Lanterns: Should we Speak badly About Clergy?


Should we Speak badly About Clergy?


 A couple of days ago I was on Facebook looking at a friend’s timeline. I forgot what the subject of a particular post, was but I responded to it. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone came right at me. They were cussing and calling me a phony. That seemed interesting since that person doesn’t even know me. I asked the person why they were coming at me like that, but they didn’t really answer. They just kept cussing, calling me a phony, and saying things like “it’s good Jesus is down off of the cross so I can get on it.”

 Well, I AM a sinner, just like everyone else. I am not perfect, no one ever was except Jesus. I am currently trying to get involved in a Christian Ministry that helps the homeless get cleaned up and improve their lives. There’ s nothing phony about that. I am trying to better myself and help others. 

I got to wondering if I should even bother trying to explain myself and what I do for others. I decided not to. If I spent time doing that with everyone who is indifferent to clergy, I would never get anything done. A question does arise from all of this— should one speak badly about clergy?

My natural impulse, of course, is to say no. That is just me though. What does the Bible say about it? I am not the ultimate authority, God is, and his book has rules and guidelines, I found many more verses of the Bible than I expected about this topic. One verse is Numbers 12: 9-10 which talks about Miriam and Aaron speaking against Moses. It says how the Lord left them and Miriam got leprosy.  ll Kings 2: 22-23 speaks about people mocking Elisha and the fate they got. Numerous other verses speak about it; those were just some examples. Moreso than Judge not lest Ye be judged. 

So, is it wrong to speak bad against Clergy? I personally believe if the person has done wrong or bad, yes, but if the clergy is doing good and helping people and bringing the gospel and living the best they can in the way of God, no one should not speak badly about that. 

My Grandfather had a philosophy about when things like this happen. He would say, “God will take care of them.” These are great words to remember. It also took the burden of worrying about it off of me. So, if one wants to speak badly about me and say I am a phony and I can get on the cross now that Jesus vacated it, let them. God will take care of them, and I will pray for them.

God bless you

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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