Lanterns: Liberals and Wall Street-- A Statist Love Story


Liberals and Wall Street-- A Statist Love Story

Donald Trump became the first Presidential candidate in over 20 years with the courage to challenge the Wall Street financial power structure, when he pointed out the failures of our 'Free Trade' agreements. Free Trade is the Holy Grail of Wall Street and the Central Banks, which is the reason no candidate until President Trump has had the courage to even raise the issue, let alone actively negotiate with and compel other countries to give America terms more favorable to American workers.

We know that liberal activists are supposed to hate Wall Street greed, and we know that Wall Street does not like President Trumps' renegotiation of GATT NAFTA. We also know that Wall Street's preferred candidate by money and deed was Hillary Clinton. Why then, are so many liberals angry about the defeat of the Wall Street candidate, Hillary Clinton, when they should be ecstatic at her loss?

It was Hillary, who attached herself at the hip to Wall Street and the central banks, benefiting politically and personally, from their massive financial support and endorsement. Wall Street supported Clinton, and with good reason. It was Bill Clinton who signed Gatt Nafta, defining him as the greatest anti-labor President in American history. Free Trade has shipped much of our industrial base and over 1 million jobs overseas, to the benefit of Wall Street and corporate executives. 

It was Bill Clinton who signed Glass Stegal, freeing the central banks to create massive profits with massive corruption. It helped to set up the 2008 economic and real estate collapse. A disaster we show little sign of recovering from.

Democrats and many moderate Republicans have been very good friends to Wall Street, so why would the left be so angry with Trump?

Trump has challenged the very core of the Wall Street power structure, and the corrupt bureaucratic structure of our government itself. This is why deep state bureaucrats and liberal leadership have put so much interest into removing Trump from office. No President, or candidate has had the courage since Pat Buchannan, to challenge the Wall Street/Washington crony power structure. Trump is a reformer, so he is being packaged by the Wall Street owned media, and corrupt deep state bureaucrats as corrupt and incompetent. 

In order to understand the close relationship between liberals and Wall Street, we must first explore what the common interests are that unite Liberal leadership with Wall Street financiers and corporate leaders. It all comes to a common point-- the concentration of power. For liberals, it is the concentration of power of all institutions and all Americans to the care and protection of a strong centralized Federal government, which, in reality, is incapable of providing either. 

For Wall Street, it is the concentration of economic power teamed with crony politicians to further their financial power, at the expense of small businesses, consumers, and American workers. It is the mating of liberal socialism's greed for power and Wall Street's greed for the power of money. It is crony capitalism, which is just another word for fascism, and it makes understanding George Soros' role in all of this a little easier. He is the chief financial underwriter of left wing violent protestors.  

Soros, who has said the greatest time of his life was during his youth in Hungary, where he worked helping the Nazis plunder the wealth of individuals, just as socialists and fascists are prone to do. Soros has his feet planted squarely in big government statism, while his hands locked on all the power and money he can plunder through his Wall Street connections, and off the backs of average Americans. He hates the Constitution, our freedoms, and the Constitutional basis for self-government. 

His relationship to liberals and wall street is more of a marriage made in hell than in heaven, while many of the foot soldiers of liberalism which he has emboldened, like James Hodgkinson, have no understanding of who their real enemy is. The enemy is statism, centralization of power, and those who enable it.

Although he didn't follow his own understanding of liberty, Woodrow Wilson said it best, "Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is the history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it." He was right; so were America's founders.

The only way to know which politicians are there for the good of America is to observe the few who are trying to push power and authority away from the federal level and down to the state, to the local government, to the family, and to the individual. This is true reform, as it was the basis of the Republican form of government that America's founders gave us. Liberalism may promise democracy, but in the end, it is the end of democratic principles and self-government, in favor of statism.

Trump and the free market are not our enemies. The real enemies are those political creatures who crave power and statism and Wall Street crony financiers and the bureaucrats within the Federal government who cover up and promote corruption within government. Statists do not want real reform, and this is why they are in the process of trying to topple a President.

America was great when it was in the hands of the people, and it will only be great again if we educate our children on the true foundations of freedom embellished in our Republican form of government, grounded in moral and religious principles. It is a constant battle against human nature, to push power, accountability, and authority down to the individual, and not up to tyranny.

Written by charles morasch

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Excellent article Charley!

Interesting take. Although I like the 'shake up' Trump wants to bring to Wall Street, I disagree with his stand on Free Trade and NAFTA. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess!

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