Lanterns: The Loss of Critical Thinking in a Fake News World


The Loss of Critical Thinking in a Fake News World

While browsing the internet the other day looking for a perfect picture for my last article, I came across an interesting statistic.

82% of all statistics are made up.


Wow! Who would have thought it?  

Well, me actually.  Especially since I made it up!  Which leads me to some interesting thoughts on what other facts are fake and a product of someone else's imagination.

We hear things all of the time that we just assume are correct because it seems to come from a reputable source. Unfortunately “fake news” has been making its rounds much longer than most people are aware of.  Critical thinking is a skill that seems to be lacking in the younger generation and they believe anything that they read or hear.  

I’m not sure of the cause, but I have some ideas.

I notice a big difference in kids’ problem-solving skills that play outside vs those who play inside on electronics.  

Farm kids are great problem solvers.  They have to be able to out think a 1200 pound cow that does not want to go where they are trying to put it!  It is the best lesson in the world when they have to chase it all over 100 acres because they did not anticipate the cow turning and so, they were not where they should have been.  They learn to think, and they learn it quick!  To NOT think results in extra work.

Our young generation is proud of their ability to multi-task, but it is not a good behavior to practice. It is a well-known scientific fact that the brain is able to only focus on one item at a time.  Information is placed into your short term memory from multiple sources all at once, but the brain only allows you to deal with one input at a time.  New research is actually showing that individuals who continuously force their brain to switch from one task to another repeatedly might be causing brain damage, thus lowering their IQ.  The result is a limited ability to critically think.

The inability to be a critical thinker leads to dangerous consequences when applied to politics and society as a whole.  


Look at global warming, now known as climate change.  Any good critical thinker would automatically jump on the name change.  Why change the name?  Give me a good reason.  I know one.  The data did not support global warming. For the past 20 years, we have been bombarded with data that told us coastlines would be under water by now.  Hello... where’s the water?  Did you know that not all evidence is scientifically collected?  Some of it is faked. You ask, by whom? Scientists. Look at the following images.  Can you tell the real one?

They have added temperature readings for areas without thermometers.


Why would they create this fake map?  It is pretty easy to figure out if you think about it just a little.  They want to support the liberal agenda.  Why? Money. Big government equals more money to fund research. If you doubt this, just take a look at the government wastebook to see the ridiculous studies that were funded at the expense of the U.S. Taxpayers. (My personal favorite was a $1 Million taxpayer funded study called "Monkeys on a Treadmill.") 

Now compare the two groups of information below?  Which one is correct?  How can you tell? Both claim to be factual, both look reasonable but compare the category of whites killed by blacks.

I’ll be honest-- without more research, you can’t tell.  You have to be able to analyze and that is a higher order thought process.  Unfortunately, most people aren't willing or able to do that.  And, why bother, when there's someone who's willing to "validate" your feelings with a ready-made chart. Thinking is hard.

That is the problem.  We have created a culture of non-thinkers.  They can google, they can pull up any information they need to that supports their cause, but can they analyze, synthesize, and most importantly, apply the data correctly? Can they find flaws in other's information?  NO.  They trust the group that they identify withthe group that does not make them feel guilty for their choices and immorality.  This is called confirmation bias.

The controlling faction wants it that way.


It’s much easier to corral the sheep than it is the cow.  The majority of the masses are not free thinkers-- they are followers. We have raised a whole generation that requires “safe spaces” when their ideas are challenged.  They can not think for themselves.  They have never practiced the skills required to form conclusions, and they are happy when others are telling them what to think and say.  

The result...our "sheeple" will willing be led to slaughter.  Where one goes, they all will follow, and we will all be stripped of our freedoms if we don’t do something to change it.

Written by Rae Ashcraft

3 Responses

Thank you Rae, for your on-point analysis and good old fashioned horse sense! Your writing is a fresh breath of air!

I may not know if the first one concerning the rate of violence against Whites by Blacks is correct or not but given the White supremacist feel of Atlas, I can almost guarantee the second one is not. I wouldn't trust anything Atlas has to say to save my life. And that isn't me be "offended" by the figures because I am Black. I just don't find them a trustworthy organization.

I like your words Rae! You make some excellent points and I totally agree multi-tasking is NOT a good idea, CRITICAL THINKING is a must! We don't teach that in our schools or homes anymore! Heck, some of our leaders and parents and teachers and...... don't know how to employ critical thinking skills! Great job Rae!

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