Lanterns: JILL STEIN: Her goal is not simply to undermine Trump


JILL STEIN: Her goal is not simply to undermine Trump

There is a greater perspective to be gained during the latest election cycle that I think a lot of people are missing. By taking a quick spin on Facebook or Twitter, you can see an unhealthy focus on personality over principle. The divisive battle between a withering Hillary Clinton and the gold plated Trump has distracted much of the country from where the true battle for America really is. The prominence of the cult of personality and identity politics within our political discourse has really exposed the exceptional America’s true vulnerability. The latest call for a recount by Green Party political back bencher Jill Stein offers an opportunity to get the proper perspective of the collective motives of the myriad of members fringe political left. While the motives appear to be individual exercises of political protest, they are in fact connected. Progressives are striking while the iron is hot at the heart of America and what has made us exceptional – our form of government.

I am struck by how many articles that spill across social media that fail to address the true target of the new Democrat Party. It is new because Hillary’s humiliating defeat by the political and ideological light weight Donald Trump has offered a mandate for the Democrat Party to move to where the passion and energy is. It was not in the halls of the Clinton Library but in the battlefields for Democracy. It was on the streets in Ferguson Missouri after the Michael Brown was shot and the birth of Black Lives Matter materialized to fight against institutionalized racism. It was on the streets of Maddison Wisconsin where union supporters rallied in response to right-to-work legislation in Madison Wisconsin.  It was even in Zuccotti Park where Occupy Wall Street squatted on the premise of the 99% against the 1% back in 2011. All of them have the same target – our republican form of government.

The old paradigm of small government Republicans and blue color Democrats has waned and this election is evidence of it. The new paradigm is a fight between populists. Bernie Sanders has been way ahead of the political curve with his anti-establishment rhetoric. Whether you agree with his socialist solutions or not, the exposure of the cabal of corporatists and government bureaucrats has given birth to popular support of the “us against them” politics that Sanders deploys. Donald Trump sailed across the finish line with similar populists winds of anti-establishment in his sails. While all of this shallow populist rhetorical garbage offers little substantive solutions to the problems we face as Americans, it provides the volatile democratic winds needed to win elections.

Trump supporters, Republican pundits, political strategists and others have said that Jill Steins attempt to reverse the election results is a futile one with a real goal of further marginalizing Trump and undermining his legitimacy. This should be seen as a byproduct of the attempt and not the goal. While many might see Jill Stein as petty nuisance trying to garner a last bit of press before her next 1% turnout in another presidential election in 2020, Stein serves as a huge threat to our form of government. For the most part Jill Stein is swinging her political axe at the (r)epublican roots of our country.  Her call for an electoral recount is not an attempt to unseat Donald Trump. It is a call to uproot our republican electoral process by not delegitimizing Trump but delegitimizing the Electoral College.

Jill Stein is not alone in her attempt to undermine our republican form of government. Barack Obama even took a swing at the roots of our unique republic in a press conference in Peru, Obama lamented the loss of Hillary Clinton saying,

“As long as Wyoming gets the same number of senators as California, there’s going to be some tilt towards Republicans when it comes to congressional races,” he said, pointing out that most Democratic voters were “bunched up in big cities.”

Although the core of Obama’s disdain appears to be the “gerrymandering” of districts, his larger concern is the barriers provided by our founders to give voice to all states in our republic. He sees our republic as a problem.

“More votes have been cast for Democratic congressional candidates than Republican,” Obama said. “And yet you end up having large Republican majorities.”

The Electoral College, the existence of two Senators per state, the separation of powers in the US Constitution, among many other republican firewalls provides frustration for Progressives like Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and Stein. It was even a frustration for Trump as he called our system rigged throughout the election and primaries. The idea of a “rigged election” doesn’t come only from candidates alluding to the possibility of stolen votes. It actually comes mostly from the struggles a national candidate has to endure when campaigning to the entire country rather than just massive population states like California, Texas, New York, and Florida. While instituting our republican form of government, our founders set up a process that forces our politicians to take a posture of serving the sovereign people rather than posturing politically with the goal of being the sovereign.  

Democracies, as Progressives see as the ideal government model, place the ruler, dictator, monarch, or President as the sovereign. In other words the ruler has the ultimate supreme power over the land. America is exceptional as it has sets the individual citizen as the sovereign. Our electoral process, separation of powers, our Bill of Rights, etc. provide the firewalls that keep the power in the possession of the people. Progressives wish to undermine that in order to institute a Democracy granting supreme power to their leader or politburo to socially engineer the societal landscape.  

If Americans do not provide the proper context for reasons why Progressives are picking political fights of the Electoral College, our Senatorial relevancy, the separation of powers, etc., we will lose our exceptional nation. Political cases are not built over night. They are built over years if not decades. Socialized medicine was not instituted overnight in America. It was incrementally erected over the course of a hundred years as Americans were spoon fed its small illusions of materialist virtue. The political case is being built now for the erection of a Democracy in America and it starts with the demolition of the republican infrastructure.  

The founder of the Progressive political left in America was Woodrow Wilson, who once said,

“In fundamental theory socialism and democracy are almost if not quite one and the same. They both rest at bottom upon the absolute right of the community to determine its own destiny and that of its members. Men as communities are supreme over men as individuals. Limits of wisdom and convenience to the public control there may be: limits of principle there are, upon strict analysis, none.”

His point is very clear that individuals are to serve the collective. The collective or the state is the sovereign. Progressives have this as their simple principle. They believe that if they are able to institution socialism, social justice will occur through the natural evolution of Democracy. History has proved this to be a lie. In the spirit of Fidel Castro, we should see this clearly.

Jill Stein is just another political bomb thrower trying to destroy our republican form of government and she should be seen as just that. Bernie Sanders is an old relic touting an old failed ideology. While this is apparent by the overwhelming evidence throughout the Democratic Socialist world and the history of failed socialist states, a new generation of Americans is being coaxed into believing the lie in order to usher in what is has been slowly erected over the last 100 years – an American Democracy.


Written by Chris Pilie

Freedom Loving American

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