Lanterns: This Day in History - December 11


This Day in History - December 11

December 11


1620 – 103 Mayflower pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock

1688 – James II abdicates the throne due to William of Orange landing in England

1725 – American politician, George Mason is born

1777 – General Charles Cornwallis and his British troops surprise General George Washington and his Continental Army as they try crossing the Schuylkill River on their way to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

1792 – France’s King Louis XVI goes on trial for high treason and crimes against the state

1803 – French composer and conductor, Hector Berlioz is born

1815 – President James Madison presents a trade agreement to Congress that would regulate commerce between the US and Great Britain

1816 – Indiana becomes the 19th state

1843 – Physician and medical researcher, Robert Koch is born

1844 – Nitrous oxide was used for the first time in dentistry

1861 – A fire destroys the business district of Charleston, South Carolina

1862 – Union General Ambrose Burnside occupies Fredericksburg, preparing to attack Robert E. Lee’s Confederates

1863 – Union gunboats Restless, Bloomer, and Caroline enter St. Andrew’s Bay, Florida, bombarding Confederate saltworks and quarters

1872 – Buffalo Bill Cody makes his first stage appearance in the production of The Scouts of the Prairie

1882 – A production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe at Boston’s Bijou Theatre becomes the first theatre performance to be lit by incandescent electric lighting

1882 – Mayor of New York City, Fiorella H. La Guardia is born

1911 – Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian novelist, Naguib Mahfouz is born

1913 – The “Mona Lisa” is recovered, two years after it was stolen from the Louvre

1915 – Yuan Shih-kai accepts the title of emperor of China

1918 – Nobel Peace Prize-winning Russian writer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn is born

1918 – Slovenian poet and playwright, Ivan Cankar dies

1922 – Short story writer, Grace Paley is born

1926 – Blues singer, Willie “Big Mama” Thornton is born

1927 – President Calvin Coolidge receives a letter signed by nearly 400 world leaders, asking for the US to join the World Court

1930 – The Bank of the US closes due to an economic crisis

1931 – Statute of Westminster gives legislative independence to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, free state Ireland and Newfoundland

1933 – Reports say Paraguay has captured 11,000 Bolivians in the war over Chaco

1936 – Britain’s King Edward VIII voluntarily abdicates the throne in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson

1937 – Novelist and poet, Jim Harrison is born

1939 – Novelist and screenwriter, Tom McGuane is born

1939 – Social and political activist, author and politician, Tom Hayden is born

1940 – Actress Donna Mills is born

1941 – The US declares war on Italy and Germany & Germany declares war on the US

1943 – US Secretary of State Cordell Hull demands that Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania withdraw from the war

1943 – Politician John Kerry is born

1944 – Actress and dancer, Teri Garr is born

1944 – Singer Brenda Lee is born

1944 – Toronto, Canada is hit with the worst-ever snowfall, nearly 20 inches in a single day, killing 21 people

1945 – A Boeing B-29 Superfortress crosses the US in five hours and 27 minutes, shattering previous records

1946 – UNICEF is founded to provide relief and support to children living in war-devastated countries

1950 – Businesswoman who inherited the Onassis shipping business, Christina Onassis is born

1951 – Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement from baseball

1955 – Israel raids Syrian positions on the Sea of Galilee

1959 – American baseball player and sportscaster, Jim Bottomley dies

1961 – The first US helicopters arrive in South Vietnam

1962 – The New York City Board of Estimates voted against a plan for a $100 million elevated expressway across the bottom of Manhattan

1964 – Frank Sinatra, Jr. is returned after being kidnapped for ransom

1964 – Singer/songwriter Sam Cooke was found dead on a motel floor, shot three times in the chest by the motel’s manager, Bertha Franklin, who claimed that Cooke had threatened her life after attempting to rape a young woman whom he had checked in with

1967 – A joint British/French venture, the world’s first supersonic airliner, The Concorde, is unveiled in Toulouse, France

1967 – American comedian and actress, Mo’Nique is born

1969 – Moscow’s writer’s union declares that nudity, such as that in the play “Oh! Calcutta!” is a sign of “western decadence” and is infecting Russian youth

1969 – Indian chess player, Viswanathan Anand is born

1969 – Paratroopers from the US Third Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division depart Vietnam

1972 – The lunar lander for Apollo 17, Challenger, touches down on the moon’s surface, the last time that men visit the moon

1973 – American rapper and actor, Mos Def is born

1978 – Massive demonstrations take place in Tehran against the shah

1981 – Australian comedian, actor, and author, Hamish Blake is born

1981 – Military forces in El Salvador kill over 800 civilians in what is known as the El Mozote massacre during the Salvadoran Civil War

1981 – Trevor Berbick defeats former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in Nassau, the Bahamas

1994 – Thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks infiltrate the Russian republic of Chechnya, as ordered by Russian President Boris Yeltsin

1997 – English spy Eddie Chapman dies

1997 – In an attempt to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, the Kyoto Protocol is prepared for signature

1997 – Housing secretary Henry Cisneros is indicted for conspiracy, obstructing justice and false statements to the FBI, in regards to more than $250,000 in payments made to an ex-mistress, Linda Medlar

2001 – The People’s Republic of China joins the World Trade Organization

2005 – Riots begin in Cronulla, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

2006 – President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, launches a military offensive against drug cartel violence in the state of Michoacan

2008 – Bernard “Bernie” Madoff is arrested and charged with securities fraud in what is known as the $65 billion Ponzi scheme, one of the largest investment frauds in Wall Street history. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison by a judge who called his actions “extraordinary evil”

2008 – American actress and model Bettie Page dies


Written by Crystal McCann

Crystal is the Chief Operating Officer of Lanterns Media Network and the owner of Madisons Media. She lives in Texas with her husband and dogs and is the proud mother of two adult children.

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