Lanterns: My New Year’s Prayer


My New Year’s Prayer

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, and I really couldn’t be any less excited about it. People will set off fireworks and poppers, and I’ll be trying, in vain I might add, to soothe my sweet, silly dog who will be cowering and crying with each pop. 


Some will drink too much and make fools of themselves, while others will drink too much and drive; I pray none of them will hurt those I love while in a drunken stupor. 


I start each new year with hope, though I admit it’s lacking a bit this year:






I pray for an abundance of peace, joy, and good health to all throughout the year to come. 


I pray our leaders will be blessed and guided in their quest to do what is right for our country, and by extension, the world. 


I pray for God’s grace to ease the pain of those who are troubled with heavy heart; may he hold, protect, and lead them through the storms they face. 


In the new year, may we be blessed with more happiness than sadness, with plenty more than want, and with peace rather than strife. 


Dear Lord, watch over those who serve and protect: police, fire, rescue, medics, and our military. Guide the medical personnel caring for us. Help us be patient, kind, and forgiving with others, and to assist rather than shrink from those in need. 


Help us all to grow in love and wisdom, and to end the year better than we entered it. 




Written by Julie Custer

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