Lanterns: Why the Left Hates Us


Why the Left Hates Us

I've puzzled for many years about why Conservatives can't get through to liberals, Democrats, and Progressives. We spend a crazy amount of time trying to reach across the aisle and extend the olive branch. It's maddening. I've asked myself repeatedly, "Could I possibly be wrong?" Invariably, after checking my premises and my research, I am comfortable with my conclusions. So with facts and data, I forge on like Joan of Arc, certain of the righteousness of my cause, again and again, I'm shunned, made a joke of, and dismissed as a dupe, a shill, or "the brainwashed" by my friends from the Left. I want to scream at these people, "It's you who are brainwashed!"

The first reason the left hates us is that they always think they're right; they don't do the research to prove to themselves they're on the right track. There is no self-reflection, just smug arrogance at their moral superiority. They firmly believe they're better than us in almost every way.

At the end of 2016, political minds were marking the end of the Obama Experience. I was listening to The Glenn Beck Show on the day they went over The Biggest Scandals of the Obama Administration. He had a guest on the show, Riaz Patel, a liberal, gay, Pakistani man who joked that he ticked all the boxes. He and Glenn had become friends over the last few months, and they thought it would be interesting to have Riaz sit in for the list, considering many on the left pronounced the Obama's administration scandal-free.

I was shocked to hear this man, who was well educated, and by all respects, well-informed, say that he had not heard of several of the scandals listed, and he knew his friends would dismiss these revelations as "Glenn's conspiracy theories." 

That day, I finally understood what we were up against. I have always thought the left simply ignored stories which didn't reflect well on their own ideas or representatives. We're in a whole different ballgame if they aren't hearing these stories at all. I urge you to listen to these segments of that day's show; they're both enlightening and frightening. There is no populace anywhere, at any time, that will do the right thing with the wrong information. This was a gargantuan discovery and outlined the problem in stark relief.

This is the second reason the left hates us: they are, in fact, as uninformed as we've suspected.  If the news doesn't come directly from one of "their sources," it's disregarded. I've begged my leftist friends to read "around the issue," to read from many different sources and viewpoints and to get all possible sides of a story.  It's also why they've been conditioned to think Glenn Beck is a hater, a racist, a bigot, and more. If they were to listen to his show, they'd find a man who in his attempts to reach out to the Left, has driven some conservatives to stop listening. He actually sounds naive at times, but regardless of what you think of his politics, he is about the furthest one can be from hate or mean-spiritedness. If those on the Left had any interest in learning what makes us tick, or finding out why we think the way we do, they'd be willing to listen to a show or read an article written by one of the esteemed writers on our side of the aisle. They choose not to. This is nothing more than willful ignorance.

A third reason the Left hates us is the way they are easily manipulated and whipped into hysteria. Truth and honesty are not necessary or valuable. Their many bloggers and sensationalistic websites gin up ridiculous garbage and pass it on to people hungry for scandal.

I went to see what was on some of my Facebook friends' pages, and I was alarmed to see what they consider to be a valid source. It was nothing more than shocking gossip and idle rumor, incriminating anyone and everyone on the Right for anything, whether fact or fiction. Their Facebook pages were a constant stream of the hysterical meant to stir up a frenzy, and they work. Despite the fact that Trump is and has been a friend to the LGBTQ community, it hasn't stopped them from putting out astounding, melodramatic innuendo that bears no resemblance to the truth.

These agitators can also be found on the Right, to a greater extent than I've ever before seen. These "sources" are the same, Left or Right, and we each have to look at stories and sourcing with a critical eye. I'm truly saddened to see these kinds of articles circulating, often among friends with whom I've previously shared political views; I thought they were smarter than to fall for such pedantic blather.

I am at a loss as to how we can combat the above-stated reasons we are met with hatred and loathing from our brothers on the Left. I am, however, certain we're heading for some extreme, even radical, proceedings if we are unable to find a way through the fog of our current political war. Of course, we can't make anyone do or think what we would like, and therein, lies the rub. We have a long, uphill climb ahead, and I would welcome your thoughts on the subject. It's imperative we put our heads together on this daunting task.


Written by Julie Custer

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Great analysis! Sharing.

Yes - all these are great points - but I want to offer that it is also possible/likely that a majority or at least a large contingent on the left are simply mad dogs, irrational rabid programmed wild dogs. There are rare and few those who could or would rise above their programming, who are capable of genuine self-analysis. Most just act in accordance with the instincts that have been nurtured and cultivated by their masters.

Well said Clark! Thanks for engaging!

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