Lanterns: Dangerously Close: Push for LGBTQ Rights Becoming Infringement of Liberty


Dangerously Close: Push for LGBTQ Rights Becoming Infringement of Liberty

As many are aware of, June is"Gay Pride Month," a 30-day celebration of sexual diversity and LGBTQ rights. While this is nothing new, the degree to which this year's Pride Month has been celebrated is unprecedented, furthering the inevitability that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people have been more and more widely accepted by the public.

Even so, social justice warriors on the left are far from satisfied. They want more intervention from the government, and an administration proud of their country's deteriorating morals and values. 

In fact, one of the latest complaints by radical leftists has been that the Trump administration hasn't formally recognized this month's theme of gay pride. While the President, himself, has proclaimed June as "Great Outdoors Month," "National Caribbean-American Heritage Month," "African-American Music Appreciation Month,","National Ocean Month," and "National Home Ownership Month," he hasn't made any sort of endorsement for the homosexual/bisexual/transgender movement. 

Yes, they have been far from warriors for the gay movement. However, let's face it, the Trump administration hasn't exactly done anything for religious liberty when it comes to this either. This administration hasn't defended anyone's right to oppose LGBTQ "rights," and they haven't even touched on the subject. All the left has to slander them is their inaction or their reputation of being naturally opposed to it. 

There is resistance to the movement, of course, as many conservatives still oppose the 2013 decision to legalize same-sex marriage. In Obergefell vs. Hodges, unions between two individuals of the same gender were legally recognized and placed on the same level from a legal point of view as traditional marriage. 

Unfortunately, opposition to this, while clearly existent, is mostly silent. The mainstream media, academia, and pop culture have each played a significant role in the silencing of views which promote the sanctity of traditional marriage. 

The mainstream liberal media consistently reports gay pride events while raising concerns over the current administration's silence on the topic. 

But even more so than ever, the education system and pop culture have been influential in the widespread efforts to normalize these unnatural relationships in our society.  Schools now teach American youth the concept of gender identity and the "third gender," while teaching acceptance of all different forms of "parents," even ones of the same gender. 

While the horrible confusion brought about by this is bad enough, what's worse is the message of tolerance which contradicts the idea of having multiple viewpoints in a classroom setting. Likewise, on college campuses, LGBTQ rallies are common, while religious clubs are scorned for their alternate beliefs and intimidated to adjust to the changing times and accept behavior which clearly goes against a foundation of their culture. 

Pop culture is influential as well.  Numerous celebrities and organizations are seizing the opportunity and using it to normalize homosexuality. The official Twitter accounts of the San Francisco Giants baseball team and T-Mobile diffused gay pride rainbows into their profile pictures for portions of the month of June. 

All of this may be comparable to the gay pride rainbow projected onto the White House in June of 2015, but most would agree that the intensity of the effort to normalize homosexuality has increased. 

There's proof in the numbers that all of this has been effective as well. According to Pew Research, public approval for same-sex marriage has increased by 7% between 2016 and 2017--  the largest increase in United States history. Likewise, opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriage has decreased by 5% in the same time period-- also the largest drop in history. 

Now, 62% of Americans condone homosexuality, while 32% oppose it. A healthy majority indeed. 

Certainly, the media, the education system, and American pop culture are responsible for these rapid changes. Times such as June's "gay pride month" are excuses to further intensify attacks on the movement's opposition, and to "celebrate" the "rights" that these individuals feel they have. 

There are solutions for pro-marriage conservatives who wish to slow down this runaway train of public indoctrination. Getting the federal government out of education would be a good start. Continuing to push the narrative that the mainstream media is indeed the enemy of the people due to their dishonesty and left-slanted agenda would also be beneficial. 

However, at this point, changing minds on something so deeply ingrained into society may be an unreasonable objective. That is precisely why conservatives must be careful not to surrender any of their rights to speak out against homosexuality or act in a way which condemns it. 

The left is getting what they want as far as legalizing same-sex marriage, and gaining widespread support for it. But to think that they would stop there would be naive. Next, they're going for the inalienable rights of Americans, protected by the Constitution, but so often neglected by the government, as well as the public. 

As of now, most U.S. voters defend a baker's right to refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding. But that's what they're after next, and they won't be content until opposition to the LGBTQ movement is as condemned in our society as racism. 

Call it stopping the bleeding, giving in, or whatever. And yes, it may still be early to concede public opinion regarding homosexuality. But where conservatives and Constitutionalists must be careful is when their rights are at stake.

Gay people around us who are "getting married" is one thing, and not a pleasant thing. But the government forcing us to show support for their behavior is another. Silence is no longer an option. It's time to stand up and defend our rights. This is our only option since this has gone far enough and is dangerously close to disaster. 

Written by Jonathan Goehring

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