Lanterns: Coming Soon-- Off Grid Survival School


Coming Soon-- Off Grid Survival School

While people have prepared by stocking up on valuable resources like food, water, and other essential resources, many have never taken the time out to learn how to build a fire without matches or filter water for drinking.  These skill sets are important to learn.  You don't want to find yourself at a disadvantage because you've overlooked learning these essential skills.  

There are four skills that everyone who is thinking of how to prepare for an off grid or SHTF event needs to be able to perform.  They are food, water, fire, and security.   These make up every survival situation that can be thrown at you and your family.  

First, while you may have food stored up, it is important to learn how to get more whether it's scavenging or hunting/trapping, or even growing your own food.  It's important to have a plan B to take care of yourself and your family if your plan A fails.  

It's important to prepare for any scenario.  For example, what happens if your home is broken into and a good amount of your food is taken by intruders during an SHTF event?  Hunting and gardening are harder than most people think. Growing a garden in an off grid situation is harder than you think.  For starters, how are you going to water your garden when it needs it during the dry season of the year.  You just can’t turn on the hose and water it.  Or how are you going to deal with pest without the use of pesticides, and don’t forget about fertilizer either.  

The next is water. Water is very important to all life, without you will die in three days from dehydration.  There are two types of water that are needed for survival.  They are useable clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing and usable water for sanitation and washing clothing.  First, the useable water needs to be clean from both debris and must be treated or filtered from dangerous microbes.  

For the other type of water, a simple filter to clean all the particles out will work, like a cloth with sand in it. Both types of water are needed and learning how to obtain both types during an off grid situation will be a great advantage to you.

The third skill is building a fire.  Making a fire is a skill that is slowly dying from our culture, and many people these days have not even started a fire before.  Most only have experience with the backyard grill or barbecue.  Many people have not started a fire with means other than a match or lighter.  Starting a fire with a striker or some other means is a skill that can be learned in one afternoon, and it is hard at first, but practice will make it easier.  

Finally, it's important to plan for your security, and I am not just talking about having a weapon to defend yourself.  I am talking about a shelter and having the ability to build and repair that shelter.  Also having that shelter in the right location as a stronghold and hardening it against intruders is imperative.  Many people don’t know how to build and camouflage their shelters in a survival situation.  Knowing how to build a good sturdy shelter that will hold up to the weather is a valuable skill.

These are the four fundamental skills that every person who reads this article needs to learn and practice. So how are you going to learn how to do these skills you are asking?  I am going to show you how you can learn to do these skills in your very own backyard.  I will show how and then you can practice these skills to become proficient and pass them along to your loved ones. Each week I am going to focus on the four skills you need to know by writing an article over each one and also a video of my own on Youtube, it will be a kind of off-grid internet course.   Just visit my Youtube Channel at the following web address and click on the off grid playlist, and Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you will get email notifications when I upload new content.

Curt Andrews

The Second Amendment Advocate and Avid Cyclist 

The following link is to my Youtube Channel, please watch and subscribe to it, thank you.

Written by Curt Andrews

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