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Just before Christmas the “Alinsky Party of America” also known as the Obama administration abstained from voting on a UN Resolution that demanded the halt of settlement activity by Israel on occupied Palestinian territory.  This move by the U.S. was unprecedented in that the U.S. has abstained less than two dozen times on 226 UN Resolutions against Israel since 1948. Those choices to abstain were all resolutions condemning Israel for acts of defense.

This resolution was put forward at the 15-member council by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal a day after Egypt withdrew their support under pressure from Israel and US President-elect Donald Trump. Israel and Trump had called on the US to veto the measure. The resolution was adopted with 14 votes in favor to a resounding round of applause. It is the first resolution the Security Council has adopted on Israel and the Palestinians in nearly eight years.

"The international community has told the people of Israel that the way to security and peace is not going to be done through occupation ... but rather through peace, ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state to live side by side with the state of Israel on the 1967 line," Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told Reuters news agency. Outrage by conservatives as well as GOP neocons like John McCain and Lindsey Graham were incessantly predictable.

The question being asked, if only rhetorically by the media was, “Why would Obama do this, and why would he do this now given his lame duck status amid an incoming Trump administration that will surely undo this as quick as it was passed?”  The answer to this and other questions regarding Obama’s “scorched earth maneuvers” in his last days, is actually found in another brewing controversy, this one involving Russia.

In August 2016 Nancy Pelosi trotted out the Russian hacking theory now being reported as fact after the DNC emails were "leaked" along with the State Dept. The DNC emails revealed a conspiracy within the committee to make sure Hillary won the nomination. At that time, everyone claimed no one knew for sure how the emails were accessed, but they thought it might be Russia. Pelosi’s preliminary damage control effort of blaming Russia was disseminated to discredit their content. The media responded by paying more attention to the alleged source, rather than the damning evidence within them.

A month before the election, WikiLeaks trotted out former Bill Clinton campaign chair, now Hillary Clinton's operative, John Podesta's emails, which showed within the Clinton campaign, not only the same conspiracy to make sure Hillary won, but collusion with the media, including details on how to manipulate polls, corruption with pay for play donors, and even racism (needy Latinos and a “Catholic Church Spring” to change church doctrine). There was only speculation-  again, no one had evidence Russia was behind this, but they were branded as the source.  And again the content of the leaked emails was secondary to the narrative being advanced that Russia was up to no good, and that now Trump may be part of it.

Then the election came, and Hillary lost.

Here’s the madness. Obama suddenly revealed that he knew of Russian interference in 2015, but chose to remain silent because he figured Hillary would win anyway.  Why give ammunition to us right wing fanatics? In fact, Obama said he had known of Russian "interference" since 2009. The proper term is "spying."  BTW, the same thing we do to them. Obama chose to remain silent then, as well.

All of a sudden, everyone agreed it has to be the Russians (still no evidence just assessment and speculation). Jeh Johnson of the DHS, along with Director James Clapper of the NSA, speaking on behalf of his and 16 other intelligence agencies concurred with the “assessment”  that they believed it was Russia. Not one soul from these other agencies was asked to concur with Johnson and Clapper’s claim by the media. The CIA, and eventually the FBI, reconciled their different “assessments” and validated the narrative. Apparently, FBI Director, James Comey, “owes one” to Obama for costing Hillary the election. Not Hillary, Obama.

“Security experts,” both named and anonymous, hired by the DNC, along with college academia claimed the hacking showed similarities to earlier hacking procedures by Russians, while other “experts,” said the Russians, if guilty, would employ tactics that were untraceable. Neither was willing to state for the record Russia was indeed the culprit.

Continued calls for evidence by skeptics remained unanswered, but speculation became fact because everyone believed it was the Russians. Joining the cadence were neocons, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, again-  as predictable as they are moronic. House Speaker, Paul Ryan also agreed since he has to deal with these Establishment icons. Under immense pressure to produce evidence, Obama demanded a report be submitted to him before he leaves office. Meanwhile, Obama put sanctions on Russia and pulled diplomats from the Capitol.

Now with the report in hand, (amazingly, it took less than three weeks) Obama said he has his evidence. But where does it come from?  Obama's own people at the DHS and the FBI.  The same DHS that swore the integrity of the elections could not be compromised when they thought Hillary would win and Trump might contest the results, and the same FBI that claimed there wasn't enough evidence to prove Hillary intentionally compromised classified information, but assessed she could have been hacked, probably was hacked, but no one knows for sure. The report itself reads like a study on climate change, referring to such definitive "assessments" that lead to a "highly probable" conclusion Russia influenced the elections.

Missing in the report was any serious reasoning as to why Putin went to such lengths to ensure Trump was elected. Why, for instance, with all the failures of Obama's foreign policy decisions would Putin want Trump, when Hillary would better serve his game? Think about that. The best the report could speculate as to Putin's motivation was his displeasure that she tried to disparage his image among Russia's government officials and citizens. Really? Are we to believe that Hillary has that much clout among Russians? An even more relevant question is, "So what if Russia did it?" In the words of Hillary Clinton, "At this point what difference does it make?"

So, what does Russia have to do with the UN resolution against Israel? If we want to know the answer to both the reasoning behind the UN resolution and why the hacking issue is of such importance to the left, we need to lay both these issues side by side. Obama never does anything for one simple reason-  it is always about his agenda, his image, and his plan to “…fundamentally transform the United States of America.” 

We could start by asking the question, “Where is the outrage regarding Obama interfering in the election process in Britain and Israel, something that has actually been documented." Obama injected $350K in taxpayer cash and dispatched his former campaign chair, Jeremy Bird, to work to displace Netanyahu. Jim Messina and David Axelrod, both staples of the Obama organization, also worked for the campaigns of David Cameron and Ed Miliband, respectively. 

The only real evidence before us, regarding Russia hacking anything, is a fabricated narrative designed to deflect blame off of Obama's failed policies and agenda, including his attempts to undermine Israel. It's not even about Hillary. The evidence indicts Obama’s tenure…a loss of a total of 1,042 seats across 50 states once held by Democrats are now held by Republicans and other parties, 60 seats were lost in the House and Senate, and Democrats now hold only 12 governorships-  all in states that are facing bankruptcy in major urban centers.

However, my guess is that the media will never expose Obama's real intent in damning Russia before the return of Jesus…or the producing of irrefutable evidence that supports his claim that Vladimir Putin elected Donald Trump, not his failed efforts as America’s most famous community organizer. 


Written by Jon Mathews

"The Conservative Syndicate" seeks to tear down the imaginary wall of separation of Church & State through education, information and engagement with those who seek uncompromising truth regarding the religion of politics & the politics of religion.

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