Lanterns: The Mayor Daley Comparison


The Mayor Daley Comparison

There was a person I knew who was appalled by the comparison I made between them and Mayor Richard J. Daley. This person boasted that they had a thick skin, and people could say what they wanted to...."It's less time they complain about someone else."

Those that have either grown up in Chicago, visited Chicago, or read any news about Chicago know that Mayor Daley was an icon.

Mike Royko, an Iconic Chicago columnist, wrote a column Dec. 21, 1976 about Mayor Daley's sudden death stating, "he was this town at its best-- strong, hard-working, working feverishly, pushing, building, driven by ambitions so big they seemed Texas-boastful."

He also wrote, "He (Daley) was this city at its worst - arrogant, crude, conniving, ruthless, suspicious, intolerant. "

Additionally, he pointed out the legacy of Mayor Richard J. Daley of expressways, high-rises, and other public works projects such as parks, museums, and libraries among other things.

When I read Mike Royko's writings about Mayor Daley and how he attacked his policies and beliefs...I wondered how a man from the big city of Chicago could write for decades about a powerful political figure with such gusto and not be chased out of town. He wasn't found in a mine shaft, or cornfield, as was suggested, may happen to me. In fact, he was a Pulitzer Prize winning writer.

Mike Royko wrote a book called "Boss." It was described as the best book ever written about an American city. He put in print for the masses a bare-all account of Daley's cardinal sins, as well as his milestone achievements...a scathing work.

Politicians need to have a thick skin and answer questions from the public regarding policy without taking personal offense. Ignoring the Freedom of Information Act is breaking the law.  One must question why a politician would go to such lengths to make a false accusation or innuendo in a public forum to try to discredit a citizen of the town. These are actions of a bully, and people are fed up with this type of behavior from their elected officials. 

There are more questions than a bag of Chinese Fortune Cookies about what is going on here in this little town that may need attention by a higher power...such as the State Attorney, or a State Auditor.

People in this town ask righteously so in this case...what is being hidden?

What is this politician's legacy?   A run downtown, full of wonderful people.  Many make barely enough to cover their bills but are issued property appearance code citations which they have no way of paying. 

The powers that be ignore the backbone of the economy here. The dilapidated downtown area needs a major aesthetic renewal to entice new business, tourism, and jobs. The appearance of the plan of the town seems to be, liquor establishments, low-income dwellers and a Hail Mary for another bar.

This is a town full of historic buildings, potentially to be put on the State or National Registry. This is a town rich in historical value, with beautiful landscape.  This is a town where potential investors can purchase properties at ridiculously deflated prices, and bring to fruition the potential the town awaits and which lifelong residents deserve.

This person is right about one thing...there is no comparison between them and the Great Mayor Richard J. Daley.

It is insulting to the latter. 


Written by David abluepelican Lasaine

Imaginative, reflective, try to be humorous and attempt to be deep in my writing to invoke feelings with topics other than politics.

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