Lanterns: Trump IS the Ruling Elite


Trump IS the Ruling Elite

Clintons. Bushes. Corporations. Bankers. Billionaires. The Donor class. Republicans. Democrats. Special Interests. Lobbyists. Establishments. Bureaucrats. Whether you follow the money to politicians or from corporations, in American politics, birds of a feather really do flock together. Progressives in both parties make up the Establishment in both parties. Donkeys and Elephants simply don’t matter any more. The ideology that people reject whether they knowingly do so or not is progressivism. By rejecting the work of the GOPe or the DNCe, they are rejecting progressivism. Sadly, our nation has been dumbed down, and the general electorate rarely asks itself or others questions that matter. We’ve become lazy with our intellect having information at our finger tips. We’ve lost the basic knowledge of what principles make us great. What is the philosophy or ideology that opposes our founding? What are the ideas that are raised above those of the Founders? What school of thought considers itself superior to anything codified in the late 18th century? Progressivism.

Trump supporters are delusional to think that one of the most prolific funders of both the DNCe and the GOPe will be the same guy to bring about the change they crave. You don’t take loans from billionaire leftist George Soros, contribute to one of his pet projects converting young people of America into politically correct drones and then hold yourself up as the conservative change agent. At least you shouldn’t be able to. There is only one political ideology or idea or philosophy that respects, preserves and perpetuates EVERYTHING about the founding of our nation and that conservatism. If you don’t comprehend conservatism, you’ll fall for populism. If you aren’t a principled conservative, you’ll succumb to nationalism. If you won’t stand for conservatism, you’ll nominate a liberal and think that he too is conservative because he says things that tickle your ears.

This is the real super Tuesday of this primary season. The Republic is truly at stake. I am praying that God works a miracle on the hearts and minds of voters in the 5 states in play. This is one Conservative left in the race and his principles are what makes him uniquely qualified to lead our country. Conservatism is built upon the timeless truths of scripture and God’s prescription for a civil government. To abandon conservatism is to abandon our scriptural roots. We weren’t founded to be a Christian nation, but we were definitely founded upon it’s book.

Written by Trey Roberts

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