Lanterns: Happy Earth Day, Vladimir


Happy Earth Day, Vladimir

The Dialectic of Desire: Global Warming - Part Two

Happy Earth Day, Vladimir...

by John Frost

Marxism is a broken mirror; imaged by a broken few

“We must pursue the removal of church property by any means necessary in order to secure for ourselves a fund of several hundred million gold rubles” --- Vladimir Lenin

Progress cannot occur without a place to occur. The Universe cannot expand, progress, or manifest without a void of potential to expand into. The Marxist intent is to create voids in our universe with the removal or denial of truth for Progress to expand into and become. The dialectic presupposes an antithesis, a denial of the truth that is processed in opposition to reality through which a "new" truth emerges... A new reality created through a crisis which “one can never let go to waste.” The removal of standards, values, laws, limitations or anything which is considered a statement of certainty, or order creates these necessary voids. To create, one must first create space to hold the substance of what is to be created… a space for creation understood as The Marxist or Leftist Narrative.

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                                                                   Beer Run

How did you celebrate Lenin's Birthday?

Me? I took a drive... Took some beer cans to the recycler and combined the profits from my investment in that time and endeavor toward actualizing a beer run to celebrate my thoughtful concern for the health of our planet. *cough*

No, I… my party of one was intent on celebrating the economic system which insists on the freedom of choice in order to function properly. Mine was going to be a celebration of capitalism; the free-market system that provides for our needs and wants, both the ends and the means necessary for us to obtain them. This happens simultaneously, naturally and free from coercion.

Empty beer cans are as hard to find as full ones outside the influence of a free market economy. Capitalism supplies beer cans filled with cheap and plentiful beer from all around the World in every method breweries have developed to help curb the taste demands of billions of thirsty individuals. Capitalism addresses this demand, partially through the procurement of cheap, processed, and readily available aluminum through providing incentive, that is; money for the minimal effort it takes to put something away somewhere and to hold it with intent toward collected, future value.  

The collateral damage of capitalism is a planet free of cans trashing up the landscape and the filling of empty pockets with cash money. This is automatic -- kind of like a vending machine in reverse. Free-market capitalism is self-sufficient, self-regulating, self-correcting and self-fulfilling.

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation” – V. Lenin

About the only thing that capitalism cannot provide -- what cannot be bought at any price is capitalism. Capitalism is freedom. It rises on its own in places where freedom is recognized and fails to be, where it is not. If you choose not to participate in a capitalist economy, you will find that there are no structures in place to limit your freedom of choice and you will find that you can, indeed freely go elsewhere and indulge yourself within any economy on Earth…

(This is important)
Provided they'll have you.

Your cultural upbringing recognizing your decision-making ability together with the certainty of your inability to leave that signature behind with your old ways will mark you as “undesirable” within structured, command economies which have gone to great lengths to mitigate just those all-too-human qualities and instinctual demands.

With that being said, capitalism is a long term condition. It takes time to entrench its ideals and set its limiting, and correcting properties at their proper positions. Attempting to coerce untrue demands beyond the economic conditions present lead only to furthered, false demands in other balanced and fully-functioning economic areas to try to compensate for the “corrective” imbalances forced into place.

"Democracy is indispensable to socialism" -- Vladimir Lenin

Capitalism answers to individual desires, not human desire.

It will not move one inch toward fulfilling unnatural demands placed on it. What you will get from tweaking the economic knobs of the free market will be the most unexpected of results in the most unexpected of places, and they will come, usually with a significant cost.

Shaking the Invisible Hand

“We would be deceiving both ourselves and the people if we concealed from the masses the necessity of a desperate, bloody war of extermination, as the immediate task of the coming revolutionary action.”
--- Vladimir Lenin    

I am still waiting on the migratory flood away from the evils of capitalism in seeking the wealth, personal satisfaction and brotherhood found in socialist-controlled, economies dotting other areas of our planet. And toward that, I think I will be waiting a long, long, long time before that migration occurs. If and or when it does, I expect we'll have the ability to hop atop the nearest pig and fly, at zero cost and at supersonic speed to the utopian vision of our choice. If you think bacon is good enough to support its price today, wait until your first taste of barbecued pig wings. Something which, I guarantee will arise out of capitalism just as soon as enough people decide that they, indeed, want them. They will appear… it's only natural. Human desire fulfills human desire, and it does so of its own accord.
[Update: Pig Wings It appears they already have emerged into being …]

The political Left… crashing through your glass ceilings and toppling your third-world governments… Ha, I scoff at you. We, on the Right, destroy entire planets…  
We find ourselves swamped in self-righteous, stupidity on a galactic scale. Fueled by the liberal mouth, we are warmed by pseudo-science and global idiocy, and have no recourse but to spell it out… They are Legion.

                                                          Happy Earth Day, Vladimir

Oh, by the way... Earth Day just happens to fall on Lenin's Birthday. Makes me wonder just what these Watermelons are celebrating...  

Part One - A Rising Climate of Idiocy

A Conservative Dialectic is a response from a "conservative" point of view that is also a play on the word. This in the manner that cutting loose with both barrels might not seem "conservative" at all.  Bear in mind, as with the Leftist Dialectic; “The Narrative,” I am free, also to presume facts, not in evidence with these undertakings. Other articles in this and the Dialectic of Desire series can be found here.


Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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