Lanterns: Every Protest Has a Silver Lining


Every Protest Has a Silver Lining

It is true; every protest has a silver lining. While some are so outrageous they seem ridiculous, one could look at these in a positive manner.

1. The Pink Vaginal Hat: A symbol of protest against President Trump. The media went crazy; there were hundreds of people, (well, maybe 50), on Michigan Avenue in Chicago alone donning their hats and grabbing their nether regions.

Some may see these people as spoiled-rotten brats with nothing better to do with their time. I won't insult the Liberals by putting them into that category, for I know many Liberals who are good, intelligent people. This isn’t to say that some of these pink-vaginal-hat wearers are not good, intelligent people, but the silver lining with them is that I know to NEVER be near one. A person who would lower their dignity, in my opinion, does not deserve to be told the time of day.

2. The Rubber Dildo: This has become a symbol of confused people who wave them around on college campuses. Their intent is to show that it is more peaceful than a weapon. The silver lining is at least those who are waving them are getting some low aerobic exercise, in addition to saving themselves from unwanted pregnancies if used as designed.  

3. The High School Walkout: All over the country young people walked out of their high schools with the support of adults and school authorities. Am I upset with them? Not really. I am more concerned about them.

Why?  First, they demand MORE gun laws. As with Immigration laws, they already exist, but they just aren't being enforced.

Second, since they are ignorant of the fact all these laws already exist, it shows many have no desire to read and are not being taught by the educational system. 

Third, this teens showed the lack of ability to think for themselves, choosing instead to be sheep eating the tripe the media is putting out.  Lambs to the slaughter.   

It is sad all these children are easily led around by the adults.  I don’t know, maybe they didn’t have all the toys they wanted as a kid and are now rebelling. Whatever the reason, they are now in positions of authority, and they are making sure today’s kids will not suffer like them.

But, what is the silver lining in all this hoopla of never-ending violence?  This violence originates for many reasons and is not controllable unless scientific forced mind manipulation is used.

The silver lining, in this case, is layered.

First, these kids advocating anti-gun violence will more than likely never own one. More than likely, violent crime won’t drop,  but will most likely rise from their inability to protect themselves from criminals who target them, turning them into victims. 

Second, the people who do believe in owning a gun for their protection will be prepared for when the enemy finds areas of the country unarmed, defenseless, and easily conquered.

Third, those who choose to be unprotected will be at risk of elimination at the hands of the enemy whether it is homegrown or imported, thus, creating a reduction in population. This benefit would bring a lowering in operational costs in running the country.

But then again, they will have their protective pink vaginal headgear while brandishing their rubber dildos as they thrust their weapon outward, ”En Garde!” 

Written by David Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feeling.

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