Lanterns: A Patriot's Journey: Is this a fair fight?


A Patriot's Journey: Is this a fair fight?

The difference between a civilized society and an uncivilized society is showing itself today. It’s actually very interesting! John McCain has brain cancer and the responses are so polarized. Our society is showing markers that aren’t telling a very good story. It is an old story about the battles of fighters and warriors. The idea of a fair fight is held sacred by “real” warriors. To be petty and nasty is considered like an undisciplined dog that barks at every person walking by. In dog circles, it’s considered bad form and very weak. Said dog, is usually very low in the hierarchy. Strong, healthy-minded dogs acknowledge another dog but unless provoked, he just sniffs the air and moves along.

Many soldier/warriors believe that an honorable death is important. There are many mythologies that support this. The idea to take advantage while someone is weak is not considered noble. An easy punch below the belt is not a fair fight.

An unfair fight is not something to brag about posting online with a haughty, pride-filled attitude. Where has this sense of the noble gone? I believe it’s just not taught. Unless you are privileged enough to know a true warrior and or study under someone who teaches some form of hand to hand combat, this is where there is some theory, as well as heart and soul shared as well.

Most are just dirty fighters. There is some new fashioned glory in this type of fight. This has been promoted of late. Just listen and watch how SJW fight in the street and how we respond. War is war, but the tactics that are being implemented now and called war are a sad attempt to elevate meaning to an undisciplined fighter. News flash— this does not make you a warrior, not really. 

While I see the varied responses by people who have the misguided guts to poke at a writhing animal after being shot, even if it ate your chickens, I can’t help but remember one time when I was completely in the wrong as a young woman, and I was asked by an elder if I cared enough about myself to take instruction? Could I receive the notion that, not only was I wrong, but that I was using great ego while doing so? Yes, this shut me up … I nodded and then requested them to knock me down a few pegs… I needed my butt whooped.

This is a great moment to do an experiment. When you hold bitterness and vitriol at another person when something horrible occurs and they experience extreme misfortune, how does your body feel? What other thoughts come forward?

I have already seen such gross unkindness that I feel I am in the middle of an ANTIFA camp. Hey, let me insert that I do not respect this man’s political choices. However, leaning into the belief that this is something to snicker at or make jokes about “Karma, is a bitch” is several steps below bad form. I believe it shows the worst of our selves. I believe it shows a nasty pattern of the breakdown of society.  

Sun Tzu, in “The Art of War” would not prescribe to this behavior. Many true warriors would not, unless you are an Isis warrior. I believe a common thread among true warriors is that they carry honor within themselves. They don’t kick a dog when they are down. There have been famous stories in history of a warrior NOT ending another warrior’s life because it was too easy to take, and they wanted an honorable, worthy fight. Reacting, instead of responding to this only shows our own wounds. Are we becoming what we hate?

People have been using the concept of “NOT being politically correct” in order to show an ugliness that is not impressive, or how I view healthy communication. Justifying bad form and hitting below the belt just because you can and are, overtly “NOT Being politically correct” is still just a bullying, abusive tactic all wrapped up in a catch phrase. I do not need to explain different forms of non-politically correct behavior. We aren’t kids anymore. If you are lost on this subtly then I suggest you look inward and ask, am I being willfully ignorant?

I have been willfully ignorant before, and I was just not willing to be honest with myself, until I chose to be.

It shows a complete lack of honor for yourself as a mature human being. Cancer is no joke and finding a place to chide only shows that there is a bit of the opportunistic perpetrator in action. There is no honor in making fun of a man who has brain cancer.

I believe that a life filled with rage and anger will affect your body. I know how it has felt in my body. This is science folks, rage and bitterness changes the cells of your body.

What do you not like about the generalized behavior of the far left or ANTIFA? How do you think they would react to one of our leaders if they were diagnosed with brain cancer? What would you think after you saw someone snickering about it?

Consider using this as a personal experiment. Look and see what tools you have to use to help you NOT go to a place that brings such negativity? For those who are experiencing a visceral reaction at this moment...I do not need to build my case that I didn’t like John McCain. This is about us, not him. THIS IS ABOUT US, NOT HIM.

We are in a time in history when you can look around and see the demise of civilized behavior. I happened on a Pinterest page and saw the pictures of horror--  children being tortured by ISIS. I can never take back what I saw. I saw the same shark-eyed look that I see in many protestors these days. This is not a comparison linking behaviors; this is a comment stating that there is a problem, and I am not going to ignore it. I believe in the nobility of the warrior. I believe that if you, a warrior/Patriot has decency. This means you are not a cheater or trying to get one over on someone even if your opponent does. Cowards are reactionary and their egos trip them up when they try to walk a warrior’s life.

“He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior” – Confucius

The Spartans were, and are considered great warriors, one of the greatest. They said that any army may win while it has legs under it; the real test comes when all strength is gone and the men must produce victory on will alone. Fighting isn’t all there is in The Art of War. It’s not about who can cast the first ugly word...not thinking, just spewing. A serious student of any discipline is thinking about the training of his mind not just his body. Disciplining his/her spirit and attitude is paramount over all else.

Anger has its place; I just don’t think it will serve you best by kicking someone while they are down. The way of the warrior/patriot is the way of knowing the difference between using your anger and losing your temper.

I was given one of the most amazing gifts, a true, full-sized Samurai helmet by a very, very, old warrior. It was a thank you gift. He taught me so very much about the mind of a warrior. We were able to go to very dark places and find healing. He told me not to be scared of the warrior within. He knew I was petrified but stood with him. The first thing he taught me was that as a warrior, I could not fight all my battles with the same weapons. I’ll just let that sink in a moment. People are using their online experience to scream at the same level non-stop. You are using a tired, worn out tool. People are turning away out of exhaustion, and you are not being heard.

I read somewhere, long ago that the word, “Warrior” was Hebrew for the word “woman.” It was used in the Bible two times in reference to the first woman. It was used three times connected to “strong military forces.”  I believe it was used sixteen times to reference God with the word “Ezer” the two roots for this word are strong and benevolent.  The best translation was the word “Warrior.” God, created woman as a warrior among many other things and I am good with that.

Walt Disney finally caught on that all girls aren’t taught to be a princess. I was taught to be a warrior. I adore Mulan and swords! This warrior/patriot is on her own journey and I will share my journey and stand with you, united in our freedom and demand a higher standard.

You deserve it. America deserves it.

On a patriot’s journey, breathing deep and still learning--  J.D. Jackson

Written by Josie Jackson

Holistic Practitioner who loves the Constitution! I specialize in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release (trauma care & PTSD), Aromatherapy, Herbology & Food is Medicine! Tell me about your journey as a patriot! My show is about YOU!

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Josie, I am in full agreement with your sentiments. A true warrior is one who is noble and honors integrity above pragmatism. I despise irrational vitriol, which so many in our generation confuse with wit. We can disagree with our brothers and sisters and have a rational discussion, without resorting to personal attacks and sarcasm. So many in our generation conflate sarcasm with intelligence. Speaking the truth with love is the way Jesus taught us to speak, with humility. That requires us to honestly listen during dialog and remove our ego from the way. Then and only then can we be true seekers of the truth.

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