Lanterns: Behold Bajalla - Lessons on Imperialism


Behold Bajalla - Lessons on Imperialism

Operation Bajalla
Lessons on Imperialism and such…

by John Frost
0.1 - Formulate and draw plans for Operation

Phase I

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1.1 - Plant nuclear devices at depth along San Andreas Fault

1.2 -  Using revised history and fancy wording for legitimacy, invade Mexico and "reclaim" land contained within the area created with a straightening of the Southern Arizona border to the water boundary at the Gulf of California. Renamed: Gulf of Arizona. Blame the Peso...

1.3 - Grant, immediately, Unnaturalized Citizen status to all inhabitants affected and promise upcoming Foreman positions to all.

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1.4 - Offer the same status and promise to all inhabitants of Baja California in exchange for secretly starting work on a yuge canal connecting the Gulf of Arizona with the Pacific Ocean

1.5 - Reveal formulated plans to create the largest industrial-commercial-military port in the World. Sell naming of complex to the highest bidder on eBay.

1.6 - Start worker-housing construction. Incentivize with free air conditioning for families with fully and gainfully employed men, high-school graduate age and up. Begin mandatory English in schools as a condition of future employment.

1.7 - Threaten to cut Mexico out of opportunity in new, economic free-trade, zone unless Baja peninsula is granted in exchange. (rattle sabers if necessary)

1.7.1 - Remove Sammy Hagar from jurisdiction and exile him to parts unknown for ruining Van Halen.

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1.7.3 - Rename peninsula and appoint Kid Rock to the leadership role.

1.7.5 - Sell Californian coast from fault to shore line to Chinese interests and draw elite into an, as advertised - Chinoland fantasy-world with free Mouseketeer Hats. Convert yuan to dollars for investment in the [unnamed] port complex.

1.7.7 - Reveal formulated plans for resorts along the entire coastline of the peninsula with the remainder of monies held by the greedy, Chinoland Elite.

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1.7.9 - Rename southern tip of [Unnamed] Peninsula to Frosty Point.

1.8 - Outlaw liberalism in newly minted, free-trade zone using similar technology to that used to screen religion from governmental positions in Liberal La-la-land. (stupidity and prejudice.)

1.9 - Issue one-million work visas for labor opportunities created. Start work on:

1.9.3 - Port complex

1.9.6 - Desalination plant

1.9.9 - Golf courses in all newly acquired, open-desert land.

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1.10 - Renig on all previous agreements in teaching a valuable lesson on imperialism's, previously misconstrued, understanding. Cite morality as the cause for the obviously needed lesson.

1.11 - Kill off all sea and animal life in affected zone to prevent future concern and stress over their well-being. Cite morality in concern applied for the elimination of this future concern.

1.12 - Entice Michigan's, Wisconsin's, Minnesota's and all cold-weather State's retirees with prime locations on sunny, golf-courses in exchange for Conservative vote (with verification -- this package does not include price)…

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Phase II

2.1 - Institute tax-free, Anarcho-Capitalism in an attempt to forever squelch nattering-nabobish, Libertarian whining over power and governance, denied.

2.2 - After ensuring all Chinoland money has been absorbed into the free-trade zone, set off nuclear devices in eliminating the Chinese Elite and extinguishing the Sino-Progressive Pact’s threatening presence, blaming Anthropomorphic Global Warming for the tragic occurrence.

Operation Bajalla - Complete

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Written by John Frost

A fundamentally transformed Leftist apostate, politically conservative; an anarchist in the realm of grammar

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