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Emotional Support Animals

  As everyone is keeping up with the current political environment, such as what Congress or the senate or the president himself are doing, something else seems to be going through under the radar. The sad thing is it's a pretty important thing to a lot of people. By the title of this article you can probably tell what I'm going to get at right now, Emotional Support Animals. Not to be confused with service animals. however, emotional support animals absolutely to have a vital purpose. I am finding that more and more people don't believe that last statement. they seem to believe that people that have conditions such as autism or post-traumatic stress disorder don't have real conditions. they seem to think that the one structure that's available to them in public to help calm them down they don't need. My son has autism he has a note from his doctor stating that and he has an emotional support animal. Walmart is leading the charge against emotional support animals. They, like many others believe that they have no purpose, they serve no function and I say that they're wrong. Tell somebody who went to war and came back with PTSD that their condition doesn't matter. Tell that same person that the mechanism that they have to function in public and keeps them from going ballistic and hurting other people, they're not allowed to have with them. Keep in mind in that situation an emotional support animal would not be for the protection of that person but rather for the person who triggers that person.When people say that people like my son has a fake condition that IS verified and documented, they're saying the my son doesn't matter. When people are saying that people like my son with said condition can't have their coping mechanism with them i e a support animal, they're also guess again saying that my son and people like him don't matter. This, is a day and age when the general public is told , demanded, to accept the fact that a man who feels like a woman must be called a woman. This day and age when anyone is allowed to identify as anything they choose and no one's allowed to question it. Now that first example is a mental condition and the second example is as well and so is autism and so is PTSD all of which need to be addressed. I'm not disparaging anyone who needs a seeing eye dog. Even my aunt had a hearing dog. What im upset about is that people say that emotional support animals aren't real support. They're saying that not only the animal doesn't matter but the condition the person who has it also doesn't matter. That is what's disparaging here. I myself have not only PTSD but, also OCD none are fun. But our assistance animal isnt for me she's for my teenage son. Do you know what's really disparaging is  more that more places that won't let him go in with his emotional support animal for when he does have a meltdown, he has more meltdowns. The more more people that say his condition doesn't matter or his dog doesn't matter makes him melt down even more. 

 If you can believe it one of the strongest arguments against emotional support animals from people, is some people are allergic. But those same people are totally fine with like a seeing eye dog. Truth be told no emotional support animal or assistance dog or seeing eye dog or hearing dog or animals like that are sprinkled with any magic dust to make them all suddenly hypoallergenic. If this trend keeps up, I can foresee more and more big events happening in public. Events like people breaking down, events like people doing things that hurt others. All because people wouldn't let these people with these verified conditions be able to be relaxed and calm down by their assistance animals. There are certain laws about assistance animals on the books and trust me, I know a lot of them. The problem is other people either don't know them or want to know them. So, here's the bottom line. People who have PTSD matter. People who have autism matter. People who have any condition like those matter. I would much rather that people are conditions like that have an assistance animal to help calm them down then give them some medication that can harm their body that possibly won't work or who knows what else. It seems we live in a society today of part-time caring or selective caring. people care about things as long as it can possibly benefit them. People care about things as long as it shows them in a positive light. Unfortunately, that's not the way we're supposed to live life. We're supposed to live life uplifting God. not the man who is out helping others are a great and wonderful no not supposed to be that way. I would ask Dad if you are in the mine said that conditions such as the ones listed above are real conditions or fake conditions, or assistance animals for people with those conditions are fake and should be allowed anywhere they don't matter, how is suggest that you think about that. I was suggesting only that you consider what's going on in your life maybe there's someone in your life that could have benefited from I was suggest  preferably a dog. Maybe you have a condition I don't know about doesn't mean I don't care just means I don't know about it. Bella granted autism is near and dear to my heart PTSD is near and dear to my heart that doesn't mean I don't care about cancer it doesn't mean I don't care about blind people it doesn't matter don't care about people are schizophrenic or or any other condition for that matter. Let's just think before we jump on the bandwagon next time. Let's think that these conditions I mention above autism PTSD and the like are real conditions most people would want to do anything they can to help that person with that condition including providing them with an assistance animal. When people say the assistance animals are fake that they're not welcome anywhere to my family at least, Beth saying that my family member with whatever condition doesn't matter this blind person is more important than your autistic son.that is what I hear when people say the assistance animals are not welcome or shouldn't be welcome places or that they're fake service animals. just some food for thought man finally an article that got away from politics.

By the way, the dog in the picture her name is Flicka. And she is my son's assistance animal. God bless

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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