Lanterns: I'm Guilty but, you're a racist


I'm Guilty but, you're a racist

Greetings from San Diego. This is not going to be as hard for me to write as it will be for some to read. I run the risk of being called many names and being accused of many things, none of which could be further from the truth. I have noticed a trend and I have an idea of what this trend will lead to. What I am getting at is this, it seems their are more and more people of color, I refuse to call them African Americans because they are, simply, Americans, who seem to want to get away with anything they do, no matter what it is. Let’s say, a black man commits a crime. Let’s say he robbed a bank. THe police are called and they respond. Now let’s say when the police show up, for some reason the suspect shoots at them and the police shoot back. In doing so they kill him. It’s sad when anyone dies but, if you shoot at the police, they WILL shoot back. The family of that black man who DID rob a bank and DID shoot at the police, accuse the police of brutality because the suspect was black. NO, it was because he SHOT at them. How about something that is a little different. How about the police pulling over a black man for a real traffic violation, maybe something like running a red light. The officer approaches the vehicle and the driver refuses to show his ID and refuses to show his hands. He gets out of the vehicle and punches the cop. The cop grabs him and puts his hands behind his back as the man still struggles and tries to grab the cops gun. The officer puts the man on the ground for better leverage and to make it so the man wont shoot him, and finally puts cuffs on him and takes him to jail. Later, the man screams racism by the cop, saying he used excessive force. What was the cop supposed to do, let the man take his gun and kill him? 


 Now. what is all of this potentially leading to? I be;lieve it is leading to police being too afraid of doing their jobs for fear of being labeled a racist and even losing thier jobs. It seems to be getting to the point where people of color and ONLY people of color will soon be able to actualy get away with breaking any law because police and others will have been told to not interfer. They will be told this because by that time the laws, even or ESPECIALLY for police officers, will be don’t touch. If they can’t touch, then they can’t do their jobs. I am just writing about what I see coming. I truly hope I’m wrong. I see no color. God loves everyone. God isn’t available for only white people or black people or whatever race, he is available for EVERYONE. If someone shoots at the police, they are going to return fire. Not because they are racist but, because you shot at them. If you punch a cop and refuse to do what he tells you and try to take his gun, he WILL do what he has to do defend himself. Yes, their are racist police officers but, most are just doing their jobs while people they encounter will try everything they can think of to get away with a crime. Just think about that for a while. God bless

Written by Rev BK

Father of Autistic Son, Author, Clergyman, Conservative.

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