Lanterns: A Message for Never Trumpers


A Message for Never Trumpers

As Hillary avoids the press and gets her secret 18 hours of sleep a day, Trump is all over the place being, dare I say, presidential. Accepting the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s invitation he was blunt, did not appease, and was respectful and a true statesman. On Sunday, Trump spoke to members of the Great Faith Ministries, a nondenominational church in Detroit. The congregation did not protest him, call him a racist, or even heckle him. Instead, the Detroit church welcomedhim with open arms and gave him a standing ovation. This, in a city ruled by Democrats for a half of a century.

Trump has appeared on TV in town hall meetings, news interviews, and several large venue events that are a positive pep rally to his supporters. His polls tick upwards, while Hillary’s wane. Apparently, Hillary’s base is made up of people who do not care about emails, health, corruption, etc. Independents, however, largely do care about these issues. The Election always has the Republican fighting an uphill battle as California and New York are given huge electoral count for the Democrat. However, if Trump sticks to what he is doing, he will win support from what is commonly called Reagan Democrats.

<p>Never Trump

The “never Trump” camp must come to it’s senses. We must not allow Hillary to select at least four Supreme Court members. This must be Trump’s assignment, as he said he would choose Anton Scalia type judges. That promise alone should be enough for never Trump people to want to prevent Hillary becoming our president. Trump can do this. He will also select one heck of an administration of the likes of qualified, smart people that we have not seen since the Reagan years. Hillary, on the other hand, can be counted upon to select a horrible administration. So, you yourself know a never Trumper, I ask that you reason with them. Yes, we understand their concerns, but they need to do this for our country.

<p>God bless America.

Written by Marty O'Sullivan

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