Lanterns: Disgraced Journalist Arrested for Bomb Threats


Disgraced Journalist Arrested for Bomb Threats

Police have arrested 31-year-old Juan Thompson, a journalist, from Missouri in connection with bomb threats made to Jewish centers across the country.  Mr. Thompson allegedly made the threats in the name of his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to frame her. 

In the complaint against Thompson, the FBI said he made at least eight threats against Jewish organizations. Some were made in his ex-girlfriend’s name, and others were made in Thompson’s name. He later claimed that those made in his name were part of his ex-girlfriend’s plot to have him arrested, according to court documents.”

Thompson, a self-described “socialist,” was a journalist for the website, The Intercept. Editor Betsy Reed said that Thompson’s employment was terminated one month ago because he was manufacturing quotes, sources, and impersonating people by fabricating email addresses.  The Intercept released a statement this morning:

“We were horrified to learn this morning that Juan Thompson, a former employee of The Intercept, has been arrested in connection with bomb threats against the ADL and multiple Jewish Community Centers in addition to cyberstalking. These actions are heinous and should be fully investigated and prosecuted. We have no information about the charges against Thompson other than what is included in the criminal complaint. Thompson worked for The Intercept from November 2014 to January 2016, when he was fired after we discovered that he had fabricated sources and quotes in his articles.”

Apparently, Thompson had been stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend since she ended their relationship last July.  It is alleged that he sent threatening emails to the woman, and additional defamatory faxes and emails to her employers, as well.  According to court documents, the emails included nude photographs of her and fake news stories claiming she had been arrested and was being sued for spreading a sexually transmitted disease, in addition to claims that she was an anti-Semite.

Additionally, he used Twitter to claim that she was harassing him and sent a bomb threat in his name in an attempt to frame him.

The FBI arrested Thomspon in St. Louis and he is currently being charged in federal court in New York's Southern District.


Photo Credit: BRIC TV/YouTube

Written by Traci Belmonte

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