Lanterns: Deep Fakes... The Next Evolution In Propaganda?


Deep Fakes... The Next Evolution In Propaganda?


Imagine with me if you will ,that a video was mainlined into social media that showed President Trump declaring war on North Korea. The MSM picks the video up and runs with it spreading it like a wild fire. The results are immediate and horrific as NK launches nuclear weapons in response to the threat killing hundreds of thousands. We respond by wiping NK from the face of the earth with our nuclear weapons killing millions. China launches, Russia Launches, everyone launches and the earth burns, billions die, as the world devolves into a state of anarchy as society collapses. The effects would be global, it would be apocalyptic.

And then it is learned that the video was a fake, a "Deep Fake" to be specific, made by an average everyday Jane or Joe with an axe to grind on their laptop computer.

Think that's impossible? Watch the video below that is a known fake involving President Trump.

That's minor editing as the video only shows how easily the context of a video can be completely changed and the way that it is filmed, the audio can easily be dubbed to change what is being said as well.

Now watch this video of what was done with an image of former president Barrack Obama to see just how scary this new technology really is. Think about the possibilities from a good vs evil perspective.

Now I don't care what side of the great American divide you stand on, this should literally scare the crap of you!

But for many, it has already been completely normalized by fun apps like Face Swap as well as many of our favorite movies. It used to be that big Hollywood producers were the only people who could afford this technology, but that has changed.

The first industry that seems to have latched onto it was the porn industry around 2016-2017 using the software to superimpose celebrity faces onto porn actors. It involves both video and still photographs that can be found pretty much everywhere. Many sites like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter are banning the websites that do this but how can one really ban or even regulate something that can look so real it even fools the experts.

Now days pretty much any one who has the free software like FakeApp  can create video that may not fool everyone but as we know that all comes down to a numbers game. Its far more important how many people do believe than how many don't.

Its basically Crowdsourcing outrage and as we have seen this is a highly effective strategy. Whether the information is factual or not is secondary to what kind of reaction the media source thinks they can incite within the population. Do the damage and deal with the consequences later.

That would after all be the only reason to use this technology for the purposes of political propaganda. We already know for a fact that some mainstream media sources manipulate peoples words to change their context, its a fact. Just imagine if they could simply sit down and make say our President appear to say whatever they want him to. The following video shows just how easily they could do it. 

The technology itself is quite amazing and the primary reason for its development is benign in and of itself. Its how it can be used that brings us to the verge of not even being able to believe what we see with our own eyes, what we hear with our own ears

That being said I think we really have to ask ourselves, have they already been doing this, and if so for how long?

People are already showing concern for how this technology can be used including U.S. lawmakers like Marco Rubio, as shown in the following video that also briefly explains the technology itself.

There is no way in hell that those who already peddle fake news and disinformation are going to pass up a tool like this, to ever believe that they would is beyond naïve. 

And I know, while you are paying attention to the video and looking for it, you can see the signs. But honestly think about how often you really pay that much attention to what you are watching.

As I said earlier, this is not a right left issue, or even an American issue, its a global issue that we all need to be paying attention to big time. People are scrambling around worrying about this and that tiny issue while our very ability to trust ANYTHING we see or hear even in video is being threatened. 

Fake video has always been pretty easy to spot even for an average person. So researchers have always been able to rely heavily on that format for evidence of what people have said in the past, as opposed to what they are saying now. Video is like the holy grail for catching politicians and others of the elite in the lies that they tell. That could all be changing, in a world where every video we see is suspect and it becomes a matter of routine to test its authenticity.

The problem is that the technology to test the video's authenticity is still in its infancy while the AI (artificial intelligence) behind machine learning and video manipulation moves forward by leaps and bounds. As we have already seen fake news and disinformation can cause a great deal of damage before it is exposed, and some people will still believe it even after it has been exposed as a lie. That is the great Marxist "group think" in action, collectivism at its corrupt core.

Am I simply being an alarmist... reading to much into this tinged with a tad of my own paranoia? Honestly, I really hope that I am, because the implications of how this technology could be used, and the possible outcomes of that happening in our tinderbox world  are terrifying to say the least, or at least they should be.

Step Away From The Noise.


When ones beliefs become controlled more by technology than by natural thought, the last vestige of humanity falls away. The drone emerges from the rubble and is quietly led away into the depths of the hive that is collectivism.




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Written by C H Coutts

I seek the truth, no matter where it may lead me.

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