Lanterns: The Top 8 Fake News Stories of 2016


The Top 8 Fake News Stories of 2016

2016 has finally wrapped up, after an intense and unpredictable year in politics. The leftist media struggled, then failed miserably in their attempt to defeat Donald Trump and the GOP.

During the year, the left coined a new Orwellian term called “fake news,” despite the fact they were guilty of producing fake news on many occasions. This is one of their latest attack aimed at conservative and libertarian journalists who challenge their narratives.

Here are the top eight fake news stories of the year.

8. CNN selectively edits shooting victim’s sister’s call for violence. CNN decided to omit a crucial piece in their report on the Milwaukee police shooting. After Sylville Smith had been killed by a cop for refusing to disarm himself, a series of riots emerged in the city. Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, was caught urging the angry protestors to wreak havoc in the suburbs. CNN claimed Sherelle had condemned the violence before admitting to mischaracterizing her comments.

7. Muslim YouTube Prankster claims he was kicked off a plane for speaking Arabic. Adam Saleh, the man who filmed the stunt, made this controversial video go viral. The mainstream media picked up on it without any doubt, despite the fact Saleh had a history of doing similar pranks on planes, and at least 20 passengers who reported that Saleh as disruptive on the flight.

6. Gay pastor admits he faked homophobic slur on a cake. A gay pastor, Jordan Brown, requested a cake from Whole Foods decorated with the words “love wins.” However, he claimed that he received his cake with the phrase “love wins, fag.”  The liberal media were outraged about it after Brown uploaded the video online. Shortly thereafter, Brown filed a lawsuit against them until video footage was released from Whole Foods revealing that his claims were fraudulent. After this, Whole Foods fired back with a lawsuit and Brown then apologized to whole foods for lying about the fake gay slur.

5. Keith Scott murdered by police. Scott’s daughter said in a viral video that Scott was unarmed and shot by an officer in Charlotte. Due to the spread of false information reported by the mainstream media, the Black Lives Matter supporters rioted believing that Scott was gunned down.  As the story developed, a photo of Scott’s gun surfaced online. It was also reported that Scott was armed with a stolen gun, and his wife filed charges against him after he threatened to kill her and the children.  As it turned out, Scott had a long history of crime and just recently served seven years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

4. Trump supporters incite violence at his rallies. The mainstream media covered the fights at his rallies and accused Trump of being responsible for the violence. Moreover, there were reports of Trump possibly facing legal trouble over it. A couple of months before the election, though, an undercover team released footage of the Clinton campaign admitting to paying actors and homeless people to incite violence at Trump rallies. Since the release of the video, people of the project were fired, and Clinton made no comment when Trump asked her about it.

3. The Democrats claim WikiLeaks emails were doctored. Donna Brazile, the DNC chairwoman, said that some of the WikiLeaks emails were “doctored.”  Errata Security, a team of advanced security researchers and developers, validated the WikiLeaks emails.  In fact, one of the cybersecurity experts said it “took less than five minutes,” to verify the emails.  The Daily Caller used the same process and received the same results. After this information came to light, the mainstream media refused to comment and have since stopped reporting it.

2. Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election. After Hillary Clinton suffered a humiliating defeat to Donald Trump in the election, the liberal media accused Russia of stealing the election from Clinton. This claim is still being played out by the media, despite the absence of a smoking gun. It is highly likely that Russia is behind the hack of the DNC emails, but there is no evidence of Russia stealing the election.

1. Hillary Clinton will win in a landslide. The mainstream media was convinced Trump would be defeated easily in the election. In fact, Trump almost had no chance to win in 2015 when CNN reported Trump only a 1% chance of winning the GOP nomination. The Huffington Post predicted Clinton as a sure bet with a 98% chance of winning the election over Trump. It’s one thing to say someone will win an election, but it’s completely absurd and arrogant to think Trump would suffer the worst loss in history. Here is the complete list of the mainstream media’s brilliant predictions to the presidential election.



Written by Christian Montoya

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