Lanterns: Is This The End?


Is This The End?

Well the time has come.  I just heard minutes ago that Cruz is out of the race.  I got a lot of inquiries from my Trump friends asking if I am “Butt Hurt”.  Sorry if that term is crude for some, but that’s the term used offshore if you’re mad because your team didn’t win.  I’m not “Butt Hurt”.  I’m deeply saddened.

I’m saddened, not because the guy I was pulling for didn’t make it, but because of what he stands for and what I believe in.  This is not a Pro Football Game, Soccer Match, or a College Rivalry.  This is MUCH bigger than that.  This is about OUR Liberty!  The Constitution!  Religious Freedom!  The Second Amendment!  OUR Country!

This I think very well may have been one of the last chances to bring Conservatism back.  However; America has decided that they’re not interested in that.  A lot of people say in one breath “I want freedom and liberty”, but then they will settle on what the government decides what that means for them. I don’t get it.

Why do I care about this?  Why do I give a crap about politics?  Why do I write, post on Facebook, and talk about it?  Because I was taught at a very young age about the struggles of all the great family members that came before me.  The ones who had to fight so hard to make America better so that I can have a better life (and they did).  The story about how my Great-Grandfather gave up everything he had to come to America from the region which is now known as Poland.  I watched my father work his fingers to the bone, sometimes literally, to put food on the table.  How he worked so hard to give our family “Better”.  Busted his backside so me and my brothers could get a great education and not have to worry about outside things and “just be a kid”.  By the Grace of God he did just that and I am forever grateful. 

I went through the Pres. Carter era as a child in rural Minnesota.  I waited for the school bus in front of the electric stove every morning to stay warm.  Not because my parents didn’t have the money to pay for fuel oil.  They did, but there wasn’t any to buy.  Because of Pres. Carter, there was an oil embargo.  Then Ronald Reagan became President.  Life got better.  Much better.  All the things my father worked so hard for started to be recognized and resonated.  It meant something to us.

The Great Ronald Reagan brought us out of one of the worst times in our history.  A lot of people voting now don’t know or don’t care about that.  I don’t blame them, so to speak.  Some of those people either weren’t born yet or lived in other countries at the time.  Who I question though are the ones that lived it like I did and chose to forget.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few days and then after.  I guess I can have a sigh of relief that I won’t have to hear the slanderous words “Lying Ted” anymore.  I hope.  I can only imagine what this election has in store for us at the end.

Constitutional Conservatives please don’t forget.  Ted Cruz was a Constitution Conservative long before he ran for President and that’s not going to change today, tomorrow, or any time soon.  He still needs our support.  He helped push the Conservative Agenda and it’s not over yet.  He is a brilliant man, loving father, and a True Conservative that has from day one fought for us.  Now, even more than ever, Cruz needs our support.  So does Mike Lee, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and all the other True Conservatives who have helped the Conservative cause so much.

 I say this to all the Cruz supporters out there who are as devastated as I am, “DON’T GIVE UP”!  The Great Ronald Reagan had to take two shots at the nomination to get the General Election and become one of the greatest Presidents of our time.  He didn’t give up on his principles or us.  Let’s NOT give up on our principles, or him…

Written by Joe Remarcik

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