Lanterns: New Orleans: The Petri Dish of Revolution


New Orleans: The Petri Dish of Revolution

Don't be fooled America. Mitch Landrieu is posturing and testing the national waters for a possible POTUS run. The City of New Orleans has had four black mayors before him who never EVER addressed Confederate statues as symbols of oppression and systemic or institutional racism.

If not for Dylan Hood killing all the members of the Bible study group at the Charleston, South Carolina AME Church, in an attempt to start a “race riot,” one would not even know who Mitch Landrieu was. The confederate battlefield statues in LA would still be standing, and SC’s Confederate battlefield flag would still be flying.  The fact that Ol' Mitch is scorched earth thanks to his sister, the dishonorable former Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu, and that he is term limited as Mayor, he has nowhere else to run politically in LA.

This “Take ‘Em Down” group is a Marxist/Leninist led movement. Malcolm Suber, seen in the middle below, is an adjunct professor of Political Science at Southern University. He is an African-American activist, community organizer, and self-avowed Marxist/Leninist according to the New York Times. These are people who hate America, what it stands for, and what its principles are founded on. Malcolm, his group, and others like them are now forming around the country, and they will not stop until George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the American flag is taken down from any memorial or public memory.

The false assumption attributed to white guilt is killing smart people. Privilege talk is clouding judgment. The low expectations of free people are the ONLY bigotry that exists today. There is nothing systemic or institutional left today as racism goes. If there were, then simply point out the system, the institution, or the corporation that is practicing racism and we will make sure that they are shut down. 

There isn’t anyone on the political spectrum, barring a fringe group of lunatics on both the Left and the Right, that would not willingly come together to fight the actual examples of racism wherever it might be. And although there are poorly thinking people who hate others, their power and abilities are limited, usually by their ignorance and backward thinking about their fellow human beings.

The civil war was much more nuanced than just a “pro” vs. “anti” slavery argument. I wrote a book about black people who simply do not fit into the anti-American narrative and many of whom are my American heroes. If you read my book, EMANCIPATION CHRONICLES: PROFILES OF BLACK PATRIOTISM, you will learn about the black Founding Fathers; you will discover blacks who fought for the South willingly;  you will become enlightened to the real Civil Rights leaders of modernity who weren’t Marxists or Socialists or full blown Communists.

I am sick of hearing WOLF, WOLF only to have the calls ignored when a REAL wolf shows up. I am sick of my black brothers/sisters being murdered by senseless violence in inner city plantations run by liberal Democrats for last 30, 40, and 50 plus years. I am sick of little human geniuses and their untapped potentials being shop-vac'd out of their mother's wombs, who are disproportionately black. I am sick of the intentional market of abortive services, to the tune of 75% in some instances, in black and brown communities as the legacy of population control of society’s undesirables that continues today. I am sick of Democrats and their identity politics, enslaving black and brown people on Uncle Sam's plantation for their personal political power. I am sick of white liberals and black rednecks who think a handout is the same as a hand up.

You either support the principles on which this great nation was founded on, where men and women of all colors have bled and died for, or go somewhere that you believe gives you and others like you a better chance at living free, living full and living in a way that affords you the opportunity of happiness. Then again, if that was what people like you wanted, you would live gratefully here in America and stop intentionally trying to pit us against one another, sowing the seeds of discord and hoping for a revolution that ultimately takes down this great nation. Wake up America! Revolution is knocking.  Ignoring it,  and hoping it goes away will not make it so. Engage, educate, get ahead of this, and continue to grow, knowing that the future of our country depends on it.

Written by Trey Roberts

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Trey, I just found your article. Brilliant, sir!

Thanks Thomas. There's just a lack of clear thinking about so many emotional subjects and those most emotional seem to be disinterested in logic and solutions. Thanks again and please DO share the article. Trey

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