Lanterns: ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Actress Blacklisted by Hollywood For Being Conservative


‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Actress Blacklisted by Hollywood For Being Conservative

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ actress recently opened about being completely shunned and cut off from the industry after coming out as a conservative.

The actress, Julienne Davis, wrote a piece for Fox News that described the problems she faced in film after she bravely told Hollywood producers that she identified as a conservative.

Before publicly proclaiming her values, though, Davis was asked to write for a libertarian political magazine, fully aware of the consequences she expected to face for outing herself as a Libertarian. She briefly wrote for the magazine, but it eventually closed. Davis was forced to make a difficult choice:

“Option 1: I could start apologizing to all my Hollywood liberal friends and associates who’d been shocked by my writing and tell them: “I didn’t really mean it … it was a paid gig and I was simply doing it for the work.”

“Option 2: I could have the courage of my convictions and continue down the conservative path.”

Davis courageously took option 2, and many of her friends and Hollywood peers shunned her for it.  However, it didn’t stop there; her best friend also cut contact with her.

“My “unfriendings” on social media have been many – from acquaintances and close working associates to good friends – including even my best friend. It is interesting to note that all of them just stopped calling and quietly “ghosted” me, and then later unfriended me.”

Davis actually ran into her “former good friend” at a film screening, and she confronted him about being blocked on Facebook, and he told her, “Oh, we’re still friends … I just couldn’t be your friend on Facebook.”

When she pressed him on it, he said: “I have a lot of important people on my page, and I can’t be seen to have those kinds of associations.”

However, Davis still has no plans to apologize to Hollywood.

“As for the others, I’m not going to back down and lie to get ahead. But I know that staying true to my conservative beliefs means they’ll steer clear of me so as not to be sullied with the association.”

And Davis will take her career into her own hands, searching for alternatives to get her work, despite the warnings by the industry to abandon her conservative values.

“As one very high-up industry (and closeted conservative) person said to me recently: “Get back in that closet if you want to get that film made.”

“Thanks for the tip, but there’s no going back,” Davis concluded.

Written by Christian Montoya

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