Lanterns: No, Tomi Lahren, you are not a Conservative.


No, Tomi Lahren, you are not a Conservative.

It was a calm morning in New York City. The air was cool and crisp. The streets began to flood with busy-body pedestrians on their way to work. Suddenly, there was a change in the air – a change so sudden that the entire country felt it all at once. People were rocked off their feet. Social media erupted in a frenzy to the news. It all stemmed from an enormous eruption between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West. It was…. An eruption of hot air from pseudo-conservative, Tomi Lahren.

Appearing on The View Friday morning, Tomi, known as a rising firebrand conservative commentator on social media and TheBlaze, decided to make all constitution-loving conservatives proud by explaining why she’s….. Pro-abortion?

Yes, that’s right, Conservatives and Constitutionalists.  According to Constitutional expert and millennial sage, Tomi Lahren, you’re not a consistent, constitutional conservative if you don’t support the killing of unborn children in the womb.

This is a stark, 180-degree contrast from her position just a few months ago when she, in typical loud-mouthed Tomi fashion, trashed pro-abortion activists.


Unfortunately, this stance from her is none too surprising to anyone who has paid attention to her in the past (and if you have, you have my sympathies). She’s well known for attacking Conservative ideals. During the 2016 election, she made clear her unusually obsessive disgust with the likes of Ted Cruz or anyone who would dare question or refused to fall in lockstep behind Donald Trump.

Before Trump, she proudly admitted she was a “Romney girl,” a guy not exactly known for taking the most conservative stances on important issues like healthcare, immigration, and so forth.

Be that as it may, we conservative libertarians try to be a big tent group who welcomes multiple points of view. The problem, however,  starts when people, like Lahren, claim to be Conservative, yet they take positions that contradict moral norms and principles that are the foundation of Conservatism.

While many are attacking her pro-abortion stance, the fact that she has become popular in conservative circles in the first place, and to the point where she can be on shows like The View to say such idiocy, says more about conservatives than it does about her.

A number of months ago, Tomi appeared on The Daily Show with the unfunny, inconsistent Trevor Noah. There, she was schooled for her many inconsistencies regarding things like Black Lives Matter, for example.

When asked whether she considers herself a conservative, she said: “I do. I mean I’m a millennial, so I don’t like labels.” A self-described millennial who doesn’t like labels sounds like a self-described millennial who apparently does like labels.

She then went on to talk about how uniting she wants to be towards people who respectfully disagree.  This is comical since a huge part of her schtick is constantly yelling at the camera on her show, calling people stupid, while throwing forth a barrage of insults towards those who disagree. That doesn’t sound very uniting.

The day after she appeared on Trevor Noah’s program, her co-worker, radio host and Conservative commentator, Doc Thompson laid out the many reasons why her arguments on the program were flawed (discussion begins around the 45-minute mark). He also spoke out about how unkind and unprofessional she is at times, including to her fellow co-workers.

More recently, however, he said on his program that she appeared to be making somewhat of an effort to grow. Perhaps that’s true. We do not know. What we do know is there is a consistent trend among conservatives to give credence to those who harbor many unconservative and inconsistent viewpoints.

We have to do a better job at deciding whom we listen to for opinion, news, and commentary. It’s one thing to disagree on a political issue. It’s quite another to take a position that’s antithetical to the principles of Conservatism, like Lahren did when she claimed she was pro-abortion.  

We have to get away from click-bait Conservatism and get back to Constitutional Conservatism.

One day, it’s Milo Yiannapolous. Another day, it’s Donald Trump. Another day, it’s Alex Jones. Another day, it’s Tomi Lahren. All seem to have received tremendous support, either in the past or the present, from Conservatives and Evangelicals; and yet their messages, tone, and rhetoric seem to fly in the face of some of our most dearly-held beliefs.

If we’re ever going to bring back the messages of limited government, personal responsibility, respect for human life, and respect for our fundamental rights as human beings, then we have to stop giving credibility and attention to those voices who support policies that contradict those beliefs.


Written by Oliver Stephenson

I love talking politics, culture, and entertainment. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars and talk radio.

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I endorse every word of this. She's been letting me down for some time. Before I excused it with youth. I'm done excusing it.

Love this, Oliver! The last sentence packs a wallop. This is exactly the problem--we are allowing Conservativism to be redefined by those who don't actually stand upon Conservative principles.

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