Lanterns: What REALLY is to blame?


What REALLY is to blame?

 In this world of blame the wrong thing, I would like to bring the right thing to blame. We see a lot of mass shootings and everyone blames the gun used. If we look into most of them, we will probably learn that the shooters were either on some kind of anti depressant or was rejected by others or both. Remember the March for our Lives that was brought on by the Stoneman Douglas shooting? One of the main students in the march admitted to bullying the shooter previously. She admitted it. Instead of apologizing for it, she blames the weapon used during the rampage and not the bully, who by the way was her. 

 How about Elliot Rodgers who killed six people. He was twenty-two years old when he killed his roommates and continued to the UCSB campus to kill more. The roommates he stabbed and he shot the other three. He also used his car to hit others. Why would he do something like this? According to a video he posted the day before, he was rejected by women and others thought he was a reject. Did anyone blame a knife he used? I wonder. The day of this posting, a man killed ten people but, he killed them using a van, not a gun. How about the Aurora movie theatre shooting? He did use a gun but, the shooter had been seeing a psychiatrist who said he was basically crazy. Yet, the gun he used was blamed for the incident. 

 What is really to blame for all of this? I strongly believe the evidence shows it is a few things. One thing is mental illness. That is often overlooked or just ignored. Some people actually ask for help only to not be helped and sometimes they go on a killing spree. Second, Prozac and other supposed anti-depressants. Those drugs will alter your thoughts. I don’t agree they are anti-depressants as they seem to make you more depressed. Three; being bullied and or rejected by others. People making you feel worthless and ignoring you. They call you names or don’t talk to you because they feel you aren’t worth their time. A lot of people begin to believe they are worthless and might take drastic measures because of it. Afterall, what does someone who feels worthless and not worth anyone else's’ time have to lose, right?

 I won't even go too far into the immoral society we live in these days where God is taken out of the schools and even to some degree, Churches. A society where some try to actually play God by thinking they can actually change the gender they were born with, they really can’t though. 

 It is time for the mainstream media and others to stop pushing the false narratives of the gun being to blame when it is actually a tool used by someone who has been bullied, rejected over and over, someone taking antidepressants or who has a mental illness. The gun is the tool used by a person mentioned above after the cause of the problem, the actual blame has set in. Until this is focused on sharply and we start recognizing those things are the problem and are to blame, these shootings will continue to happen. As more and more antidepressants are given, more and more mass shootings and other killings will happen and possibly increase. We need to blame the real problem and take care of it instead of going right to the skapegoat of guns being the problem. 

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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