Lanterns: Faith in Atheism: Political Science ~ Atheism, Under God


Faith in Atheism: Political Science ~ Atheism, Under God

The Dialectic of Desire: Faith in Atheism
Political Science   ~   Atheism, Under God

A Conservative Dialectic 

by John Frost 


Political Science 

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
   -- John Adams 

Question:  As a conservative, what is it exactly are we trying to conserve? A system of government, a virtuous society, civilization?  What is our common ground and how widely are we separated? 

The same could be asked of all Americans. However, I don’t think in this day and age I’d find much unity in the answer.

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I am told that... 
religion is a control mechanism—  a psychological tool that may have started as history mixed with Aesop's fables, and it grew into something of a monster.  

To which I reply...   Through dereliction, any of man’s efforts can grow into monsters. That is the reason for constitutional limitations on man's efforts to govern and moral boundaries set in an attempt to control a tendency to deviate from the proper course.

Our Constitution stands in counter to a political identity that claims that man can be fundamentally transformed into a higher rendition through proper control of man's thinking, and thus, behavior. Both of these socio-political mechanisms address the same "religiously" appointed aspect and that is the expression of man's imperfection and fall from grace. That fall results in a humanity governed by free will with the right to plot one's own destiny, our sovereignty, and then, exclusion from the Garden because of it.

One politicized multitude is driven with this understanding as true, and in direct opposition, sits another, rejecting it as outright hogwash...

The American Ideal is one of self-governance with Constitutional limitations on the control of that self-governance. It recognizes free will and expects man to contain himself. How Americans are to contain themselves is left to the individual and their independent search for truth wherever and however they choose. This search for truth is commonly referred to as "religion."

Religion is neither bad nor good. It is a reflection of the humanity it holds in a common search. That common search had a great influence on what came to be America, which, of course, was designed to be in antithesis to the control mechanism (religious theocracy) that concerns you who make statements such as the one above.

There is a concerted effort to remove "religion" completely from the political atmosphere, and the majority of that effort is driven by those who believe free will and self-governance are not realities, but rather, just fanciful thinking.

That concerns me.
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It's not atheism that concerns me, it's human desire. Satisfaction gained by some, with scientific understanding, while others get from knowing. The certainty felt by some, with two in answer to one plus one, is the same level of acknowledgment to a higher plane of existence known and felt certain by others. These inklings are driven through electrochemical stimulation, right? So how can one mechanical stimulation rise above another in value? 
They can't.

One solar photon does not rise to a moral level higher than another and the same would have to hold true for brain bursts. There is no morality in thermodynamics. None held by gamma rays and none held by the mechanisms of material consciousness. We are often fooled into enlightenment by physical nature's ignorance of our being. Nature ignores the morality of enlightenment. The same cannot be said for reality. 

When you cross paths with reality, you best prepare for a beating delivered, with certainty, if not by Mother Nature, then by human nature!  If not both...

We tweak nature’s knobs until they fall off without a peep or a second thought. There is no morality in the mechanical signaling that motivates movement and feeds our urgings.

  •  Reality will pummel you like a horse that cannot die. 
  •  Reality rejects abnormality.
  •  The physical nature of reality is just that.

Reality does not ignore morality’s significance. The moral nature surrounding us is quite opposite. It often acts in spite of reality.

Upwards to 200-million, innocent socialists no longer live to attest to reality’s pertinence in the moral realm.

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Both planes, the higher and moral, and the physical and natural, exist on equal levels with recognition of their existence, anything but. I often come across these rifting dialectics and attempt to apply the non-existent qualities of mind to the hard-rock quantity I am forced by reality to stand in. I apply stimulations, unrecognized and not known, to atomic structures and chemical compounds. Thinking and knowing, non-existent on the physical plane, have profound and undeniable effects on reality. Iron atoms are not aware of my god-like ability to transcend their existence with a big hammer. They are unaware of the size, the presence, the power, or the purpose of my hammer. 

Iron atoms are not aware of moral reality, nor are hammers. And neither are atoms of carbon.

So... What is reality?  Reality is what we determine it to be.

What is determination?
Determination is the human being’s connection to both reality and nature and is defined on three levels: I am determined to determine my determination. Determination is the mover and the shaker, the choice to make a decision and the decision that you have a choice. Determination asked and answered, is intent and purpose engaging the potential that lies in the void.                

Determination is the act of creating what does not exist.  Determination is free will.

Through careful thermodynamic and chemical analysis, I have determined this to be obvious. 

Cogito ergo sum

I am completely aware that science-minded atheists may consider this a ridiculous abstract if not a corrupt, abomination of reason. That I exist in ignorance of my place in the universe. That I am a nut or whatever reaction your electrochemical apparatus processes in reaction to this.
Chemicals bond when conditions are met and electricity follows the path of least resistance. Your reaction to my obvious reality is predetermined by your physical nature. 

Nonetheless, it does matter (no pun thermodynamically derived through guided purpose)…

Defined Conservatism

A collective of free willed, individual agents, united under their own cause, a common cause - the pursuit of happiness. A refined satisfaction brought through reflection, in determining the hierarchy of import to be applied to one’s individuality. Sovereign agents responsible for the consequences of their action and free to find motivation and cause in a manner, best suited. Conservatives align under principles held as the American Ideal. That man has jurisdiction over himself.

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Conservatives recognize these self-evident conditions as inherent: free will, individuality, sovereign, and hold the rights to be afforded the opportunity to fulfill one’s own destiny providing no harm is done to others through their actions. Conservatives recognize an alliance with Biblical precepts in stating this to be the condition, best, to allow Man to overcome his tendency to fall short of his own expectations. Conservative thought does not insist on alignment with the Biblical nature of these precepts, as Man is free to find meaning and purpose and his own - Absolute - as he sees fit.

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 Conservatives see this as proper and worthy of the good fight, coming with the highest of cost - paid with the blood of loved ones.

Conservatives are like-minded, in agreement on a high value for the diversity of thought and stand together against that which would seek to limit it. We understand that through the opinions of many, problems are solved, believing observation of the opinion of one is the road that leads to tyranny.

Conservatism finds value in heritage while realizing that some traditions must pass. We are willing to give when is needed, by faith in its return under changed situations. We try to be neighborly, knowing that not all will respond in kind.

Conservatives seek out the good, the honorable, and the truth in hoping for the best and are rightfully proud of what they conserve, noting a need for improvement - despite the existence of nothing better.
                                          -- This is kept through Conservatism –
Humans Being

First the obvious... 
Humans are grounded through essence to a physical plane from which there is no escape. Our plane is ruled by consequence and brought about through action. In opposition to this cold nature, our true essence - our being - is free to will beyond these not-so-friendly confines and evoke a void full of potential... the higher plane, or however it is to be cataloged, and through determination and God’s Image we are made under’s ability to create, invoke the non-existent into reality.

This satisfies my being in spite of my humanity. I have willed the non-existent plane into being in spite of the thermodynamics of destruction.  I believe this ability inherent to all.

My being finds rationality and comfort in this, in spite of the irrational, all-too-human, quality I know that it holds. It is because it must be... I have determined it. I live in spite of my human confinement and I will live beyond it.

We can try and guide our electrochemical motivations into moral significance but they obey only their nature and fall where they must.

And then...this false, naturalized morality that is chosen to be applied to all of reality by an ever increasing number, and assumed to place-hold for what is an absolute must is all I need to know that physicality is countered, equally, by something not chained to that nature and this is what I choose to recognize as reality. 

My thermodynamics leave me no choice.

Opposition to this is your being free and sovereign, as is mine. It is still a free country…

There is nothing natural, mechanical or automatic about it and that’s that. Welcome to the Dialectic of Desire…

Our strength is not determined by troop numbers or the “high” cost of our “higher” technology. Our strength is not physical or muscular in nature. Therein lies our security. Our strength is held in our essence - in our will – in our recognition of right and our desire for it. We can't bend steel bars with our strength. No, but our strength broke the chains of the Old World’s paradigm and drove the Nazi aberration into the European mud. 

Our strength is our Ideal and there is nothing higher on this plane.

As we stand together in the same place, at a certain spot on one of billions upon billions of planets, in holding our common ground: America... a home affirmed in reality, and yet, founded in the ideal... 

 -- Man to man, I offer this deal --

    I promise I won't rip your tongue out with tongs or burn you at the stake if you promise not to systematically process my persecution through your death apparatus or crucify me.

We can do this... This is America. We are not chained to thermodynamics. We are also not bound to the electromagnetic polls of politics. We are free to recognize our being here... And it is our duty to uphold that reality. A Conservative will recognize and honor this.

  This is where I hope to find faith in atheism.

The Paradigm of Enlightenment must stand, united, with the American Ideal. If we fail… if we fall… the whole planet will fall with us...

Faith in Atheism is a series exploring the existence of a growing atheistic presence in the New World. What change will it bring to people who live free under Biblically sourced precepts such as Sovereign, Free Willed, and Individuals equal in the eyes of the Creator?

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Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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