Lanterns: Selective Feminists: Where Art Thou?


Selective Feminists: Where Art Thou?

It’s only March and so far it’s been the best year ever and also the worst year ever. Professionally, life is magnificent and becomes better with each passing day. Personally? As Trump would say, “It’s a disaster.” Life has been quite challenging, but the optimist in me knows that every life needs some rain in order for the rainbows to emerge.

A group of friends sensing my subjective woes did what best friends do when they see their ultra-responsible, workaholic friend cry struggle; they took me out for a night on the town. Little did I know the firestorm an innocent picture I posted on social media during that excursion would cause and how casual friendships would disintegrate.

On Saturday night, during the humanitarian mission my friends had devised to break me out of my funk (Operation: Get A Life), I noticed a female bathroom attendant giving me some massive side eye. “Side eye” for those unfamiliar with the term is that nasty scowl females give to other females when they are annoyed by the site of them. Self-awareness doesn’t escape me and I know that I have a tendency to be a little pouty, so I turned around to utter a friendly “hello.”.“Bathroom Girl” ignored me as she continued her aggressive stare-a-thon that I witnessed in the mirror’s reflection. This inspired me to pretend to check my phone while I covertly took a photograph of the incident. The end result was a photo that I found humorous due to the dirty look I had captured, in all its side eye glory. I posted it on social media with the caption, “Someone drank the Haterade…I bet she voted for Hillary.” The first few comments were people agreeing that the photo was indeed as hilarious as I originally thought; then, I went to sleep.

I woke up to a phone with a dying battery because of the war that ensued under this picture that had no other intent than to show me on the receiving end of a nasty look from Bathroom Girl. Apparently, people that know me someone I even helped with a children’s charity event twice, so they know full-well I’m a kind person wrote how disgusting I was to post that picture. One person who obviously read much too far into the photograph stated, “What if she has depression? What if she is a cutter? What if her kitten just died? You don’t know what’s going on in her life.” Seriously?

My question is, why are the feelings and life events of Bathroom Girl more important than my feelings and life events? What if I have depression? What if I’m a cutter? What if my kitten just died? 

Social media isn’t intended to be a diary of all the bad events that occur in the daily minutia of my life. Would you rather read about fun musings and politics or my life circumstances that create sadness? Just because I don’t put my negativity out on a public forum doesn’t mean my life is absent of problems. I wish my life was as problem-free as some obviously believe it to be! Is it a coincidence that those few people who were offended by my post were liberal-leaning and did indeed vote for Hillary Clinton? Is it a coincidence that these folks label themselves as “feminists?” 

One of the hallmarks of the Left is constant outrage. Lefties are happiest when they are angry over something, anything—no matter how slight. I find these self-described “feminists” and their selective outrage amusing. If feminists are for all women, why was the fact that I found myself visually assaulted perfectly fine? They cared about a stranger who was being non-verbally aggressive to me and not me, who was minding her own business trying to escape the rigors of life for a few hours.

Guess what, feminists: I don’t need you and I don’t want your support. Real feminism is about equal opportunity and respect for all women. Your brand of feminism consists of free birth control, abortions, and the ability to walk around like a shameless strumpet damning the whole male population. Your brand of feminism “empowers” women that subscribe to your convoluted political ideologies. Curvy, blonde, Republicans receive no support. Pro-life conservatives receive no support. If you’re more offended by Bill Clinton literally grabbing female body parts than President Trump joking around about it with his buddies; you will receive no support.

Selective Feminists, where are you when a 14 year-old girl’s life is ruined by two illegal criminals brutally assaulting her in a high school bathroom? Selective Feminists, why are you silent when women are oppressed and enslaved in countries that practice Sharia law? Selective Feminists, why do you call me “ugly,” ask me how much I paid for my face, and send me death threats on social media? Funny how the pussy-hats only show their claws against right-wing women and causes or when it’s politically expedient.  

I’m not a “feminist” because I do not need a label to believe in or fight for the equality of both sexes.  I can be comfortable in my femininity and respect people as human beings.  You see my femininity and traditional beliefs as a weakness. Come out from behind the shield of “feminism” which allows you to place importance on your feelings over logic. Join me in the real world where no one really cares about your feelings. Toughen up and stop using metaphorical crutches. Men are not the enemy; your hatred is the enemy. Stop painting yourselves as victims. You do a great disservice to me and every other female on the planet.

Modern feminism has become little more than collective whining from women who never are, and never will be satisfied until … I don’t know, they have world domination? What exactly do you want? Because no one not even you understands your end goal. If you perceive injustice, do you truly believe wearing a vagina on your head is going to solve it?

You don’t want equal opportunity, which already exists. You want equal outcome. I’m sorry to tell you that men are better than women at some things—and vice versa. If it makes you feel better to scowl at me in public restrooms or call me names on Twitter, so be it. I love to watch the unraveling of ill-conceived movements that practice prejudice and expose themselves as hypocrites.  

Written by Traci Belmonte

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