Lanterns: Do You Have Commitment Issues?


Do You Have Commitment Issues?

What about it? Are you currently doing everything you can to ensure your success? Or are you kind of, sort of just muddling along in the general direction of the goals you’ve set for yourself?

Naturally, everyone says they’re interested in success and prosperity, but how many people are actually willing to commit to it? In truth, commitment changes everything! When you're merely interested in doing something, you’re simply only flirting with the idea of doing it. Sure, you’re willing to dip a toe into the water if it’s convenient, but let’s face it, you haven’t really made up your mind whether or not you’re really willing to take the plunge. When you're committed, on the other hand, you are all in. Period. No excuses! You’ve already “cannon balled” from the ten-meter board!

One of the common complaints I hear from people is that there’s just not enough time to dedicate themselves to their goals.

That’s ridiculous. 

The truth is that most people are unwilling to raise their goals beyond the level of general interest and make them a priority. In other words, they can’t commit. They’re suffering from Someday Syndrome, a.k.a. the irrational belief that someday, when other things won’t get in the way or when other pressing issues get wrapped up that they will have time to pursue their goals. In other words, when it’s more convenient. And let’s be honest, here. That time never comes, does it?

<p>If you’re unwilling to commit to creating the life you want to live by design, societal forces will triangulate and create your future for you. As a result, failing to commit will most likely bring you the same life of mediocrity that the rest of the conformist majority of Americans today. Think about it. Is there even one successful person that wasn’t actively involved in designing his or her future that wasn’t totally committed? Is there even one successful person that didn’t take proactive steps to ensure his success? Show me one winner that made the conscious decision to just muddle along and somehow still ended up on top. Does any one come to mind? I didn’t think so.

<p>No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. And I promise you, the movers and shakers, the risk takers, and the deal makers aren’t staying up watching The Late Show, either. No, they’re busy learning while others sleep. They’re kicking butt while others party. They’re grinding away while others dissipate so that they can live the way others only dream about. 



It’s the difference between average and awesome. It’s the secret sauce that allows a few to live big while the vast majority toil away for years without ever having anything to show for it.

Commit to your goals and it will elevate your game. Commit to your goals and what you want will find you.

Written by Steve Ratliff

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