Rep Chris Collins has all but threatened the Freedom Caucus for not falling in line. He doesn’t understand the Freedom Caucus is the definition of conservative. They want a free market alternative to the health care bill. To vote for this bill aka RyanCare is to acquiesce to the Democrat belief that in order for health insurance to be done right the government must be in control of it. Republicans don’t believe that.

Sen. Tom Cotton, Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Rand Paul, all conservative Republicans, have said they oppose the American Health Care Act and will vote against it, posing a potentially decisive threat to President Trump's first major legislative initiative. Lee, of Utah, said on Twitter. "I promised the people of Utah I would do everything I can to repeal #Obamacare. The House bill does not do that. I am a no."

As Republicans debate the Health Bill, let’s not forget why Americans wanted to repeal Obamacare. The mantra to repeal Obamacare stems from public opposition to the law’s basic construct, and ideology. Then it was reinforced by people’s negative experiences with the law itself, and then with the law’s consequences. Obamacare’s basic ideology is to take control of private health plans and convert them into off-budget extensions of federal programs.

As one of the law’s supporters explained back in 2010, its design “transforms health insurance into a public accommodation,” and turns private health insurance into “a regulated industry, that, in its restructured form, will therefore take on certain characteristics of a public utility.”

The architects of Obamacare implemented that ideology by constructing the ACA.  Imposing on private health plans new coverage requirements such as “essential benefits,” “preventive services,” and limits on plan cost-sharing. In opposing the GOP health care plan, the Freedom Caucus is standing with the people.


They also enforced the following:

Cross-subsidization is the practice of charging higher prices to one group of consumers to subsidize lower prices for another group.

Limits on age rating, health insurance issuers are allowed to vary rates based on age, but by no more than a certain ration.  In other words, the ratio limits the amount an older person will pay to no more than three times that of a younger person with the same type of coverage. This means younger people would be forced to pay for older people.

Minimum actuarial value standards, A health plan meets the minimum value standard if both of these apply: It's designed to pay at least 60% of the total cost of medical services for a standard population. Its benefits include substantial coverage of physician and inpatient hospital services, and minimum employer contributions and imposed mandates on individuals to purchase coverage and for employers to offer it.

What happened were large swaths of the population do not want their private health coverage turned into a regulated public utility. That opposition has grown and hardened as more Americans personally experienced negative effects from the law, such as higher premiums and deductibles and reduced plan choices and provider access.

Making matters worse, Obamacare destabilized the individual insurance market by allowing people to wait until they need medical care to enroll in coverage. The reason why the GOP healthcare bill should not pass is because

1. The American Health Care Act does not repeal Obamacare.

2. The Health Care bill does not help reduce premiums

3. The Health Care bill does not open up purchasing of insurance across state lines.

4. The Health Care bill DOES expand Medicaid

Republicans need to go back to the drawing board and start all over again because this plan is nothing but a fix for Obamacare. It is not a repeal and replace plan as we were promised

Written by Rosie OnTheRight

Rosie grew up watching CSpan she is a contributing writer for,

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