Lanterns: North Korea and the Two Elephants in the Room


North Korea and the Two Elephants in the Room

Last night around midnight, Fox News reported that South Korea had registered a 6.5 magnitude quake emanating from North Korea. It was not an earthquake. North Korea successfully detonated its first Hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen (fusion) bombs have a significantly greater destructive yield than the atomic (fission) bombs that were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII. They are at least 1,000 times more powerful.

This also allows them to miniaturize them in order to mount them in Inter Continental Ballistic missiles to affect maximum destructive power per missile. They are, in every sense of the word, “entire city killers,” and the North Koreans are claiming that they have already mastered that technology. Most Americans have become alarmed at North Korea’s saber rattling. 

There are two elephants in the room that nobody seems to want to talk about. The first is China and it is a very big elephant, economically and militarily. Let’s stop the dog and pony show and open our eyes. China has no intentions of stopping North Korea’s nuclear program no matter what votes they make in the U.N. or what announcements they make to the wider world. It is the old story of “good cop and bad cop.” North Korea is China’s pet bulldog.

To begin with, it was China who gave North Korea the technology and there is a reason that they will never do anything substantial to stop them.  It is called American money. The disastrously lopsided trade between the United States and China can be labeled as nothing less than wholesale rape. Trump spoke of it constantly during his campaign.

America has held off on taking the only real step that will cause China to actually be genuinely concerned in the hopes that they could tame the Little Fat Boy barking ominous threats to America. That step is to sanction the Bank of China. An international sanction on the Bank of China would wreck the Chinese economy.

In the meantime, China is growing large and America is being raped. But the strategic question is how would China respond to such a move?

Well, let us consider what their actions have been. They are purposefully building islands in the South Pacific as military bases to control the shipping lanes between the East and West. They are allowing North Korea to beat the war drums. China knows that Obama has left our military in the weakest position since the end of WWII. Our armed forces are spread thin between Afghanistan and Syria. Two of our naval missile warships have been damaged by “accidents” and are out of the Pacific theater and under repair. Our helicopters are falling out of the sky because of the lack of service. They are cannibalizing our warplanes to keep others operational. But the bad news does not end there.

Now we come to the second elephant in the room, Iran. This too has the potential of becoming a very big elephant if the Muslims unite.  What most Americans do not understand is that anything North Korea gets, Iran gets, and it all begins in China. Practically every missile in Iran’s arsenal is Chinese designed and their nuclear technology is being aided by North Korea.

Obama’s catastrophic and treasonous deal with Iran all but secured their nuclear capability in the not too distant future. Their strategic position in the Middle East allows them the ability to stop all oil exports to the West if they so chose. Anybody who has ever heard their apocalyptic dream of bringing forth their Mahdi has to know that this reality is not an “if” but a “when.”

If America had the will, our military could once again become a serious deterrent to these rogue nations. But, I am not seeing much concern for the elephants in the room. It seems that what shoes Melania wears when visiting the victims of Hurricane Harvey is more important to the news media.

May God open our eyes and guide our leaders through these perilous days ahead. Right now, we are an ant dancing in the midst of elephants.

Written by Henry Patino

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Thank you Henry for a very clear, easy to understand synopsis on the current state of relations with North Korea. I am seeing many posts on fb about NK but many do not have a clue as to what is really going on. Great article.

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