Lanterns: Let Us Have Tree-metery's


Let Us Have Tree-metery's


Four months ago my father passed away. 


This ended my 59 years of feeling immortal. This event woke me up to realize that someday, I too will be the one my family will be faced with decisions of what to do with me.

The common practice in Judaism is to be buried, in the ground... preferably at a cemetery. Cremation is against the religious law even though it is becoming more popular in society, partly for financial reasons.

I am not a proponent of taking up space in a stone marker farm when my body can be used for more useful things.

I ruled out being a decoration on a coffee table for two major reasons. One, not knowing which part of me my two sons would want, and the other not wanting to be the center of attention at parties.

With that idea being ruled out, I did some research. I came across an interesting concept was done in the UK. Capsula Mundia company in the United Kingdom that asks a simple question with multiple choice answers on their homepage.

"Which Tree Would You Like to Become?...Cherry, Oak, Birch, Olive, Eucalyptus"

Their concept is to place the deceased body in a fetal position and place it in an egg-shaped container under a young tree. The body decomposes and becomes fertilizer. The tree grows gaining life from your body. Which in turn, gives life to other living creatures. Also, for those that aren't familiar with another benefit of trees, they are part of the process in creating the air we breathe.

Isn't that a grand idea? I contacted them. I was curious to find out if they had any locations here in the US. I was disappointed to find out that US regulations do not allow them to offer this awesome environmentally friendly idea to us.

These regulations are...simply put, nothing more than bureaucratic hogwash.

Final expense providers hold a death monopoly putting unnecessary pressure and panic on grieving people to fork out mega bucks. In many cases, financing the costs carrying a burden of debt the rest of their lives. I personally felt like we were talking with "Knuckles" from the Mafia on how we wanted to pay for my father's processing for eternal rest.

Additionally, the somber consoling words of saying a person is returned to Earth from which they came at a funeral makes me cringe as the deceased body is in an elaborate metal coffin then placed in a concrete box. Our body isn't returning anywhere. It's trapped...for a long, long time. It's like putting a letter in an envelope and putting that in a safety deposit box for safe keeping for hundreds of years.

Why can't we be buried naturally like just about everywhere else on the globe? Because our government, in all its wisdom (the greatest sarcasm) classifies us as "Controlled Waste."

Controlled Waste? Are we that only after death or while we are alive? Considering the United States Government pretty much mandates every aspect of our lives we are, in essence..."Controlled Waste."

Our bodies are considered pollutants to the water table. We are disease infested as we rot. Are we really such a danger to others' health in the United States? The rest of the world apparently is sick, and their waters are full of bacterial disease from all the bodies they have naturally buried for eons. 

Why is it the government is not regulating animal bodies and waste? Cow manure, horse manure, goat manure, all of these animals' bodies when they die are not "Controlled Waste?"  Why is the EPA not on top of the animal industry to write laws requiring animal bodies to be treated to coffins and concrete boxes like humans?

I say reverse this hypocritical idiocy of government regulation on death...let there be Tree-metery's in the United States.

It has to be better than being a decoration on a coffee table.

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Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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