Lanterns: Discover and Recover the American Spirit


Discover and Recover the American Spirit

Something happened just over 240 years ago that has never happened anywhere, anytime in world history.  Inspired after living under the oppression of Monarchies, our country's founders witnessed the failure to thrive and prosper as equals and proved the un-sustainability of true freedom and individual independence. The Constitution was created, and we were United for Freedom.

The story of America is the GREATEST political story of freedom in THIS entire world. This freedom was dreamed of, and the hope it created during grave times gave birth to America. Fueled by the fire of the dream of freedom and opportunity, People left Europe and came to America. This dream is what still brings people to America from every corner of the world. This is why America is so special.

The Founders of our country came together and created the Declaration of Independence. This gave the people of America a voice.  This was when we became, “We The People.” The Constitution was designed to enable and empower the Declaration of Independence.  Most people have not even read these documents, let alone know what it means for them as individuals. The smallest minority is the individual. This is where we begin!

A majority of our natural citizens cannot pass the civics test that is required for new citizens. This is more than an embarrassment; this is frightening. It is one of the several reasons, why America has been struggling. Since Civics is no longer a federally required subject and has not been since the 1960’s, it is not included in standardized testing, so many schools dropped the class from their curriculum, and we can see the results. 

We have all these college kids who are easily manipulated with half-truths and blatant lies by people in positions of power, authority, and influence. They haven’t been taught about the Constitution and how it works. They are ripe for the pickin’. Their educational process has been co-opted by the personal political agendas of their professors. They are not being taught critical thinking, or just how to think for themselves. They just regurgitate information. They have been sold a bill of goods that can’t hold water legally or logically. 

Just this weekend a group of Anti-Sharia Patriots went to legally protest, and “ANTIFA” kids arrived, yelling and screaming. When finally confronted and asked why they were there, they did not even know. They were just told to go protest against this group. When pressed to give a response, they said the were against Sharia Law. It was an interesting video to watch as the slow realization emerged on their faces that they were on the same side. 

America has generations who have never learned about our government or Constitution. There are many things being taught, and unfortunately, the core of America’s belief in true freedom is not one of them. Our citizens are not intellectually equipped to protect it.  With this freedom, we can choose our future, our faith, our jobs, our income, and where we want to live. This isn’t the same the world over.

Maggie Dine, co-founder of The Founding Project said, “Some never learned about our Constitution. Some have forgotten. Some studied a slanted version of a government class that left out crucial information… That there are many others, who need to learn or relearn or just be reminded.”  Which one are you?

THE FOUNDING PROJECT is a 501 (c) (3) education non-profit group. By law, they are non-partisan in their efforts. They are dedicated solely to civics-related education. This group is run entirely by volunteers. Their goal is simple: Take civics to the citizen!

By using social media to engage, teach, and share, “The Founding Project has developed an educational meme series, and a civics video series called, “Civics For All Ages.” Their web page will be launched this summer. However, the course is available now. 

Maggie Dine spoke with me about a solution to an important American core issue. She explained that there are many people who can no longer define real freedom. “We have lost unity around real freedom and have replaced it with a ranting echo chamber, demanding Rights and to be heard…but not knowing what much of that really means.” 

Her response to this was to create a project that takes the Civics class to the people. I began taking the course and found it to be to the point, interesting, and user-friendly. I feel better equipped, and I am hungry for more knowledge. I immediately phoned a few friends and sent links. It was that easy! The interesting thing is my friends, and I are talking about the Constitution. 

This is what The Founding Project wanted. One of their mottos is “It only takes ONE person to start a movement. You can BE THE ONE.” They also know that it takes more than just them. They can’t do it alone. They want citizens to partner and help to take “Civics to Citizens.” It worked with me, and I've trained myself to share what I like on social media.

Maggie Dine and her gifted team, want to help us discover and recover the Spirit of America. It’s that simple. When she speaks of America and her hopes for it, I cannot help but connect to my hope. Dine says that ”Americans have always possessed a spirit of grit that has told them to solve problems, fix things, remedy situations. It is that individual ruggedness and American Spirit that has triumphed in so many situations.” 

She reminded me of another time in history when men and women came home from WW2, and their stories of valor and courage were connected profoundly to holding fast to the American Dream. They taught people around them with their stories. I remember when my Grandfather spoke of why he kept climbing back into a plane to fight, and why he chose to battle even if it meant death. He said, “Freedom could not be lost.” 

It's important that we listen to those who have experienced firsthand the battle for freedom-- our elders, grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and friends, any who have fought for our Freedom.  What do they say? 

Patriotism will grow and flourish because our history and sense of who we are as FREE Americans will grow with better understanding. We are at a time when we have to pull together as Americans. The Founders came from all backgrounds of faith and belief. They designed America so that we could be together, united in freedom. 

Those who want to take America apart and change her want to take away our freedom.  We can not let this happen. We are Americans, and The Constitution is an umbrella for us all. 

With the most recent calculated and targeted shooting attack upon the Republican congressmen and their staff, there is a plea for all people to rise up beyond themselves and stand together as Americans. 

The Founders made way for all of our differences. We can unite thru this. The principles they applied, light the way for us, even now. The next step in the healing of America is listening and learning about what our Country offers us. The Founding Project is equipped to support this growing process, by providing non-partisan teaching about the Documents that are ground zero for who we are as Americans.

With your help sharing THE FOUNDING PROJECT, Americans can learn about who we are! This group is dedicated to teaching Civics, Constitution, and The Founding Principles. Imagine if 1000 Patriots each shared Civics to 10 friends, we could create 10,000 NEW PATRIOTS! 

America is an exceptional nation because we are exceptional people. We are special because our country is about OUR individual rights and freedoms. There is NO country in the world like us in this way.  We're special because of our core values,  and we can strengthen that core through understanding and utilizing the Constitution. As long as we protect and preserve our Constitution, freedom will remain and Americans will flourish.

One thing I learned from the course was that the Founders did not agree on many things, but they united for freedom. This truth remains the same for us now.

Like today, times were very contentious. The year was 1787. The discussions of the Constitutional Convention were held in private at Independence Hall. The people were anxiously awaiting the outcome. Imagine…If you consider the angst you experienced during the 2016 election, what do you think it was like to know that there were men debating and deciding the complete future of this great land and the peoples’ lives, liberties, and pursuits of happiness. It reminds me of the story of a woman named Mrs. Powell from Philadelphia, who stopped Benjamin Franklin as he was leaving the hall, and asked,” Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?  Franklin replied, “a republic if you can keep it.” It's time for us all to unite once again and preserve the freedom our founders fought so bravely for in the Constitution.

I understand what he meant now. It is up to us. 

It is, indeed, up to us.  

Join me in fighting to preserve it.  Please like and share The Founding Project with your family, friends, and fellow patriots today!


THE FOUNDING PROJECT is an education nonprofit dedicated to the Founding Principles, The U.S. Constitution and Civics and delivering education on those and related topics to everyday citizens to restore freedom, unity, understanding and our Constitutional Republic.


Check out one of their videos now!

How to get involved:

  1. Go to their TFP (The Founding Project) page and “Like their page on Facebook
  2. Watch the New Civics Video Series
  3. Watch for the New TFP WEBSITE coming out soon!
  4. Make a list of ten people and start sharing!
  5. Share their info with 10 people
  6. Volunteer for their Social Media Team
  7. Be part of the solution.

Please reach out to them at or on Facebook


Written by Josie Jackson

Holistic Practitioner who loves the Constitution! I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release (trauma care & PTSD), Aromatherapy, Herbology & Food is Medicine! Tell me about your journey as a patriot! My show is about YOU!

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Awesome article, as usual Josie. Thanks for turning me on to the Founding Project. Is it a possibility to have this group petition schools to put the Civics back into the curriculum?

Great piece, but GREAT CONTENT! I'm excited about The Founding Project! Very, very cool! Thanks, Josie! I'm definitely sharing with friends and family.

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