Lanterns: Castro, Hero of the Left


Castro, Hero of the Left


How can one person know that another person is a monster that tortured, jailed, and killed political dissidents, yet still praise him? Such is the case with the passing of Fidel Castro of Cuba and the gushing kind words from the left in our country. However, I am here to tell you why they compliment him. But before I get to that, I wish to state a few facts. Nope, no “fake news” here.


President Carter's statement on Castro's passing fondly spoke of his meeting with the dictator. The words in President Obama’s statement was more carefully chosen, but had an air of praise and gave condolence to the people of Cuba - people who are most likely secretly celebrating and do not need condolences. 


From the same media that went to bat for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections by the most blatant cases of media bias there ever has been, we have heard similar statements of praise. From many young individuals who were too young to know the truth of this tyrannical dictator, we have also heard praise. Newspapers called Castro a spiritual beacon to the world as well as a George Washington. Chris Mathews even got tingly over Castro with fond words for the tyrant, paint Castro as a romantic figure/folk hero. Of Cuba's healthcare system, Andrea Mitchell gave much praise but failed to mentioned the system's atrocities.


The left wing media, the politicians, the young leftists all see Cuba as some sort of Utopia. They say insist that the Cuban people had nothing but love for their dictator. Oh, really? Any Cuban that dares to speak against the Castro regime faces likely prison time and, in some cases, torture or death. With this in mind, it is only natural that all Cubans say, “Oh I love Castro! He is such a great leader!”


The reason the Left praises Fidel Castro is truly simple. Left-wing politicians look up to Castro because, in many respects, it is his government that they would love to apply here in the USA. Elected Democrats only wish to take and take and take from us. They want complete control of us and see our being dependent on the government as a way to attain that control. They wish to lead us like cattle through the gates of Socialism. It is why President Obama admires such a man as Fidel Castro.


Yes, Cuba represents a liberal utopia to our Democrats ,even though Cuba is not liberal in the least. Our left-wing lunatic media and our young adults, indoctrinated by leftist professors, hear and say nothing but positive things about Cuba. They consider Cuba a largely successful communist country because they don't know otherwise. Forget that you can barely find a car made past 1959. Forget that Cuba's buildings, apart from the area in Havana visited by tourists and foreign dignitaries, are crumbling from neglect 


I was proud to see so many young people cheering Castro’s passing by waving American, and Cuban flags on the streets of Miami. I was proud to read Marco Rubio’s, Paul Ryan’s, Ted Cruz’s and President-elect Trump’s statements calling this man the monster is was. The Left will surely try to record a bit of "revisionist history" on everything from Obama’s presidency to even Fidel Castro being a great leader worthy of emulation. Thank God there are still older generations of Cubans that fled for freedom to the USA that can tell their tales, as horrific as they may be.


To the snowflakes that will be taught Castro was a great man?


Get out there and talk to those that lived in Castro's Cuba. Then go back to your professors and tell them the true history. Yes, you will get a failing grade, but you will have learned a more valuable lesson: That you are being lied to.

Written by Marty O'Sullivan

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