Lanterns: Immigration-- The Way it Works Part Two: Illegal Immigration


Immigration-- The Way it Works Part Two: Illegal Immigration

If you missed part one, I explained the history and the legal standing of the evolution of immigration and at least some of the reasoning behind it. Essentially, it was the needs of the nation versus what we see from the political spectrum today— the feel good, it's your right, not the proven privilege that every nation retains for you to come here.

Now let's hit on what is being done and perhaps what should be done. Remember that from the constitutional perspective, it is the needs of the nation and the duty to the citizenry that are the prevailing factors.

The term, illegal immigration, speaks for itself. It says that those that come here care nothing for our laws, and by extension, our people. The illegal alien, sorry PC police, have human rights, but absolutely no constitutionally protected rights to be here. They are not citizens and we owe them nothing—  zilch, nada, period. They make it harder for those who are attempting to immigrate legally to do so and add competition by undercutting employment in the job market.

The prototypes for the wall on the southern border are being built. It is needed, if for nothing else than a statement to the world that we care about the future of our nation, and our laws will be respected. The solar panels are just a bonus.

There has been a 70% decline in illegals crossing the border from just the motions being made, and you can bet that the human trafficking and the rapes are down as well, to say nothing of the contraband that flows with them.

It is nice to have the laws that are on the books finally seen again, and our law enforcement officers are no longer doormats by federal mandate. Now, if we can just get the attention of the progressive local governments that follow communist doctrine over the Constitution. Sanctuary cities flaunt the laws and protect the outlaw. Over time, it will devour itself. The only question is how many innocent victims will there be along the way.

With twelve million illegals in the nation, something must be done, and like it or not, something is. Only the worst of them are being targeted— the gangs and the serious felons. They can, should, and are going bye bye and good riddance.

We have those who are here past their visa dates and those with families as well. What should be done with them? While these are minor violations of the law compared to the others, but it is still a crime. Where does compassion come in?  Legally, it doesn't, but perhaps it should at least to resolve the issue as we close the door behind them.  Have them apply for citizenship or send them back. Let it be their decision, as long as the laws and Constitution are obeyed from here.

Keep something in mind the point I made clear in part one— the needs of the nation come first and emotions. They must be able bodied, and they are expected to work. They must integrate into the fabric of the nation.  They must learn English.  Little Italy or whatever is fine, but Dearborn Michigan and sharia police get you a boot across the border for even the naturalized citizen as that is subversive to the government and the established rule of law.

Weakness and convenience of the political leadership are to blame here at the expense of law and order and at the price of our freedoms to a degree, and it must end.  I think it is clear that it will not be easy, cheap, or pain-free. There will be no easy answers, and progressives will use every attempt to fit what they had a liberal hand in breaking to their ends. Emotions, privileges that they call rights, and the promise of free “stuff” like it's from a bottomless pit of excess that we know not to be true.

It must end now!

Laws must be enforced. The buck stops here. Build the wall, hold the line at the border, fill this nation with a vibrant and productive citizenry as the immigration and naturalization act clearly outline, and get this nation back on track. America first.

Written by Steven Troisi

I'm a Husband, Father, Christian, Veteran & Patriot and don't tolerate foolishness.

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