Lanterns: Is Pro-life Enough, America?


Is Pro-life Enough, America?

I joined (remotely) hundreds of thousands of Americans in the 2018 March for Life in Washington DC on the 45th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade. I eagerly awaited the live-stream from President Trump from the Rose Garden where he stood surrounded by many of the pro-life heroes that I daily share on my blog, EmpowerShop ProLife. The excitement was high as we realized that the voices for the voiceless now include the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, and even, President Trump, "the 'most pro-life president in American history" according to VP Pence in his moving introduction. When it was over, however, I was left with this question: Is pro-life enough, America? Notice that the question isn't "Is America pro-life enough?" We are more pro-life than we've been in 45 years, apparently. We've been hailed as the pro-life generation!

I've shared in previous articles that I'm grieved by the disparity between those calling themselves abolitionists and the rest of us (pro-lifers). The abolitionists are very negative in my opinion. They seem to be more vocal against pro-lifers than abortion if you can imagine. I don't think that I really got it until I listened to President Trump's speech. Here are the video and transcript for you in case you missed it. (Don't worry about the verbal slip that the rest of the press seems to want to focus on.)

As you all know Roe versus Wade has resulted in some of the most permissive abortion laws anywhere in the world. For example, in the United States, it’s one of only seven countries to allow elective late-term abortions along with China North Korea and others. Right now, in a number of States, the laws allow a baby to be born [sic, aborted] from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month.

It is wrong. It has to change.

I agree, Mr. President, and this the root my chagrin, today. We (pro-lifers) are making great strides in passing all types of pro-life bills, policies, rhetoric, etc. Here are a few of our successes to date from the transcript:

And during my first week in office, I reinstated a policy first put in place by Pres. Ronald Ragan, the Mexico City Policy.

I strongly supported the House of Representatives’ pain-capable bill, which would end painful late-term abortions nationwide. And I call upon the Senate to pass this important law and send it to my desk for signing.

On the National Day of Prayer, I signed an executive order to protect religious liberty. [I’m] very proud of that. Today, I’m announcing that we’ve just issued a new proposal to protect conscience rights and religious freedoms of doctors, nurses, and other medical professions. So important.

I have also just reversed the previous administration’s policy that restricted state efforts to direct Medicaid funding away from abortion facilities that violate the law.

Everybody clapped and shouted Amen! We cheered at his next line:

Americans are more and more pro-life. You see that all the time. In fact, only 12% of Americans support abortion on demand at any time.

Did we really hear that last part (... on demand at any time) and let it sink in? The statistics are praising pro-lifers! But, abolitionists are shaking their heads in disbelief. Take the pain-capable bill as a case in point. We're about to enthusiastically pass legislation that stops abortion after 20 weeks because of the evidence of a baby feeling excruciating pain right before they die (or survive). Consider the Melissa Ohden Story: (Updated 9/13/19)


Melissa survived an abortion and she isn't the only person to do so. Actually, she's one of the few to receive medical attention and live to tell her story! What pro-lifers forget is that she was human before she was born! She may not remember the actual abortion, but the evidence is paramount. It is not acceptable to kill humans on demand at any time... EVER! There should not be any qualification for that!

So, on the morning after the March for Life 2018, I'm repenting of not doing enough to end this horrific holocaust. Pro-life generation, we are the majority both politically and spiritually. Our government and our God are calling us to stand up and do something about it! It’s time to acknowledge the Sanctity of Life! It is not enough to be pro-life. We MUST abort abortion from America!

Written by Christine Hammett

Chris Hammett is a contributing writer for the Common Sense Constitutional Conservatives Media Group.

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