Lanterns: Hawks Fall and Get Swept


Hawks Fall and Get Swept

The pain of last night was deep, to say the least. The number 1 seed, Chicago Blackhawks against the lowly 8th seed, Nashville Predators. I won't use the name I like to use for them. I'll keep it clean here. 

A total of three goals were scored in all four games. The last one came from Captain Jonathan Toews. The only other player that tried to get something going besides him, was Duncan Keith. He was superb as he continually kept pucks from going out of the zone, keeping the pressure on.

The only thing I can be positive about this is, it gives the Blackhawks a long summer to recuperate and reenergize the roster. Something needs to change. We will lose at least one player this year due to the Las Vegas Knights coming into existence ( which I am not happy about at all!). A lot of people think it will be Marcus Kruger or Scott Darling. I would be ok with them selecting Kruger in the draft, which will be happening during the NHL Awards Ceremony. Next, they should trade Scott Darling for a 2nd and a 3rd round draft pick. He is worth at least that much, if not more.

For right now, I would love to see an Edmonton Oiler and Toronto Maple Leaf in the Stanley Cup Final, even though that is HIGHLY unlikely. As long as Nashville or St. Louis isn't there, I will be happy! 

Written by Matthew Wood

Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to check out my entries. I enjoy learning about politics, I am an avid sports fan, and fitness guru.

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