Lanterns: Global Warming: The Rising Climate of Idiocy


Global Warming: The Rising Climate of Idiocy

Marxism is a broken mirror, imaged by a broken few.


“Any serious social, political, and economic change must include veganism,” said Gary L. Francione, 
Distinguished Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy at Rutgers School of Law–Newark.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness,” we are told. A maxim based in scripture, this saying has been literally pounded into the soul of America. We feel a moral duty to our stewardship over the planet that God entrusted to our care. Sayings like these, however, tend to get a little out of hand, and have become a way for the U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency to exert control over private entities. 


Look at that … The river’s on fire! 

This strange and alarming phrase has, without a doubt been uttered a time or two here, in our latest American century. That is an undeniable fact and, although I have zero evidence to support the veracity of that claim, I will stand behind it. Somebody, I guarantee, has said those very words. That is because it happened and people will tend to notice the presence of burning water.
 As we know, the Earth has many climates. And these climates, do what they tend to do. They are a changin'.

<p>Despite accidents like the above, the U.S. has by far outspent the entirety of the rest of the world combined in cleaning up after our previous mistakes with regards to pollution, spills, and other environmental damage. Americans today insist on proper disposal and we have the clean air and drinking water to show for it. I would put our drinking water supplies up against all others on this planet.


Bring on the Olympics! We're already prepared.

Denying falsified or assumed computer-models is one thing, but denying the truth is a tenet of Leftist ideology. The Left’s false complexity is a mainstay of creation in the Marxist Narrative.

America would lead the world in clean electrical power if not for the fight the “Watermelon” Left has put up against nuclear power plants. Our coal plants are running as clean as any, as long as they’ve been allowed to remain in business. Our investment in natural gas-fired plants is also unmatched. Our solar and wind farms are in place and operating at peak efficiency within a mechanical context. Solar and wind have yet to provide the ability to pay for their implementation, but they are standing in contribution toward meeting our energy needs.

The Chinese Communists, on the other hand, had to shut the metropolis of Beijing down every other business day in an attempt to get air pollution levels down to a level in which a human athlete could function. This would be, in actuality, the lowest level possible with the time allotted (three weeks). After the Olympics had concluded in Beijing and the international guests rolled out and returned home, the Red, not green Chinese re-engaged with doing business, notching their industrial emissions and chemical releases right back up without a second glance.  I’m sure they kicked it up to the proper percentage to take up the slack.

Similarly, rivers throughout China are chemical sewers and flow freely to the ocean, feeding water-supply sources for millions upon millions of helplessly and hopelessly ignorant peasants along the way. Power plants are built and operated in the least expensive way possible without even a nod toward the acids that spew out their toxic maws. 

The same situation was found in Rio eight years forward and two hemispheres away. Predictably, “A zebra does not change its spots.” 
-- Al Gore

A Degree or Two of Political Science

Unlike China and Brazil, America has owned up and done its part. It did so at great cost to all involved to meet standards we instinctively knew were warranted. Americans paid that enormous price without hesitation. We are clean because we demanded it. The political Left ignores the hard sweat and money private enterprise put into environmental cleanliness. And politicians claim we now owe the rest of the world, by nature of our crimes, the means to tidy up and disinfect the entire globe.

Liberals, who have yet to lift one manicured hand in the performance of actual labor toward this task, tell us our work was for nothing, that without more of our time, more of our labor and trillions more of our dollar bills, their planet is going to fly off on some insane tangent and sail into the sun.

These same Liberals cannot hold a green gathering in a public space without fouling the ground they stand on to a depth of six inches. They expect those who own calloused, grimy and tired hands to come along behind their hypocrisy and shovel it out of their pen. These trash-talking dispensaries of phoniness ignore their surroundings and ignore the Leftist cesspools that are China and Brazil. They ignore the fiscal breaking point they've sucked into reality. They effortlessly and willfully ignore any source of honesty, decency, fairness and all corrective effort made toward our failings past and yet have the unmitigated gall to call us “climate deniers.”

To them, we’re backwoods troglodytes incapable of scientifically assessing the reality that engulfs our very being. We lie outside their programmed insanity and, in their minds, we endanger the lives of every plant, animal, and living organism in creation with our presence. But the reality is they have murdered upwards to two-hundred million air-breathing, water-drinking, and free-thinking individuals in their quest to clean up our beautiful planet. That is the only type of pollution that concerns them to this day.


Idiocy reading: Off the charts, extinction level and rising

We find ourselves swamped in self-righteous, stupidity on a galactic scale. Fueled by the liberal mouth, we are warmed by pseudo-science and global idiocy, and have no recourse but to spell it out … They are Legion.

Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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