Lanterns: The Problem With Transgenderism


The Problem With Transgenderism

Though it may not be popular to say, I believe transgenderism is a mental disorder, no different than having bi-polar, depression, or schizophrenia. Mental disorders often make one feel something that isn't true, even if we can't discern the difference.

I have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder my entire adult life, and occasionally experience suicidal thoughts. When in the throes of a suicidal episode, I am firmly convinced my children don't need or want me, I am a drain on my family, and they'll all be relieved when I'm gone. It's not true, but I sincerely feel it nevertheless.

Trans people may well believe they are males in female bodies or vice versa, but gender isn't an idea or thought, it's a biological construct based on chromosomal makeup. Gender fluidity is scientifically impossible. Someone believing himself the King of England is delusional, even if harmless. Transgenderism is self-deception, and has hitherto been considered in the same vein as the delusional King. The attempt to legitimize the mirage by mainstreaming is a fool's errand, and insulting to our intelligence.

The suicide rate in the transgender community is precipitously high, both before and after gender reassignment; therefore, embracing and affirming these beliefs is unkind, and possibly, dangerous to the subject.  According to the American College of Pediatricians:

"Rates of suicide are nearly twenty times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery, even in Sweden which is among the most LGBTQ – affirming countries.(12) What compassionate and reasonable person would condemn young children to this fate knowing that after puberty as many as 88% of girls and 98% of boys will eventually accept reality and achieve a state of mental and physical health?"

I truly feel for anyone who struggles with a mental health issue. I have often felt very much alone, and it's not an easy road for any of us. Those without affliction cannot fathom it.

That being said, what people do is their business, and I'm a "you do your thing, I'll do my thing, and we'll all be fine" kind of person...provided you're not stepping on my toes.

Kids, however, are a different story. They're called "minors" with good reason. Teens have no life experience on which to base important decisions; it's why kids can't get tattoos without a parent's permission until they're emancipated. The stakes are a bit higher when talking about the essence of personhood. There's no evidence to support changing bathroom and locker room etiquette in K - 12 schools. The American College of Pediatricians call it child abuse, and I concur. Just as with all people, these kids should never be bullied, beat up, ostracized, or treated badly in any way. All kids go through an enormous change from birth to 18, and the teenage years are nothing short of chaotic at times.

As a woman, and mother to three daughters, I can tell you teenage girls are dealing with their own issues, just as we all do, and forcing them to accept a biological male in their locker rooms is repugnant and perverse. They're having enough issues with their own bodies, and being disrobed around other girls. Puberty sucks for everyone. Nobody escapes the turbulent and confused phase of surging hormones and changing bodies.

I know very few people who aren't completely different from when they were in middle school or high school. Give them the opportunity to grow and mature, and they will determine their trajectory after the age of consent.

Demanding everyone outside the transgender community adapt to what many consider biologically unnatural behavior, and others believe is dangerous to the young psyches of those involved, is wrong. In the past, some schools offered to put in private bathrooms, but were rebuffed. No, they wanted to be "included" and allowed to take showers with teenage girls.

They don't want to be "other than," but they are "other than." Lots of kids and adults aren't normal or average for lots of different reasons, but their rights end precisely where they begin to infringe on another's.

There's been an insidious message posited; if you don't believe transgenderism is real, you're a hater, a bigot, and probably homophobic too. Many are angry with LGBT groups for this exact reason. To many minds, transgenderism is every bit as delusional as the above King of England. Frankly, a lot of people don't care one way or another, but the constant push to accept as normal more and more outlandish behavior has become a bit much. Is there really a difference scientifically or psychologically between our King of England and men who think they're women? Or the woman who believes she's a cat, and the man who's decided he is an extraterrestrial?

There's the rub. One doesn't decide on gender, or species, or eye color. They're already determined in the womb by chromosomes, a fact which is scientifically proven. We can't understand a world in which one chooses to "be" something different than what they were born. Worse, we're all expected to play along in the fantasy, but we don't believe it like they do.

The LGBT community wants us to go along with the biggest delusion of them all -- that they are perfectly normal, when that is simply not the case. The LGBT population comprises less than 5 % of our population, which means, by virtue of numbers, you aren't even close to being average or normal in terms of demographics. There's nothing wrong with being different; the attempt to make it seem mainstream is what's offensive.

You're in good company. Both the blind and the deaf are less than 1 % of the population. Dwarfism is far below even a quarter of a percentage point. Those with eating disorders are approximately 3 % of the population. No disorder makes anyone a bad person, nor someone not worthy of respect. It just means they're different. The difference between the disorders I mention here and that of transgenderism is science has determined the underlying causes; it has not yet determined what causes trans people to feel as they do. Without science to back them, the transgender community will continue to meet with skepticism and distrust.

We're happy to accept you as you are, but please use the family bathroom in public, so none of us need feel uncomfortable.

Written by Julie Custer

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