we are taught, holds the essence of our being – our consciousness.

Personally, I find that a hard pill to try and choke down.

The Dialectical Process

Upon initiating the dialectical process, one must assume that a truth in place – the thesis - is false or incomplete. In order to fill a hole full of dirt or new truth, one must first dig the hole. Denial is often used for this purpose because it requires something less than effort. The only thing required for denial is the act of not thinking about the subject (Voided Certainty). Willful ignorance is a form of negation that is crucial to Leftist ideology, and along with the denial that initiates it, rears the backbone of their success in implementing their political design. This broken-mirrored imagery comes standard with the Leftist outlook and attitude, with their expected failure even feeding into, what has been perfectly defined as, cultural pessimism.

This is to void what is an effort to allow the progression of what could, would, might, or should be – to usher in change.  Denial is their ideological Rock of Gibraltar, their “prime mover” in the creation of their political voids. This dialectical nonsense in an attempt to describe the broken-mirrored nature in which the Leftist operates.

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Voiding the certainty of the Absolute: God has left a chasm crossing the pathway Man takes in his relentless pursuits of happiness and satisfaction. Nature, human nature anyway, abhors a vacuum and what gushes into these Leftist voids is filled and driven with political desire. Political policy is crammed into these opened rifts at every opportunity in the name of progress. This politically-scientific method is geared around lessened expectations with hope standing in the place once held by faith. What it brings is moral decay, the destruction of the family unit, discord, failure, and futility. What it brings is cultural pessimism...
and rot.

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Another means by which these voids are filled, rightful and proper, is with new information in reaching new understandings. A new window into the void has recently been naturally opened by Man’s desire to determine the nature of his inner surroundings. This window offers a peek into the wondrous dynamic that we know of as the DNA molecule. What has been glimpsed, an information overload has moved to the eye of the beholder… that of a visual that is rocking the envelope of reality, and bumping head-first into the World’s standing paradigm of enlightenment…

The inner workings brought to life through the DNA molecule have to be seen to be believed. Part 2a Videolog shows what could not be adequately described with volumes of text. It must be seen to be believed.

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“DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.”  
 -- Bill Gates, The Road Ahead 

Researchers are discovering a hierarchical layering of informational context specified through the manner in which DNA is constructed. Within the chemistry of the DNA molecule is found the software necessary to progress the atomic nature of matter into what constitutes a biological organism. The process through which life becomes remains far from human understanding, but the methodology undergone by the life process of self-propagation and continuance is being seen with stark clarity of what the visual implies. 

What is absolutely void is the simplicity once expected to be found at the cellular level. Complexity, beyond imagination, is found at the nitty-gritty whereabouts, we’ve become, and this, for some reason beyond reason, concerns many.

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Through the memory and central processing capabilities, the software hardwired into the DNA’s construction, comes a reimaging of the simply vulgar, “stuff of life” into vitality. This mandates another look at the evolutionary model of Darwin as the underlying and primary cause for life as we see it. The evolutionary crown of humanity – our rising intelligence, is now demanding revalidation of a paradigm pulled in with that same, all-be-it younger and lesser, intelligence. A paradigm set with an agenda intended to shift the paradigm held. This, our Paradigm of Enlightened Denial, now faces the unexpected appearance, at its very heart, of an indirect re-imaging of that which was denied – God.

Define Evolution

Undergoing new scrutiny, the evolutionary mechanism advanced to the forefront as the root of Biology consists of different properties or means through which it occurs. Evolution in the big picture is defined loosely as change over time. Anybody with eyeballs can detect the subtle differences between a Tyrannosaurus Rex frozen in rock for millions of years and a duck. There is no doubt that plant and animal life on this planet has changed and within this definition, evolution is an indisputable fact. This “actual” nature helps the advancement of the other evolutionary routes into a “factual commitment.”

Tito, heel..!
One of these other routes through which life advances is Natural Selection with its tenet: “survival of the fittest.” This is probably the widest held understanding of what the evolutionary mechanism entails and thought by many, if not most, to be the evolutionary model itself. Natural Selection has also been demonstrably verified as truth as it is the processing through which the hairless variant recognized (and often despised) as Aunt Lilly’s, snarling, ankle-biting Chihuahua, Tito arises. At one time, the sound of Tito’s enraged snarl would generate something much more primal than hate. Tito has been led down the path to domestication and fitness, surviving today in the laps of Aunt Lilly and canine luxury.

Tito’s ancestry consists of wild and dubious characters that would not suit well within the parameters of Main Street. No, they were carnivores that would have been motivated as much by the smell of meat as to the smell of fear and who’d rip into or run from anything that happened to cross their paths. Once upon a time, theirs was a ferocious lot… motivated by a survival instinct that must be encoded somehow within their molecules… for there is no time in the badlands to develop one.

That, or inherent to their nature, is a gift of knowledge from another source.

There is nothing natural about the selections that created Tito. Tito does not fit within the parameters of what is commonly referred to when “evolution” is invoked. Chihuahua’s, both long-haired and hairless variants, were intelligently guided into place. They probably wouldn't last long outside the presence of man as that separation was not intended and therefore, was not a provision of their design. 

But sometimes unwanted separations happen and our little, furry dependents are left to make it on their own. 

Ooh… Deja Vu

Prologue: Sovereign Assumption

Random Mutation is often cited as the mechanism processing T-Rex’s evolutionary transformation into a modern-day duck. This strange occurrence “per se” would be easier to accept with the unearthing of a Duck-billed Rex, a link believed missing by some (one anyway) and something to be ridiculed unto extinction by those with higher, further-evolved, brain functioning. 

Let them scoff. 

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Their “Trees of Certainty” are structured wholly on links such as mine; that being – missing, mental fabrications. My duck-billed, Train Rex’s existence is surely as valid as their proposed stand-ins. I could type Ph.D. behind my byline if that would help.

Or they could type; missing, mental and proposed, fabrication at the assumed intersections of the phylogenetic trees they have plastered inside of, just about, every school house in existence… 

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These phylogenetic trees are constructed under the guise of Common Descent; an evolutionary measure that currently undergoes its fitness for survival,  tested through deconstruction, in Sciency Stuff: Pt.1 – Evolution Revolution

No automatic alt text available.

The Grapevine

One tough row to hoe
The ability for the process of Random Mutation to provide for the appearance of new body plans is hotly contested due to the realization of the additional information necessary to bring about such change – how would T-Rex’s DNA gain the know-how to build the additional structure and function required by a duck?
Bills are paid for with information… Up front.

Mutation occurs when DNA, the highly-protected primary asset, and initiator of life, is damaged. Not the molecule itself -- that is just the vehicle, but rather the crucial information it carries. Mutation comes to bear through several different means. Radiation destroys the integrity of DNA and we all know something of radiation gained through our fear of its effects.
That fear is justified.

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Life's primary asset, the information held in the DNA molecule, never leaves the cell nucleus. Instead, copies are made using various proteins and enzymes for structure and motion all coming about through the code they process. These copies are allowed to exit through protein structures built into the nucleus wall opened in reaction to electrical or chemical signaling provided by other various enzymes or protein based means. The security and integrity of the information mandated for all this to happen – is job one.

Life sure is a strange quality…

As certain proteins copy off chains of information, other protein structures check, double check, and sometimes even triple check both copy and master. The information held in the copy holds the cell's future. Both are vital and screened carefully to ensure the message’s integrity. This verification of message integrity tells us this is information and life knows it is. 
This is not chemicals reacting, this is preparation.

All these measures, and far more, are in place, specifically, to prevent mutation. With mutation comes dysfunction and usually, cellular death. A significant part of the cell’s encoded, primary-purpose is information used to prevent mutation. The mutation’s bumbling has benefited humanity with sickle-cell anemia as the genome carried in line with its inheritance has lost part of the information needed to build proper, healthy blood. The mutation destroyed a vital part of the message it once held – this is inherent to mutation.

Sickle-celled blood is, by chance, resistant to the Malaria virus. It also brings an early and painful death.

A mutation’s natural penchant is to remove information thus destroying function. The mutation that might arise through contact with sources of radiation often becomes the cascading loss of cellular, control functioning we know of as cancer.

Due to these protective measures encoded into DNA, Random Mutation is not allowed to happen frequently enough to provide for the evolutionary change from T-Rex to duck in the time available. When it does slip in, it usually brings evolution to a grinding, screeching, halt.

The “deleterious” effect associated with mutation disallows its being a primary cause for anything in life functioning other than pain and early death.

Alrighty then…  Now that that’s behind us…

Readers familiar with I-5’s transit from Central California into the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles Basin will understand the “Grapevine” reference. It alludes to what seems like a never-ending, ever-steepening grade climbing up, over, and across the mountain that sits to the north of L.A. The intent of this article is not found in the “ sciency stuff “ we just trudged through. The appearance of what I attempt to describe fires this flipping of the tables of orthodox science. This whole rift is over appearance which can be seen in the Video-log. Again, I highly recommend it. 

My concern is the paradigm and the political reality secured, in part, by that paradigm. The Political Science evolving into place holds the purpose behind the bruised fingertips and smoking keyboard that presently has captured my full attention. 

In my notes yet, I have inherent, target-templates, integral to the cell wall’s construction that structures reach for and grow toward. This templating comes with a designation of intent and purpose which provides a form for the cell to structure itself into. This marking it, for instance, as a liver cell which would have different needs and structural form than a brain, a heart, or a toenail cell. This adaptability is found in stem-cells. The controversy over embryonic stem-cells is due to this morphing ability and their knowing where to go and what to do when they get there. All the information needed to build every single bit of a human being is held throughout the human body in each and every cell, and it’s becoming apparent that they all know what each is doing in preparing for what is coming.

What explains the “attitude” of this “stuff?”

The first time this attitude came about was, I think, in a mud hole out in Nebraska somewhere and initiated by a spark produced when one rock rolling down a hill clanked into another. 
What are the odds of those two rocks colliding at precisely the same time the DNA molecule just happened to be laying there in specified order..? 

My calculator doesn’t have the capacity for thousands of zeros to the right of the decimal point… So that, I’ll ponder in perpetuity for the rest of my days (or at least until I get to Pt. 4: Biological Probability).

Other than the groupthink of cellular structures, I have yet to talk to the hierarchy and overlying segments – the layering of information -- that absolutely precludes mutation from bringing additional use and a new form to structure because of the codes running back and forth, and on top of one another simultaneously throughout the molecule. These overlapping layers regulate timing and signaling. They administrate the switching on and off of certain genes that we’ll need later that weren’t earlier. All this inter-dependency must remain intact or we have the occurrence of bad things like Alzheimer’s… Possibly a protein malfunction linked to housekeeping. And cancer – the total collapse of this interconnectedness and cellular control.

As to Random Mutation's general effect – Blowing a hole through a book with a bullet is not going to add to the story.

Snit Time… Feel free to raise one. 

These are my opinions and despite what may be said, felt or thought (your opinion), I have worked hard in forming them. Regardless the enlightened and often arrogant mindset, I find them valid, sound and they make me happy. 
So get over it.

  •  Mutation, random or otherwise, did not bring about the ability to ponder the viability of Random Mutation as an evolutionary mechanism.
  •  Natural Selection must have something new to select from. Something new requires new information – highly-ordered, filed and secured. New information is not generated through mutation or the act of two rhinoceroses butting heads. 
  •   Common Ancestry is not supported by the evolutionary rift between the Cambrian Era’s reality, with its explosion of new information, and the desire of Darwinites. 

     Image may contain: one or more people, eyeglasses and text   
“Baffling to Darwin, this event still dazzles us.”
  – Stefan Bengtson, Swedish evolutionist on the Cambrian Explosion detailed in “ Sciency Stuff Pt 1:  Evolution Revolution.” 

If you pile enough molehills up, eventually you can drive a truck through them and the fact is: As it stands, evolution is not the primary cause for my being here. 

Dialectical Memes in Antithesis

The response heard most to these dumb Christian Ph.D.s and their theory of Intelligent Design is that they are driven by agenda, not science. I’ve listened to both sides and I don’t believe this to be the case. or what these lying creationists are doing is not science. A court in Ohio with a Bush appointed judge, no less (huh?), has made this determination. The thought of a possible agenda, a political one, comes across loud and clear with this “Bush” designation brandished as some sort of scientific validation. 

I see an attitude, a bad one, mainly in response throughout this whole thing. That could be because whether it’s realized it or not, a paradigm is at stake. The truth of this matter stands apart from the hogwash of uncertainty entered from both of these warring sides in mutual antithesis. The synthesis extruded through this dialectic could favor neither on the sciency side with the new truth held as power in the political realm. 

I detect a great deal of Alinsky-like methodologies at work here. I see logic rejected or twisted into fallacy and a heavy slathering of marginalization. Everywhere I see the hateful denial of a Ph.D. with the ridiculing label of creationist added by default. This suggests that belief excludes intelligence. We can’t know anything without the belief that it’s true, or so philosophers tell us. 

Where you find Alinsky’s hand you usually find misconstrued deception always attempting to make room for the new, regardless of the old.  And hate… Often, you’ll find plenty of misdirected hate.

Evolution’s current memes
I’m sure some readers have heard of these evolutionary findings. They are memes in antithesis, and their purpose is to be passed. What is not heard is the response. That is also intentional. When pulling up articles on the subjects for this series, I’d look through the comments as well. That is where the discord burns brightest. Both sides, cocky and sure, with neither knowing certainty or tolerance. A great deal of valuable, new information is there to be found if you can stomach the search.

Here’s the unheard side of the hot topics, the side with the stupid scientists who, right or wrong, and like it or not, do make perfect sense.

Johnny doesn’t look 98% Chimp to me…   

The small percentage of human DNA called the coding region where the information for protein production is held is 97% in line with Chimpanzee DNA. 

The thing is: hair is hair and lips are lipsThe tires and windshield glass of a Studebaker and a Corvette are the same. Their axles are made of the same steel. What are we comparing, the ‘Vette to the Studebaker or two windshields? 

Not only that, but the vast majority of human DNA, we come to find out, was not included in the Chimp comparison. It was considered useless “junk” collected over time and mutated into uselessness via the evolutionary process. So-called evolutionary leftovers were the supposed effect that provided evidence used to support past mutations to advance the evolutionary model.

This falsified, self-supporting belief is simply, the dogma of the paradigm. 

Instead of genetic garbage, different eyes looking for different things found layer upon layer of absolutely crucial, regulatory function… exactly what separates man from monkey and exactly what they expected to find.

The “fake” scientists found what the “real” ones didn’t even bother to look for.

The similarity is thought to be as low as 73%. I think a petunia or something is like 40%… This whole meme is just that -- a meme. There is no agreement here because there is no agreement on the particulars which would make this 88% valid. This is politics, not science.

Number Two… A Load

Strange splicings and a missing ape chromosome, supposedly tied to an anomaly found in man’s genetic complement, specifically Chromosome No. 2, is said to be the settling factor, the proof in the pudding… the actual, indisputable evidence showing a direct, physical link between Tarzan and Cheetah thus proving Common Ancestry.

By those same different eyes, this has also been determined to mean something altogether different. These eyes are disregarded and their scientific opinions rejected, not for their levels of education and knowledge, but simply for their misaligned findings in support of the wrong paradigm.

There is no certainty here. There are valid and sound arguments going in both directions on whether this even actually is what they think it is. It is supposed to be a splice, but it is also supposed to have strings of information, used information, running across in spite of this supposed splice. Revelations of secondary messaging running in both directions with greater understandings of how the information is located, namely binding points, to inform proteins where, and in which direction to start reading are kicking the feet out from under this assertion. The more that is known about DNA, the less apparent this seems. This cat’s out of the bag and that’s just fine and dandy by some. It’ll be the truth someday… or so they believe.

Political Sciency Stuff
If you listen to the talking heads of the intellectually enlightened, you will hear nothing of this. Instead, you hear regurgitations about court rulings in Ohio having jurisdiction in determining the nature of the scientific method and sticking a “non-sciency” label to the face of the movers leaving behind the science stuck in the Nebraskan mud. 

Lawyers determine law, not science. This is the ACLU insisting on their paradigm’s stability. With the Leftist Dialectic engaged through the politics of the ACLU, we get this in return:
The court said you’re not science, so shut up …

A new, Sciency Politic grows – synthesized by humanist desire and somewhat through fear. Fear of an American Theocracy rising from a population which hasn’t known the word virtue in two generations. A new politic that silences speech on campus, burns and smashes property at will, assaults innocents who happen to be in the way... all with the moral authority of something other than the despised notion of God. 

A new paradigm is evolving into the place once held by the American Ideal. The old ways are evolving into being in the New World. What a travesty.

From where evolved this desire to cut the legs out from under oneself?

“God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God?That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever...”
     – Thomas Jefferson

Incidentals and Happenstance

Faith in Atheism
Prologue: Sovereign Assumption

Faith in Atheism: Sciency Stuff
Part 1: Evolution Revolution

Part 2b: Enlightened Biology and Videolog

Faith in Atheism: Political Science
Political Science: Atheism, Under God

Philosophical Horse-droppings
1. Tales of Two Cities
2. More Tales of More Cities


Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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