Lanterns: The United States Is Not A Democracy


The United States Is Not A Democracy

I continue to hear government officials, media types, and other talking heads refer to the United States as a democracy. Our country is in no way a democracy. Anyone who refers to us as such has no credibility about what they are talking about. You might as well call a horse a chair, or a tree a blanket. Even after many people have been educated on this simple idea, it continues to consistently pop its head up.  

I recently saw a press conference with Congressman Steve Cohen. He was announcing the filing of charges of impeachment against Trump and said, "Taking this action because of our great concern about our country, our Constitution, our national security and our democracy." That is where everyone should tune him out.

During recent congressional hearings when Jeff Sessions was questioned about the Russian "connection," a Congressman asked him questions and referred to the United States as a democracy on multiple occasions. George Bush, in a recent speech about Donald Trump, mentioned that the United States was a democracy repeatedly throughout his speech. You can listen to most talking heads on TV who also repeat the mantra that the United States of America is a democracy or adhering to democratic principles. We might as well call our country a bingo parlor. That is just as accurate.

Why do these people continue to call us a democracy instead of a republic? Are they ignorant? Maybe. Do they have an agenda? More likely.  That agenda is repressing the idea of unalienable rights and the protections that a republic affords those who live in one.  That agenda is the continuing perversion of words and the chronic repression of what the founding ideals of this country are. The agenda of misinformation dealing regarding the Constitution and how our government disregards the law is also part of it. The bottom line is it is just another in a long line of falsehoods about why our country was founded and what ideals have made it great. This is often referred to generically as the "dumbing down of America".

A democracy is a horrible system to participate. A majority of the people (50% +1) decide what is legal and illegal. In a democracy, there are no unalienable rights. There are no restrictions on the government. There are no protections for any minority group. There are no property rights.

Democracy is mob rule. The passions of the people are the driving force of the nation.

There could be many laws on the books, but once 50%+1 decides differently, then the laws are changed. In a democracy, the people could decide that freckles are punishable by death and it would become law. The majority could decide that your property should be confiscated to be torn down to make a park. The passions of the people are law.

A republic vests the power to make changes in the laws to representatives picked by the people. The methods of choosing a representative in a republic are varied.  Our constitutional republic, which is the only true descriptor for the United States of America, involves the compact we call the Constitution of the United States of America which defines our federal governmental system and its interactions with the states. It is a document which delineates the size and power of government.

Our Constitution describes a nation that consists of sovereign entities we call states. These have delegated specifically enumerated powers to a federal government that they created. Three branches of government were established which serve as checks and balances to each other. Each has specific duties which are described by the document. Our federal government is one of the limited powers, not plenary, with the majority of power left to the states and to the people.  

The idea of unalienable rights referenced in the Bill of Rights is also included. Listed there are some of the rights which we the people possess and the government is required to recognize. We have the idea of more rights are available to the people and the ironclad statement in the 10th Amendment which states that if a power is not specifically delegated to the federal government then they do not possess it, but instead, it is left to the states or the people.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Is it any wonder why those in power today, or their bootlicking sycophants,  want to keep Americans ignorant to our status as a republic?

I am not going to beat this idea to death. But I will say- when you run across anyone who describes the United States of America as a democracy, be wary. Either they are ignorant of the truth or they are peddling snake oil. Neither one is worthy of your time. This idea of democracy existing in the United States needs to be expunged, and the truth of our roots as a republic embraced and understood by Americans once again. This is one step on the path back toward liberty and prosperity.

Join me at Constitutional Cappuccino to get plugged into a website that is all about the education Americans need to move our country back to its proper trajectory. My new book "Patriot Ammo: The Words Behind Our Flag" is also available and teaches of our founding documents and principles. The book would make a great Christmas present for anybody 16 and up.

Written by Frank Caprio

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This is a pet peeve of mine, as well! Great post!

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