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Loving a Bulldozer

Cassie is on the way to the Veterinarian to have her staples removed, and I must say, I couldn't be more relieved! She needed the surgery to remove a benign tumor; it was sticking out of her side like a big ole' baseball. We were horrified when we picked her up at the veterinary office after the procedure. Our poor girl was sliced from top to bottom on one side, and on her belly, there was another wound about six inches long.

We've been fortunate. In all the years of having dogs, cats, and various smaller friends, this was our first experience with an Elizabethan Collar. Pitiful! The poor girl couldn't figure out why she was getting stuck on her way up the steps, or going through spaces that normally accommodated her. The first few days were the worst as she tried to negotiate eating and drinking, not to mention getting around. 

The collar wasn't just a problem for Cassie, it was a weapon of mass destruction, particularly on our legs. As she became more accustomed to it, she realized she could barrel through tight spaces and the collar would give, allowing her to go where she wanted, when she wanted. She became a really cute and adorable battering ram. We, and her fellow comrades in fur, had become collateral damage. It wasn't long before we went from feeling sorry for her, to feeling sorry for ourselves, counting the days until today, when she would be separated from this torturous device.

Our other dog, and two cats, will welcome the reprieve. They've been assaulted repeatedly by the offending collar. Please understand, Cassie has a heart of pure love for all creatures, and some curious inanimate objects, so she's been dumbfounded by the hissing, growling, barking, and gasping which seems, of late, to accompany her every move. She's not necessarily the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but she's unsurpassed in her sweet disposition.

We were sincerely surprised by Cassie's regenerative ability, compared to a similar operation on a human. She was out of surgery only 24 hours before she was trying to jump on the sofa. Obstacles were set up, not wanting any complications. She came through her ordeal flawlessly, and we're excited to be getting her back as good as new. Now our bruised and scraped legs can start healing as well. Hallelujah.

Written by Julie Custer

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Sweet sweet bulldozer...

Thanks Josie! She gets away with a lot because she's so darn cute!

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